The Gary Null Show Clips 5.22.24

Bill Gates The next outbreak? We’re not ready (1:31) FIRED! Secret INTELLIGENCE Advisory Panel Disbanded After Stephen Miller Sues (4:40) Big Pharma PROTECTED For Vax Injuries, While Gov’t IGNORES Vaccine Victims (4:26) “The Worst Thing Any President Has Done in My Lifetime” | Victor Davis Hanson (9:34)

The Progressive Commentary Hour 5.21.24

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi is a founding member of Jewish Voice for Labour and vice-chair of Chingford and Woodford Green Labour Party constituency. Jewish Voice’s mission is to make the Labor more ethnically inclusive and to serve as a voice against all forms of racism and opposes the wrongs and injustices against Palestinians and other oppressed peoples. Naomi was also an elected member of the …

Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox – 5.21.24

In the initial segment of the show, Dr. Reznik delves into the dichotomy of human nature, exploring the concepts of goodness and evilness. He discusses the essence of being a virtuous individual and methods for nurturing such  qualities. During the latter part, Dr. Reznik continues sharing his protocol of the program, Healing and Prevention of Cancer. For more on Dr. …

Love, Lust and Laughter – 5.21.24

A Second Tribute to Candid Royalle, with Jamye Waxman As sex therapists and longtime friends of Candida Royalle (actual name Candice Vadala), Jamye and Diana appreciate Candice’s thirst for self-knowledge. She wrote in 2013, “Still trying to unlock the key to myself.” She also wrote, “I will not let my past ruin my future.”  For decades Candice struggled to view …

It’s All About Food – Bill Crain, Animal Stories

Bill Crain, Animal StoriesWilliam “Bill” Crain is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at The City College of New York. In 2008, he and his wife Ellen founded Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary in Poughquag, NY. The sanctuary provides a lifelong home to farmed animals rescued from slaughter and abandonment. Bill is the author of a major textbook in developmental psychology and other books and articles. …

The Gary Null Show Notes 5.21.24

HEALTH NEWS Taurine intake associated with lower risk of metabolic syndromeFluoride exposure during pregnancy linked to increased risk of childhood neurobehavioral problems, study findsGo Outside For Your Sanity! Spending 67 Minutes Outdoors Refreshes Mental HealthYoga and meditation-induced altered states of consciousness are common in the general population, study saysCommon Medications for ADHD Linked to Increased Risk of GlaucomaStudy shows exercise …

The Gary Null Show Clips 5.21.24

Breaking: ICC Issues Arrest Warrants Against Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant (9:48) WEF just admittied CASH will soon be Illegal, here’s how their plan works | Redacted News (8:42)

What In the Cell Is Going On? 5.20.24

Dr. True and Renée discussed the healing power of our Creator’s 432HZ frequency! He is blessed to have an expert in the playing of the harp, visiting his home and here’s his video for your enjoyment. It’s also on the support link of our website, along with other music with this perfect sound from Yah!  

What In the Cell Is Going On? 5.13.24

Dr. Brian Hooker, researched and author of the groundbreaking book ‘Vaxed-unvaxed; let the science speak’ joins us today on What In The Cell is Going On?, interviewed by guest host Antony Sammeroff. Antony Sammeroff is editor/compiler of Gary Tunsky’s forthcoming posthumous book What In The Cell is Going On? and host of Be Yourself and Love It! Podcast. 

Ask Beatty 5.20.24

1.  Who’s BEATTY COHAN-VRETTOS? 2.  Checking In.  How Are You Doing This Week? 3.  Everything that You Want To Know About Infidelity