Economic Update – Fighting Economic Injustice – 06.21.15

We open with Goldman Sachs injustice and move on to the ‘independent contractor’ ploy just busted at FedEx and Uber and then Wisconsin governor’s attack on public university to lower taxes on corps and rich. We interview Prof Kristin Ross on (her new book) on the significance of the Paris Commune where workers fought injustice by reorganizing society dramatically and effectively.

Alternative Visions – Greek Debt Negotiations Intensify – 06.20.15

Dr. Jack Rasmus provides an update on Greek debt negotiations since last week’s Alternative Visions show and discussion on the origins of the Greek debt. Updates include Troika scenarios outlined at its June 12 meeting in Bratislava, the IMF walkout after, the failed meetings that occurred in Brussels over the weekend of June 13-14, and Greece’s proposals of June 15 rejected again by the Troika. Also discussed are the sabotage of the Greek government negotiators by their own Greek Central Bank, which on June 17 publicly declared Greece should sign the Troika’s latest package; Greek prime minister, Tsipras’, warmly welcomed visit to Russia on the same day; and the failed meeting of June 18 of Euro finance ministers in Luxemburg at which it was expected Greece would concede to the Troika’s position but didn’t. Jack notes the growing statements by German and IMF representatives that a managed default and Greek exit is preferable to continuing Greece’s unresolvable debt crisis. Were Greece to agree to the Troika’s position, and generate a $2-$3 billion a year surplus (by cutting spending and raising sales taxes) that it would take Greece 150 years to pay off the Troika debt. Greece cannot pay and cannot ‘grow out of’ the crisis, Rasmus argues. Rumors continue to grow that Greece may rearrange its cabinet, replacing hardliners with more amenable cabinet members should it agree to more Troika cuts in exchange for some debt restructuring. The political and economic risks for both sides of continuing negotiations and of default are noted. Default is quite possible, Rasmus notes, but the most likely 60-40 scenario is some kind of more concessions by Greece for some kind of debt restructuring over the next 90 days, as the current extension is extended yet again.

Vinyl Experience – Sgt Pepper Revisited – 06.19.15

You could forget your mom’s birthday, or even your spouse….but I’ll bet you remember what record was born on June 1, 1967. By months’ end, Jimi Hendrix and Wes Mongromery had already reacted and recorded their unique interpertations of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band” and “A Day In The Life.” In the 48 succeeding years, many inspired salutes have followed, and this week’s Vinyl Experience collects more than just the usual suspects.

VE 125 Sgt Pepper Revisited

Jimi Hendrix: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

George Burns: With A Little Help From My Friends

Elton John: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Status Quo/Kaiser Chiefs: Getting Better

Hue & Cry: Fixing A Hole

Bryan Ferry: She’s Leaving Home

Frank Sidebottom/Eddie Izzard/Burnkit2600: Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite

Sonic Youth: Within You Without You

Keith Moon: When I’m 64

Michelle Shocked: Lovely Rita

The Triffids: Good Morning, Good Morning

Wes Montgomery: A Day In The Life

The Beatles: Sgt Pepper Reprise/A Day In the Life

Heart of Mind Radio – 06.19.15

On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio we focus on discovering the inner state of
expansive awareness.

The broadcast includes a short recording by our host Kathryn Davis in
segment one and an excerpt from a talk by José Luis Stevens on
Discovering Your Inner Shaman.

John Louis Stevens is one of the world’s foremost experts on shamanism
and shamanic practice. The founder of the: Power Path School of
Shamanism. José has trained extensively for decades under the authority of
shamans from the Huichol, Shipibo, and Q’ero peoples. In this excerpt from
the audio program Meditations for the Inner Shaman: Awakening Your
Deepest Guidance,

This and many more audio clips can be found at:

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Leid Stories – 06.19.15

The Charleston Massacre: Playing with Our Minds and History

The massacre of nine members, including the pastor, of Emanuel African American Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., two days ago during a prayer meeting has gripped the nation and prompted a wide-ranging discussions on how and why it happened.

But media discussions and reports generally are deliberately avoiding the historical context for the mass murders and uniformly are reporting the carnage as a “hate” crime.

Leid Stories explains how and why our collective reality is being distorted.

Powerful Aboriginal healing stories – Energy Stew interview with Robbie Holz – 06.19.15

Some remote tribes have amazing healing abilities.

Robbie and Gary Holz each separately had this experience and it was life changing. Gary was given only 6 months to live with MS and traveled there in his wheel chair with no feeling below his neck. He was able to walk off the airplane when he got home and then lived another 12 years.

He was empowered to become a charismatic healer during his remaining years. Afterward, his wife Robbie was invited to the outback for her own revelations and has written the book, “Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening”.

Expat Files – 06.19.15

-More tips and suggestions when applying for Latin American residency

-Today a discussion that will be of interest to any listeners who might be considering a certain type of Latin American residency called “pensionado”. Yes this special residency plan does have its small advantages, but also a few restrictive disadvantages… and at least one very serious drawback.

-Another Latin Residency avenue employed by many expats is the so-called residency by qualified investment. This is just as it sounds, meaning the applicant must make a substantial monetary investment in some kind of govt approved venture. Depending on the country, the investment can be a few hundred thousand bucks with very strict rules and monitoring, or the investment can be a very small one and the rules quite lax.

-More outrageous eye-witness examples of idiot Latin showoffs with more money than brains. Of course wealthy showoffs with bodyguards and bulletproof SUVs making pompous asses out of themselves in public may be twisted and even morbidly funny sometimes (it’s their forte). After all it’s their often stolen public money and thus their own business- kinda . Unfortunately it’s not all that amusing when the average public is inconvenienced by their stupid escapades.

JULY 2015 -LATIN AMERICAN SEMINAR NOTICE: Make your plans today for the next Latin American Expat Wisdom seminar. Just go to main page and click on the Latin Seminar link for full details. The seminar will take place from Saturday, July 11th through Thursday July 16th, 2015.

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