The Conspiracy Guy – 10.11.17

Conspiracy Show #46: Major breakthrough with regard to the Las Vegas event with the publication of a letter to Paul Craig Roberts from a military surgeon, explaining that, on the basis of extensive experience, the “victims” in the videos at hospitals are actors and the wounds are fake. Many other medical experts have written in support his medical findings on Changes in the time line have caused public a lot of concern: how could he have fired 200 rounds in the hallway of luxury hotel, without the security staff being aware? and if the windows were broken out, how could security not have known? Scott Bennett, a former US Army intel and psyops officer, had noted that the shell casings in the photo of the decedent in his hotel suite include blanks and even CO2 cartridges, where the handgun suggests this was not a suicide but a homicide. His analysis is confirmed in a post by Alan Salerian, M.D., the former top shrink for the FBI. There were concurrent shootings at four other Las Vegas hotels, where the effort to suppress the alternative media has become massive, which makes no sense if this had been real. USA TODAY has published photos and bio-sketches of the “victims”, but we have seen this before in the passenger manifests from 9/11 (where none of the planes actually crashed) and the “victims” of Sandy Hook. This specific event, however, seems to have aroused the public far more than any other with which I am familiar and may be turning a lot of the public into “conspiracy theorists”.