Energy Stew – Rico Racosky – 11.18.16

What choices are we going to make next? Energy Stew interview with Rico Racosky
We can be flooded with the possibility of new choices but in reality we can only choose 2 of them and the first one is “I won’t make that choice” and the next one is to make it. If there are many to choose from, we can only start with the first one. Then we can make the next.
I’m interviewing Rico Racosky, the author of “Just 2 Choices“. We’re more empowered when we realize that every moment there is a choice we make so let’s be conscious of that determination. Once a choice is made, that’s it! Remember that there’s an opportunity to make even a better choice next.
Rico talks about the quality we can discern about our choices and how to feel them out better. Be sure to tune in to understand your choosing power better.