Anne Dachel – “This is the Worst Medical Fraud in the History of the World”

In a recent talk Dr. Andrew Wakefield went after the media for their complete failure to honestly and thoroughly cover the issue of vaccine safety. He was speaking to a small group of reporters, but his message is meant for all members of the media.

Whistleblowing In The Public Interest by Dr. Andrew Wakefield- January 30, 2016 on Vimeo (video).

Dr. Wakefield cited the article from Popular Mechanics: “What Can We Do About Junk Science?” in which Dr. Paul Offit slammed Wakefield’s work.

During his rounds at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, pediatrician Paul Offit often sees patients with vaccine-preventable illnesses. In a recent case, he treated a 4-month-old baby with type B meningitis—an infection of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. The inflammation can result in brain damage, hearing and vision impairment, even death. Vaccinations can prevent type B meningitis, but after the baby recovered, the child’s mother still refused to consider vaccination. “Although her child suffered and could have died from a vaccine-preventable disease,” Offit says, “she still believed that she was doing the right thing.”

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