Trends This Week- March Economic Madness

We are in dangerous times. We are on the precipice of the most geopolitical and socioeconomic crisis is history. It all depends on interest rates. The higher the interest rates go, the deeper the equity markets will fall. Tune in to hear how to prepare, prevail and prosper in these critical times.

Trends This Week- Very Critical Times – Hell on Earth Ahead

Where are all the people fighting for peace? We are on the precipice of nuclear annihilation, and no one is protesting or speaking out. Real news is being suppressed by the media Presstitutes. What a disgrace this country has become. President Biden decided to spend President’s Day in Ukraine instead of at home honoring our founding fathers. We are in …

Trends This Week -Ramping Up for World War III

In this episode, Gerald Celente discusses ramping up war… where’s the UN calling for peace? The media promulgates the war by selling us hate, lies and propaganda. We are in the most critical times, tune in to see how the markets are doing, where the economy is heading and what’s next.

Trends This Week – More War, More Fear, More Hysteria

In this week’s episode, Gerald Celente discusses the Ukraine War heating up and the talks of nuclear war. The demonic people who are running and ruining our lives are leading us to the end of the Earth. Tune into to see what is going on with the economy, where the markets are heading and what is going on in the …

Trends This Week – Unhappy New Year: Very Sad Year Ahead

 In this week’s episode, Gerald discusses COVID propaganda and how one clown after another is running and ruining our lives, his Top Trends of 2023, and World War III. Tune in to find out what you need to prevail and prosper in the year ahead.

Trends This Week -The Day JFK Died is the Day America Died

Description: The 59th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy Jr.’s assassination came and went without any coverage in the Mainstream Media. Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness has been stolen from us by low-life clowns who are running and ruining our lives. Tune into to see what is going on with the economy, and where the trends are heading as …

Trends This Week – Freedom, Peace, and Justice Nobody Wants It

More weapons of death are being sent to Ukraine. We’re not free to think. We are controlled by big media clowns and what a clown show it is. Psychopaths, sociopaths and pathological liars are running and ruining our lives. People are protesting about the overturning of the Roe v. Wade decision. What about bringing back freedom? Occupy Peace is holding …

Trends This Week – Mentally Ill People Running and Ruining Our Lives

 It is a freak show. They have destroyed our lives and livelihoods with their moronic lockdowns and destroyed businesses to unprecedented levels with their phony political science. President Joe Biden warns of another pandemic. World War III has begun. We are going down big and heavy if we don’t unite for peace.

Trends This Weeks -Hail to the Queen, While the Rest of Us Live in Slavelandia

We the People are slaves: nobility and authorities rule us. They have destroyed our lives in an authoritarian society, yet the world is celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee of 70 years on the throne.  We are in one of the most critical stages of our civilization. The economy is failing big time. The higher the interest rates go the deeper …

Trends This Weeks – Anybody Who Wants War, Go. Leave Us Out of It!

The Ukraine War is none of our business, but Americans keep supporting it. Former President George W. Bush in talking to a Volodymyr Zelensky impostor said Ukraine’s mission is to destroy as many Russian troops as possible, while George Soros speaking at the World Economic Forum said that we must keep fighting and defeat Ukraine and our “civilization may not …