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We Know Who Killed JFK – 8 CD set

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We Know Who Killed JFK (8 CD set)
The year 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK in Dallas on November 22. Half a century later, the corporate media and publishing venues continue to champion the Warren Commission’s crazed lone gunman theory. Today, after decades of research, analysis, interviews with key witnesses, and private confessions, the official story has been debunked however the myth persists. To the contrary, volumes of literature have identified and mapped an elaborate conspiracy that involved high level officials at the CIA, the Pentagon and FBI, anti-Castro exiles, organized crime bosses and very some who were the closest to the president in the White House.

This eight CD series by award winning radio host Dr. Gary Null offers exclusive interviews with nine of the most important JFK investigators, authors, and people who personally knew key figures behind the JFK assassination. As the US government continues to ignore the truth of the past, these conversations serve as an urgent reminder that keeping the public in the dark is the best way to enable history to repeat itself and keep tyranny alive.

CD 1 James Douglas (author of JFK and the Unspeakable that was the basis for Oliver Stone’s film JFK)- Why the CIA and Pentagon Wanted to be Rid of JFK

CD 2 Judyth Baker (Lee Harvey Oswald’s former mistress) – Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald

CD 3 Roger Stone (former GOP campaign manager for Nixon)- Lyndon Johnson’s Role to Kill JFK

CD 4 Jessie Ventura (former governor of Minnesota)—Debunking the Lone Gunman Myth; Robert Morningstar (former naval intelligence photo expert) – New Forensic Evidence of JFK Assassination Film Footage

CD 5 Robert Morningstar (former naval intelligence photo expert) – New Forensic Evidence of JFK Assassination Film Footage; Vince Palamara (expert on the Secret Service) – Controversies Over the Medical Examinations

CD 6 James Tague (the other victim at Dallas hit by a stray bullet)—Lyndon Johnson and the Other Gunmen

CD 7 Vince Palamara (expert on the Secret Service) – Failure of the Secret Service to Protect JFK; Saint John Hunt (son of CIA spy and Watergate burglar Howard Hunt) – Howard Hunt’s Final Confession

CD 8 Peter Janney (son of CIA official Wistar Janney) – The CIA Assassination of JFK’s Mistress Mary Meyer

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