Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaik – Surviving Torture in a CIA Secret Prison: Khaled al-Sharif of Libya Recounts Horrors

A shocking new report details how harsh American interrogation methods have led to devastating psychiatric disorders in former prisoners. The New York Times exposé is titled “How US Torture Left a Legacy of Damaged Minds.” It found at least half of the 39 prisoners who went through the CIA’s so-called enhanced interrogation program have since shown psychiatric problems — some have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, paranoia, depression or psychosis. These prisoners were subjected to torture techniques such as severe sleep deprivation, waterboarding, mock execution, sexual violations and confinement in coffin-like boxes in secret CIA prisons and at Guantánamo. We air a video of Khaled al-Sharif speaking to New York Times correspondent Sheri Fink about how his two years in a secret CIA prison continues to haunt him today.

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