All Together Now – 09.30.22

Eleanor LeCain talks about the battle between democracy and autocracy in the US with Trygve Olson, senior advisor to the Lincoln Project, Republican strategists dedicated to defending democracy.

All Together Now – 08.18.22

“Eleanor LeCain talks about resilience, and improving US prisons, with Keri Blakinger, journalist, former prisoner, and author of Corrections in Ink: A Memoir.”

All Together Now – 07.21.22

Eleanor LeCain talks about which races are most important to support in the elections this year AND a simple model for mobilizing people to get involved, with Janet Singer (Political Director) and Lisa Ulrich (Managing Director), co-founders of Crimson Goes Blue which mobilizes members of the Harvard community to get involved in elections (and provides a model for all of us …

All Together Now – 06.30.22

Riane Eisler was a guest on The Progressive Radio Network show All Together Now, to discuss how societies work best when there’s a Partnership System in place. All Together Now host, Eleanor LeCain, interviews Eisler about why Partnership societies are better for women and men, and what we can do to create one now. Eisler draws on decades of distinguished research in history and socioeconomic systems, as …

All Together Now – 06.02.22

Eleanor LeCain talks about what’s happening on the ground in Ukraine and how we might support Ukrainians including with nonviolent resistance, with three members of a religious delegation who just returned – Barbara Wien (Professor of American University), Michele Dunne (executive director of Franciscan Action Network, the peace and justice advocacy organization of US Franciscans) and Eli McCarthy (teacher at Georgetown University …

All Together Now – 05.12.22

Eleanor LeCain talks about the importance of electing Democratic Secretaries of State in swing states to ensure fair elections with Ellen Kurz, the Founder and President of iVote, a national voting rights organization which fights voter suppression, encourages voter turnout, and supports honest Secretary of State candidates.

All Together Now – 05.05.22

“Eleanor LeCain discusses the impending threat of the criminalization of abortion with Karen Mulhauser, champion of women’s rights.”

All Together Now – 04.07.22

Eleanor LeCain talks about the power of nonviolent action and how it applies to the Ukrainian situation and elsewhere with George Lakey, author of How We Win: A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning and professor of Swarthmore College.

All Together Now – 03.17.22

Eleanor LeCain talks about what we can learn from ancient Greece about tyrants with Andrew Fiala, author of a new book, Tyranny from Plato to Trump: Fools, Sycophants and Citizens and professor of philosophy and director of the Center for Ethics at California State University, Fresno. 

All Together Now – 02.24.22

“Eleanor LeCain talks about the State of the Union, how Democrats can win, and the battle of democracy vs. authoritarianism with David Kusnet, chief speechwriter for President Bill Clinton and author of 5 books including Speaking American.”