The Conspiracy Guy – 12.08.17

Conspiracy Guy Show #53:  A report on the events in Charlottesville includes three massive blunders: (1) James Alex Field was not the driver of the Dodge Challenger involved in the crash at 4th and Waters Streets; (2) Heather Heyer did not die in the car crash but died the following day of a heart attack; and (3) two VSP troopers did not die in a helicopter crash, but were videoed alive and well walking from the crash site, which means that it has less value than the paper on which it was printed. The GOP tax plan will cost an estimated $1.45 trillion over the next ten years, but the budget-conscious Republicans voted the bill through without bothering to wait for the official estimate. The Russian Foreign Minister has observed that, if the US attacks North Korea, the victims will include mass casualties in South Korea and Japan. The Saker provides a discerning look at the ongoing war between Russia and the USA, where it looks as though Trump wants to use lies to provoke a war with Iran just as Bush and Cheney lied to provoke a war with Iraq. Barack Obama, it turns out, shepherded the “Countering Disinformation Act” to censor and control the alternative news sites. The more things change, the more they stay the same.