Expat Files – 02.18.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #735- SUN, FEB 18- (02-18-2018):
#1- Dissecting the gringo price phenomena: or how locals constantly pull the wool over the eyes of newbie expats and gringos.
Local souvenir and trinket sellers manage to double and triple team gringos, often convincing them to buy things for 4 and even 5 times their “off the tourist” trail value. The more gringos in a given area the more prevalent the problem. Of course most gringos are happy with their little purchases and don’t know what hit them till someone mentions it after the fact. Often they never find out at all and sometimes it’s better that way. Why ruin a nice vacation over a $10 doll you later discover in a Cleveland Walmart for 5 bucks.
#2- How USA franchises kick ass in Latin America and why there are still amazing opportunities and niches if you want to get into the game. It’s the subject of today’s ‘boots on the ground ‘story.
#3- Those hard concrete and tile Latin floors are everywhere and can be hard on a person suffering leg, hip or joint problems. Today we talk about possible solutions.  
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