The Conspiracy Guy – 06.07.17

Conspiracy Guy Show #28: Vladimir Putin has lambasted the American media and its sponsors for promoting the “load of nonsense” that Russia had damaging data on Donald Trump or that it interfered in the US elections. During his Sunday night interview with Megyn Kelley, he mentioned the theory that the Deep State took out JFK, which makes framing the Russians with a fabricated hacking meme trivial by comparison. Complicated developments in the Middle East pit Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Arab nations against Qatar, where it appears that this is another situation that has been affected by computer hacks. According to Anonymous, the Emir of Qatar has offered $150,000,000 for the assassination of Donald Trump, which is not being reported by the mainstream media. The split threatens the war on ISIS, where Qatar is the home to a massive US base engaged in its defeat. More nonsense in Europe, where three events in the UK–the Westminster Bridge event, the Manchester event, and the London Bridge event–all appear to be staged for the political benefit of Theresa May, whose poll numbers had been plunging. The evidence of fakery makes these cases beyond reasonable doubt. In spite of growing evidence that Seth Rich was assassinated in retaliation for leaking more than 40,000 DNC emails to Julian Assange, the investigation into his death has reportedly been shut down by a Federal District Attorney, who happens to be the brother of Debbie Wasserman Schults. Tomorrow is the 50th observance of the attack on the USS Liberty, an American spy ship, which Israel torpdedoed and strafed, in a ruse to bring the US into the Six Day War against Egypt, where LBJ was complicit in the plot, which new books are revealing.


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