Expat Files – 02.25.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #737- SUN, FEB 25- (02-25-2018):
#1- If you drive in Latin America, you’ll hit many potholes and suffer many annoying flat tires. Worse yet, in time your wheel rims will get damaged and pitted by the many pothole impacts. Eventually the tire rims will become slightly eccentric and not allow the tire to seal properly. That means buying a new rim or two, and if you have newer nicer car, original rims could cost hundreds. So in our first “boots on the ground” story today you’ll see it doesn’t have to work out that way. There’s a very cheap work around, and here’s the tip…   
#2- Cost of Living and real estate “bubble” update in the Latin cities and burbs:
There are amazing rental opportunities popping up all over the place due to massive overbuilding and excessive house and apartment supply. That’s especially true in the higher end housing market- the places gringos and expats are always on the lookout for. Fortunately for us, thousands of newer and even brand-new residential towers, condos and townhouses are sitting vacant, and have been for months. Still new units are continuously come on line and in vast numbers. Very very bad for clueless owners and developers but a golden opportunity for gringos and expats looking to rent. Today we have another “boots on the ground” story that says it all…
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