Expat Files – 06.25.17

#1- When big and small earthquakes hit (they do with some regularity)how do Expats and gringos cope and react?
Two big 6.8 earthquakes hit Guatemala and Mexico this week. As usual there was some property damage and but none affecting local gringos and Expats. Only group truly affected when natural disasters arise are poor uneducated locals. The squatters in shacks and adobe structures are most vulnerable because they build helter skelter without permits and without following the country building codes. On top of that they invite disaster by settling on geologically unstable cheap (or free) land situated on the sides of steep valleys and mountains. Gringos and expats don’t live that way… except for the odd retro-hippy willingly gone native.    
#2 Gringos and Expats want to live in Latin American houses that have been constructed to current antisemitic codes, but how do you know for sure and how can you tell?
A house may look fine from the outside and be in a nice subdivision but has it been constructed to code? There are no regular building inspectors you know. Well today we have some proven tips, tests and inspection techniques to help you make that determination on existing structures.
#3-There are many clueless gringos who count on getting Expat “legal” info from gringos on blogs and from people at gringo bars and hangouts. Good luck with that. Every gringo has his stories and opinions. Unfortunately, if you ask 10 Expats a Latin legal question you just might get 10 different answers.
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