About Us

The Progressive Radio Network is the World’s Leading commercial free 24/7/365 radio network. We are supported by generous contributions made by our listeners,  We are focused on creating premium content that is distributed for free. Our knowledgeable hosts speak passionately about important topics such as health, news, art, culture and issues that directly impact our everyday lives. Our voices and ideas are not always welcome by corporate media so Progressive Radio Network is an important outlet for these great minds.

The Progressive Radio Network can be listened to all over the world by our website, our app (Apple/Android), over the phone, and TuneIn. You can also listen to our shows in form of a podcast by visiting our  Show Archive page.

The Progressive Radio Network would also like to thank it’s listeners for over 1 million visits to the website in the past 12 months and for the 24 million downloads that our programs have.




Progressive Radio Network is an internet radio station driven by passion. We value and appreciate all the feedback we receive from our listeners.

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