The Conspiracy Guy – 11.08.17

Conspiracy Guy #50: In retrospect, it has become apparent why the perps chose a Country & Western Concert to stage the Las Vegas stunt and an obscure Souther Baptist Church of which no one has ever heard: so they could receive international publicity at the Country Music Awards, where the images of persons who had died in different states or on different dates and from different causes were shown as though they had been the victims of “the greatest mass shooting” in US history. It was fitting that the Entertainer of the Year, Garth Brooks, was caught lip-syncing, just as fake as the events they were commemorating. We now have a photo of a police officer sitting a back pew of the church, which is in pristine condition, with no damage, no blood, nothing out of place. And the fantasy has evolved to the claim that the “hero” of the event, Johnnie Langendorff, is supposed to be Jewish and the “killer”, Devin Patrick Kelley, a recent convert to Islam. It’s reminiscent of showing images of Palestinians rejoicing between the destruction of the South Tower and the North on 9/11, which was archival footage they just happened to have at hand. The Israelis who write these scripts tend to go a bridge too far and turn them into farce. But the public appears to have a voracious appetite for emotional stories, such as the Orlando attack, which was likewise a bit too obviously staged, where the permit for the club had expired three years earlier, its legal occupancy was 150, where if 50 had been killed and 53 wounded, there would have been abandoned cars all over the area–but they weren’t there! A correspondent who resides in the area even wrote to tell me it wasn’t even a gay club! But it has produced three nominees for “The Crisis Actor Oscars for 2017” on YouTube, which is the real award ceremony you don’t want to miss!