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44. The Vaccine Deep State

45. America’s Plague of Gardasil Injuries

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33. Thimerosal – A Serious Reason to Avoid the Flu Vaccine

34. Vaccine McCarthyism – Did 2014 Mark the Collapse of the Vaccine Establishment?

35. Wikipedia’s Vaccination Bias

36. Wikipedia’s Vaccine Propaganda Regime

37. The “Unscientific” Scientific American

38. New Vaccines Still Cause Autism and Our Government Knows

39. Autism, Made in the USA: the Undeniable Connection Between Vaccines and Autism Spectrum Disorder

40. Richard Gale and Gary Null – Why is the CDC Petrified of the Film Vaxxed?

41. Commentary on NPR’s Vaccine Story

42. America’s Crazy, Wild and Deadly Vaccination Experiment