Alternative Visions- US Wars Update + US May Jobs

First half hour of show is weekly update on US wars—Ukraine, Gaza, Red Sea and Taiwan: Biden and Zelensky both signal less stringent demands as condition for negotiations. Zelensky’s doomed Switzerland conference and weird trip to Singapore and Manila. Ukraine’s growing imbalance in combat troops and weapons vs. Russia. Actual Russian strategy: n big offensive but open multiple fronts and spread out Ukraine’s depleting reserves. Natanyahu thumbs his nose at Biden over Rafah and Biden’s real strategy. Whatever happened to the Red Sea war that’s unreported in US media. Why US Marines are now on Philippine islands in sight of Taiwan and training for landings. The latest on May US jobs report. Why 4% unemployment is 7.4% and rising over past year. Why latest 272,000 jobs is distorted by govt’s Birth-Death business model. Some interesting job stats re. job market over past 12 months shows weak not strong job market: Mostly management and professional jobs created past year. 700k leave the labor force (reducing unemployment rate). 750k involuntary part time job created and 650k increase in 2nd and 3rd job holders = most jobs created last year were 2nd/3rd part time jobs + management and professional jobs.