Radio History

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      YEAR    NOTES
      1965    Gary begins broadcasting @ Balkan Echo Studios.
      1967    Debut of Gary’s Health & Nutrition program-
      1974    Gary begins broadcasting on WMCA 1974-75
      1976    Gary brings Natural Living with Gary Null to WBAI and continues there until December 2004
      1978    Natural Living comes to WPFW in Washington DC through 2014
      1979    Natural Living comes to KPFK in LA with Roy of Hollywood
      1980    During the ’80’ broadcasts continue on commercial stations – KCEO [Carlsbad, CA], WGL [Ft Wayne IN] through the 1980’s
      1980    Gary airs on WOR 1980-82
      1985    Gary begins broadcasting on WABC
      1987    KCEO- Carlsbad CA picks up Gary’s weekend network show until format change in 2005
      1988    Gary broadcasts live on WEVD Sunday nights until 2003.
      1990    Broadcasts continue in the ’90’s on commercial stations – KCEO, KNSS [Witchita, KS], WGBB [Babylon, NY]
      1990    During the ’90’s Gary hosts Sunday morning show  on WNN- Florida
      1990    Gary & Natural Living continue on non-commercial stations – KMHA [New Town, ND], KMUD [Redway, CA], WMNF [Tamps FL], KZYX, [Philo, CA], WGDR [Plainfield, VT], WOJB [Hayward, WI], WERU [Blue Hill ME],   WETL [Southbend, IN]
      2000    WGDR,  WOJB,  WERU,  WETL, continue broadcasting the Gary Null Show through 2010.
      2000    Gary broadcasts on WNEW-  2000-2003.
      2002    Vitamin Shoppe Health Radio presents 26 part series hosted by Gary.
      2003    Gary joins WWRL @ 1pm
      2004    Daily broadcasts debut on VoiceAmerica in December 2004.
      2004    Health Talk Radio Network weekend shows air.
      2004    Progressive Radio Network is launched on the web, offering archived shows to listen on demand including the best of Natural Living, New Dimensions, Folk Scene & Eric’s Sounds of Jazz.
      2005    Gary joins the lineup @ WNYE
      2006    June 2006 PRN begins live broadcasting 24/7-
      2008    Daily broadcasts on Republic Broadcasting Network- May thru August
      2010    On November 15 2010 Gary returns to WBAI with The Gary Null Show
      2017    The Gary Null Show [formally Natural Living with Gary Null] reaches 50 year milestone as longest running Health & Nutrition program in the US.
      2018    June 2018 PRN celebrates 12 years in the web.


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