Expat Files – 03.02.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #738- FRI, MAR 02- (03-02-2018):
#1- The Latin sense of Humor:
What Latinos find funny and humorous truly escapes most of us gringos and expats. Though some slapstick and physical humor is universal, how then is it we can sit down and watch Latin TV comedy programs for hours on end and never once crack a smile? Most of us see Latin comedy as beyond tedious and embarrassingly juvenile but do keep our mouths shut. That’s simply good form when you’re a guest in a foreign country. Problem is Latin humor mostly consists of junior high school level jokes along with seriously bawdy, sexist and racial overtones. That sort of stuff would get one in big PC trouble if translated and aired on stateside TV. Because it’s more amateurishly embarrassing than funny, gringos almost never seriously split a gut laugh at any translation of a Latino joke (and vice versa). Today we attempt to explain it all by citing a few “lost in translation” examples.
#2- DYK that Middle East Muslims and African refugees –as so called “tourists”- are arriving in South America in unprecedented numbers? Most of them never leave. Of course many are trying to get to the USA and about 20% do make the journey and supposedly get through. So then what about the rest who don’t and stay behind in Latin America? Should we gringos and Expats be worried? Well it turns out there are just two Latin countries that allow the vast majority of Museums and African refugees to enter pretty much unimpeded. They are Brazil and Ecuador. Today you’ll get the skinny on what many Latinos see as a revolting development and how it’s affecting other Latin countries who prohibit such open boarder measures.      
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