More Investigative Reports

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1. AIDS Is Not A Death Sentence-PH-940101.pdf
2. AIDS-A Man-Made Plague-MedGen21-890101.pdf
3. AIDS-A Second Opinion.Pt1-Townsend-000601.pdf
4. AIDS-A Second Opinion.Pt2-Townsend-000701.pdf
5. AIDS-HIV 28 Years Later-PRN-120312.doc
6. AIDS-HIV Equals AIDS and Other Myths-PH-951201.pdf
7. AIDS-Letters To The Editor-Townsend-99Jun.pdf
8. AIDS-New AIDS Advances.MedGen22-890301.pdf
9. AIDS-The AIDS Cover-Up-MedGen4.851201.pdf
10. AIDS-The AIDS Panic-MedGen12-870401.pdf
11. AIDS-The Big Lie About AIDS-PH-940401.pdf
12. AIDS-The Good News About HIV and AIDS-Townsend-990101.pdf
13. AIDS-The Importance of Integrative Medicine-PRN-140210.docx
14. AIDS-The Secret Battle Against AIDS-MedGen13-870601.pdf
15. AIDS-Unconventional Ways To Deal With HIV-Townsend.960203.pdf
16. Arthritis-The Crippling of America-MedGen11-870201.pdf
17. Cancer-A Billion-Dollar Boondoggle-MedGen10-861201.pdf
18. Cancer-Burton's Immuno-Augmentative Therapy.Testimony-Congressi-860115.pdf
19. Cancer-Hope Heartbreak and Horror-MedGen26-930401.pdf
20. Cancer-Politics Of Cancer1-The Great Cancer Fraud-PH-790901.pdf
21. Cancer-Politics Of Cancer2-The Suppression of Cancer Cures-PH-791001.pdf
22. Cancer-Politics Of Cancer3-Alternative Cancer Therapies-PH-791101.pdf
23. Cancer-Politics Of Cancer4-Suppression of New Cancer Therapies-PH-800101.pdf
24. Cancer-Politics Of Cancer5-Suppression of New Cancer Therapies-PH-800701.pdf
25. Cancer-Politics Of Cancer6-Suppression of Alternative Cancer Therapies-PH-800801.pdf
26. Cancer-The Secret of Life-MedGen8-860401.pdf
27. Cancer-The Vendetta Against Dr Burton-MedGen7-860301.pdf
28. Cell Phone-Radiating Corruption-PRN-160121.docx
29. Chelation Therapy-A Treatment Under Siege.PH MedGen6.86Feb.pdf
30. Chiropractic-Health-Care-Without-Drugs-Caveat-Emptor-1980.docx
31. Chiropractic-Medical Despotism-180530-PRN.docx
32. Chiropractic-Painful Treatment-MedGen3-851101.docx
33. Chiropractic-The War on Chiropractic-MedGen2-851001.docx
34. Diet-Eat to Live-MedGen14-870701.pdf
35. Economy-The Wolves of Psycho Street-PRN-140204.docx
36. Energy Medicine-PRN-180612.docx
37. Environment-Saving the Planet,-Saving Ourselves-PRN-171205.docx
38. Environment-The Anthropocene Age-Global Research-180314.docx
39. Fluoride-The Politics of Water-MedGen24-910901.pdf
40. Gulf War Syndrome-A Deadly Legacy-Townsend-110701.pdf
41. Gulf War Syndrome-Causes & Coverup-Penthouse-940901.pdf
42. Gulf War Syndrome-The Gulf War's Troubling Legacy Pt1-Townsend.980809.pdf
43. Gulf War Syndrome-The Gulf War's Troubling Legacy Pt2-Townsend-981001.pdf
44. Gulf War-Immune Augmentation Therapy-Townsend-980401.pdf
45. Heart-The Profits and Politics of Heart Disease-MedGen-860101.pdf
46. Homeopathy-Slaying Homeopathy-PRN-180508.doc
47. Homeopathy-The Profits and Politics of Heart Disease-MedGen5-860101.pdf
48. Human Guinea Pigs-MedGen15-8709001.pdf
49. Human Guinea Pigs-Military Guinea Pigs-MedGen18-880301.pdf
50. Human Guinea Pigs-You Are the Victim-MedGen16-871001.pdf
51. Iatrogenics-A Prescription for Disaster-MedGen1-850901.pdf
52. Iatrogenics-Death By Medicine-J Orthomolecular Med-050101.pdf
53. Iatrogenics-Medicine That Kills-PRN-160531.docx
54. Legislation-Death of AMA Backed PepperBil-Freedom-850401.pdf
55. Legislation-The Pepper Bill Down But Not Out-Whole Life-850401.pdf
56. Medical Fraud-Fascism in Medicine-940515-PRN-150313.docx
57. Mental Health-A Balanced Life-MedGen20-880801.pdf
58. Mental Health-Nutrition & Mental Illness-Pt1-Townsend.951001.pdf
59. Mental Health-Nutrition & Mental Illness-Pt2-Townsend.951101.pdf
60. Mercury Dental Amalgams-The Controversy Continues.JOrthoMed.02Spr.pdf
61. Mercury-Dental Amalgams Analyzing the Debate-Townsend-920801.pdf
62. Mercury-The UN's Mercury Treaty-PRN-130130.pdf
63. Nuclear Radiation--Fatal Fallout-MedGen25-920901.pdf
64. Psychiatry-The Politics of Psychiatry-MedGen19-880701.pdf
65. Sugar-DeadlyAtAnyDose-161114.docx
66. Sugar-Killing Us Sweetly-PRN-140101.docx
67. Sugar-Sweet Suicide Pt1-Townsend-030701.pdf
