Britain – No longer “Great” but Doomed to Another Five Years of Pain and “Austerity” – Lesley Docksey

My heart bleeds, my soul is sick and my land is broken and dying.  How else can I describe how I felt when I learnt that the dis-United Kingdom was back in the greedy and unfeeling grasp of the ‘nasty’ party, the Conservatives.  I was not alone.

“I was quite happy this morning – until I saw a newspaper on my way to work…  I hope to God my children end up living abroad,” was one acquaintance’s reaction, her face still shocked hours later.

But my heart sings for Scotland, a nation that has shown corrupt Westminster the door, the Scottish National Party taking all but two of the seats.  Bring on land reform; bring on social justice; and bring on independence!  For independence there will be.  Scotland has taken too many insults from Westminster politicians.  If no others demand reform of our broken political system, they will.

But so should the rest of us, the English, the Welsh and those in Northern Ireland.

How did this happen?  How did every single poll get it wrong?  How could a country where so many of its citizens have suffered because of the ‘austerity’ policies of the last 5 years vote for another 5 years of misery?  What kind of a future are we looking at with Cameron and his rich cronies back in power?

These are people who will make the most outrageous promises to buy your vote, and forget them the moment the vote is cast.

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