The Gary Null Show Clips 6.19.24

BRUTAL: Ron Johnson Confronts Doctor He Claims ‘Engaged In A Cover-Up’ With Fauci (8:09) MASSIVE CRISIS: Petrodollar Collapse & Banking Threats Will Crash the US Economy | Andy Schectman (:58-22:49)

The Gary Null Show Notes 6.18.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Treating the gut-brain connection with B vitamins to treat Parkinson’s Disease ·         Acupuncture Puts Erectile Dysfunction Drugs To Shame in New Study ·         Shocking poll: Half of younger workers feel lonely and ignored ·         Fruits, Veggies May Benefit Your Legs, Too ·         Circadian rhythm drives the release of important immune cells, study reveals

The Gary Null Show Clips 6.18.24

CIA Operative Exposes How the Biden Administration Sends $87,000,000 to Fund Our Enemy (10:50) New whistleblower documents show the FBI is every bit the politicized secret police force you feared it was. (10:00)

The Gary Null Show Notes 6.14.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Mediterranean Diet Influence on SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Adverse Reaction: Friend or Foe? ·         Simply Looking At Greenery Can Boost Mental Health – New Research ·         Researchers say short-term loneliness associated with physical health problems ·         Raising Kids With Religion Or Spirituality May Protect Their Mental Health: Study ·         Garlic consumption may help improve cholesterol, blood sugar ·         How a high-fat diet can make you …

The Gary Null Show Clips 6.14.24

Watch Merrick Garland SCARED SH*TLESS After Andy Biggs Charged Him With Fake Biden Transcript Claim (5:00) The US – Saudi Petro Dollar Agreement Has Official ENDED (5:00)

The Gary Null Show Notes 6.13.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Scientists investigate association between omega-3s and symptoms of psychosis in early adulthood ·         Higher blood levels of omega-3s, other nutrients linked with delayed brain aging ·         Internet Addiction In Adolescents Can Negatively Affect Brain Function: Study ·         Sound Waves Boost Older Adult’s Memory, Deep Sleep ·         Resveratrol may provide similar benefits to exercise ·         The Laughter Cure: 30 Research-Proven Reasons to Embrace the …

The Gary Null Show Clips 6.13.24

Kary Mullis (FB CLIP) Why are politicians so DAMN RICH?! (18:00) REMINDER: Trudeau’s gov’t head of pathogens collaborated w/ the Chinese PLA who’re responsible for bio-weapons & bio-terrorism. A PLA official was able to gain access to Canada’s secrets. ☠️ This is literally proof of TREASON! Will anything be done? (5:51) “Final Warning: America’s Last Chance Before Collapse” | Victor Davis Hanson (:40) Biden …

The Gary Null Show Notes 6.12.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Stiff Arteries? American Ginseng Improves Vascular Function ·         Exogenous microRNAs in maternal food pass through placenta, regulate fetal gene expression (can relate to mRNA vaccines)  ·         Plant-based ultra-processed foods linked with higher risk of cardiovascular disease ·         Alzheimer’s patients could protect memory simply by inhaling menthol, mouse study shows ·         Blood pressure drugs exposed for increasing the risk of pancreatic cancer in …

The GAry Null Show Clips 6.12.24

Watch Josh Hawley LAUGHS As FBI Witness ACCIDENTALLY Admitted To ‘Hunter Biden’ Bribe (8:26) AI says why it will kill us all if we continue. Experts agree. (18:54)