Expat Files – 05.27.18

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #761- SUN, MAY 27- (05-27-2018):

#1- Today we discuss a few of the major changes that have unfolded for expats living in Latin America over the last decades- some for the better some for the worse.

#2- Gringos and Expats are just unaware that in 99.9% of Latin homes the mothers and maids cook with palm oil and margarine. Unfortunately Latinos are totally unaware of the science behind these two rather ominous cooking so-called food sources. Try to tell a Latino that margarine and palm oil are actually bad for one’s health and you’re guaranteed to get that strange “crazy gringo” look.

#3 – Health Insurance group plans in Latin America:

Latin country insurance companies are just now introducing group health plans for small business employers and their employees. You won’t believe how inexpensive they are per employee (would you believe some start at $25 a month?) and how good the plans really are and how extensive the coverage.

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