Leid Stories – 10.18.22

Even as major political developments continue to unfold — for Democrats and Republicans alike — what do you consider the most significant so far? Why︎? How is this saga affecting your own views on U.S. party politics? Race, Class and Politics.

Leid Stories – 10.13.22

Today’s topic: “What has changed about your political outlook in recent years? From what to what? What would you say has caused that change?

Leid Stories – 10.12.22

We pick up from where we left off with each other yesterday. talking about our individual and collective state of mind in light of recent developments here in the United States and around the world.

Leid Stories – 09.14.22

Glad to be back with you — again!  Missed you so much!  Sooo, let’s catch up. What’s on your mind?

Leid Stories – 07.08.22

Here’s the promo for Leid Stories today. It’s “Free Your Mind Friday,” when Leid Stories becomes an open forum for listeners’ views on major issues of the day.

Leid Stories – 07.07.22

Here’s what we’re talking about on Leid Stories today: The legal and diplomatic tug-of-war over two U.S. citizens detained in Russia on drug-smuggling and espionage charges.

Leid Stories – 07.06.22

Here’s the promo for Leid Stories today.Solution or Symbolism? VP Kamala Harris performs an official duty as she visits Akron, Ohio, today. What is the Biden administration’s response to the police execution of Jayland Walker specifically, and I about its continuing function in communities of color as occupying military forces maintaining America’s race-based status quo? In what important ways will …

Leid Stories – 07.05.22

Here’s what we’re talking about on Leid Stories today. ︎Jayland Walker (Akron, Ohio) and Robert Crimo III Highland Park, Ill.): Yet another study in systemic racism and law-enforcement outcomes.