The Conspiracy Guy – 10.18.17

Conspiracy Guy #47: It was a movie–a made-for-TV production! Think Showtime or Netflix! recruited perhaps a few hundred crisis actors, who were to react as though they were being fired up with real rounds. But it was sound effects (of a machine gun and assault rifle firing rounds, some of which could be heard to impact with hard surfaces) and visual effects (flashes of light from at least two locations in the hotel, not on the 32nd floor but on the 4th (machine gun) and the 10th (assault rifle firing in bursts of three). We have another video of a man in uniform turning to fire into the crowd (where there are flashes of light from blanks). That this was completely staged has been exposed by medical experts, a military surgeon of vast experience and an American trauma surgeon, both of whom wrote to Paul Craig Roberts. I have reposted them on my blog at Moreover, a facebook friend called the three closest hospitals and was told by all three that no gun shot victims had been admitted. I called them myself for confirmation. Check out the review of 33 videos from the scene, where we have the sound of shots but no proof of bullets. It was cleverly done, where the FBI is now wiping cell phones and laptops of witnesses on the scene, which is the destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice–BY THE FBI! For more, Scott Bennett and I did “Project Camelot: Vegas Update with Carry Kassidy” (2:20:00) and this morning I was featured on “The Power Hour”,

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