Expat Files – 03.16.18

#1- Sage advice for gringos and expats whose idea of a “Plan B” is to live “off the grid” or partially “off the grid”
#2- TEN things you really must know about Latin American electric power distribution, service, maintenance and the power grid in general
#3-Internet and smartphone service in Latin America:
There are so many options and providers, it’s confusing to try and dissect the various internet plans and packages. Even if your Spanish is pretty good and you think you’ve selected a good plan, a newer, better and cheaper plan is bound to come along in the next few months.
#4- More on Latin American Internet and Smartphone plans:
The big question? Should you elect the usual 18 month contract, or the much more anonymous “pay as you go” monthly plan? Today the pros, cons and recommendations. 
#5- By popular request, today we have Part 3 of the many loves of Expat Eddie:
An amazing “boots on the ground” culture clash story that will surely leave you speechless!
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