As Afghan Opium Production HIts All-Time High, ISIS Makes Billions

Since around 2003, when Afghanistan was raided by the US government, opium poppy cultivation and heroin production has risen exponentially. Prior to the US invasion, Afghanistan’s opium production had been nearly eradicated by the Taliban.

In 2014, reports concluded that Afghani opium/heroin production is at an all-time high.

The poppy fields, guarded by the US military at times, are the source of most of the world’s opiates.

These fields are the origin of most black tar heroin on the United States’ west coast,  and a heroin epidemic now going on in Russia that is having unforeseen consequences. Lack of funds for heroin is driving many Russians to Krokadil, an opiate that literally rots your flesh and causes your limbs to fall off (improperly made Desomorphine).

More info is coming out showing that ISIS has a source of funding through the opium trade, quite opposite of the practices of The Taliban. According to FSKN head Viktor Ivanov,

The area of poppy plantations is growing. This year, I think, we’ll hear news about a record-high poppy harvest, therefore a high yield of opium and heroin. So this issue should be raised not only in Moscow, but also in the UN in general, because this is a threat not only to our country, but also European security. Over the past five years the Balkan route has been split – heroin traffic now also goes through Iraqi territory.

He continued:

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