The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 05.09.18

I wish everyone in the world could listen to this hour.  I learned a huge amount.  Yet it’s a topic many find unbearable because it requires rethinking ourselves and society.  My friend and colleague Jeanne Stolzer PhD explains the transformative importance of the first few years of life.  Did you know that infants nursed into early childhood grow up much smarter, healthier and happier?  Did you know that mothers who nurse have little or no post-partum depression and instead thrive mentally and emotionally?  Did you know that a mother’s milk is unique and never the same from moment to moment, hour to hour? Want to know why?  Jeanne is a true scientist and she has the data on this and more for a truly radical and informative hour of conversation.  If you listen, you are guaranteed to be informed in a new way about who you are.  You will be stirred into thought about how far human society has gone away from what sustained, nourished and informed us for 99.9999% of our evolution.

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