The Gary Null Show Clips 6.19.24

BRUTAL: Ron Johnson Confronts Doctor He Claims ‘Engaged In A Cover-Up’ With Fauci (8:09) MASSIVE CRISIS: Petrodollar Collapse & Banking Threats Will Crash the US Economy | Andy Schectman (:58-22:49)

The Progressive Commentary Hour 6.18.24

Dr. Pierre Kory is the president emeritus of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, which he co-founded with Dr. Paul Marik. Dr. Kory also runs the Leading Edge Clinic that specializes in treatment plans for SARS-2 infections, symptoms of long Covid and vaccine injuries. He is regarded as an international pioneer in ultrasound diagnostics for critically ill patients, therapeutic hypothermia …

Alternative Visions- US Wars Update #3 and Latest US Economy Reports

 In today’s latest of US wars update, support for Ukraine war in Europe weakening reflected in just held EU Parliamentary elections. Pro war parties in France and Germany suffer big setbacks in the elections. In Ukraine war escalation news, France promises Mirage jets & Germany sends Patriots systems. Intense fighting in Kharkhov front coming. What is Russia’s strategy? The show …

The Natural Nurse and Dr Z: Herbalist Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood has been a practicing herbalist for over thirty-five years. An internationally known author and lecturer, he holds a Master of Science degree in herbal medicine from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine. A professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, he is the author of several books, including The Earthwise Herbal and The Book of Herbal Wisdom. Today we will discuss …

What In the Cell Is Going On? 6.17.24

Renée interviewed Antony Sammeroff, who released his book titled Big Pharma – Guess it Quacks Like a Duck on Amazon the day of this show. He is also the Scottish editor who has transcribed, edited and added his statistical wisdom in our What in the Cell is Going On? book releasing soon!     

The Gary Null Show Notes 6.18.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Treating the gut-brain connection with B vitamins to treat Parkinson’s Disease ·         Acupuncture Puts Erectile Dysfunction Drugs To Shame in New Study ·         Shocking poll: Half of younger workers feel lonely and ignored ·         Fruits, Veggies May Benefit Your Legs, Too ·         Circadian rhythm drives the release of important immune cells, study reveals

The Gary Null Show Clips 6.18.24

CIA Operative Exposes How the Biden Administration Sends $87,000,000 to Fund Our Enemy (10:50) New whistleblower documents show the FBI is every bit the politicized secret police force you feared it was. (10:00)

Ask Beatty 6.17.24

1.  Your weekly CHECK-IN…..HOW AM I REALLY DOING? 2.  My guest today is SONIA SATRA, former Soap Opera star of GUIDING LIGHT and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, author of WHAT IF IT WERE EASY?, MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, CERTIFIED LIFE COACH, WIFE and MOTHER.  Her website is

The Expat Files 6.16.24

#1- Who might I vote for in the USA elections … if a gun was put to my head?#2- The trouble with Starbucks in Latin America: #3-  A message to the remaining ninnies and fools who are still masking in Latin America: #4- A word about Colombia’s broken Latino National Healthcare systems: #5- A health insurance hack for Gringos and Expats …