68. Sugar-Sweet Suicide Pt2-Townsend-030809.pdf
69. Sugar-What Has Caused More Deaths Than All Wars In The Last 40 Years-PRN-150710.docx
70. Super Foods-The Health-Boosting Properties-Townsend-111201.pdf
71. Sustainability-Getting Off the Grid-PRN-111128.pdf
72. Sustainability-It's The End Of The World As We Know It-PRN-130522.docx
73. Sustainability-Pope Francis and Saving the Planet-PRN-150701.docx
74. US Foreign Policy-The-New American Folly in Libya-PRN-110401.docx
75. Vaccination-An Analysis of the Health Risks Pt1-Townsend-031001.pdf
76. Vaccination-An Analysis of the Health Risks Pt2-Townsend-031101.pdf
77. Vaccination-An Analysis of the Health Risks Pt3-Townsend-031201.pdf
78. Vaccination-An Updated Analysis of the Health Risks Pt1-Townsend-071001.pdf
79. Vaccination-An Updated Analysis of the Health Risks Pt2-Townsend-071101.pdf
80. Vaccination-An Updated Analysis of the Health Risks Pt3-Townsend-071201.docx
81. Vaccine Conspiracy-PRN-131011.docx
82. Vaccines' Dark Inferno-What Is Not on Insert Labels-Townsend-091201.pdf
83. Vaccines- A Case Of Contamination-Gardasil-PRN-110916.doc
84. Vaccines-A New Flu Season of Pain-GreeNMed Info-131122.docx
85. Vaccines-Bracing Ourselves For More Sham Vaccine Studies-PRN-091013.pdf
86. Vaccines-CDC Best PR Firm Taxes Can Buy-PRN-091007.doc
87. Vaccines-CDC Votes to Indict Itself-PRN-100629.doc
88. Vaccines-Deadly Injections Hidden Ingredients-PRN-111130.docx
89. Vaccines-Deadly Vaccines-MedGen23-900601.pdf
90. Vaccines-Death By Vaccination Gates Foundation-PRN-100922.docx
91. Vaccines-Federal Health Agencies Continue To Deceive Americans-PRN-091112.pdf
92. Vaccines-Flu Vaccine Related Miscarriages-PRN-100212.docx
93. Vaccines-Flu Vaccines Are They Effective And Safe-PRN-090928.pdf
94. Vaccines-Gardasil-Child Abuse By Big Pharma-PRN-120109.docx
95. Vaccines-Gardasil-Deadly Risk Not Worth Taking-130325.docx
96. Vaccines-Government Launches Deceptive Swine Flu PropogandaPRN-091026.pdf
97. Vaccines-HPV Vaccines-Unnecessary and Lethal-PRN-160229.docx
98. Vaccines-Injection Deception Revised.PRN.160725.doc
99. Vaccines-Lethal Injections.PH.000301.pdf
100. Vaccines-The CDC, Vaccination and the Deep State-NaturalBlaze-180122.docx
101. Vaccines-The Council Foreign Relation Enters Vaccine Biz-PRN-091223.docx
102. Vaccines-The Toxic Science of Flu Vaccines-PRN-161031.docx
103. Vaccines-The Vaccine Dilema-PRN-160503.docx
104. Vaccines-Vaccine Victims-MedGen17-871201.pdf
105. Vaccines-Voodoo Science-The Myth Of Vaccine Efficacy-PRN-151201.pdf
106. Vaccines-Will Merck's Gardasil HPV Vaccine-PRN-110526.docx
107. Vegetarian-The Argument For A Vegetarian Diet Pt1-Townsend-090501.pdf
108. Vegetarian-The Argument For A Vegetarian Diet Pt2-Townsend-090601.pdf
109. Vegetarian-The Argument For A Vegetarian Diet Pt3-Townsend-090701.pdf
110. Vegetarianism And Health-What The Studies Show-Townsend-960101.pdf
111. Vegetarianism-Pt1-A Phlosophical and Historical Perspective-Townsend-110701.pdf
112. Vegetarianism-Pt2-Nutritional Aspects of a Vegetarian Diet-Townsend-110809.pdf
113. Vegetarianism-Pt3-The Economic and Taste Benefits-Townsend-111001.pdf
114. Veterans-US Government To America's Vets-Drop Dead-PRN-100719.docx
115. Violence-The-Causes-of-Violence-130116.docx
116. Vitamin B15-A Review and Update-J Orthomolecular Psychiatry-821104.pdf
117. Vitamin C The Antioxidant Vitamin-Townsend.940203.pdf
118. Vitamin C Treatment of Cancer Pt1-Townsend-970501.pdf
119. Vitamin C Treatment of Cancer Pt2-Townsend-970601.pdf
120. Vitamin E-Townsend-940701.pdf
121. Waco-Holocaust at Waco-Penthouse-950401.pdf
122. Wikipedia-Our New Technological McCarthyism-Pt1-PRN-180430.docx
123. Wikipedia-Our New Technological McCarthyism-Pt2-PRN-180501.docx
124. Women's Health Risks Associated with Orthodox Medicine Pt1-Townsend-020101.pdf
125. Women's Health Risks Associated with Orthodox Medicine Pt2-Townsend-020203.pdf
126. Women's Health Risks Associated with Orthodox Medicine Pt3-Townsend-020401.pdf
127. Women's Health-Natural Therapies For Menopause-Holistic Medicine-960401.pdf