Expat Files – 07.29.16

Descriptions for THE EXPAT FILES SHOW #580- 07-29-2016 (FRI):
#1- Are you a clueless Gringo? The clueless outnumber the smart ones by probably 50 to 1: Why? Because even when clueless ones begin to know the ropes they often take two steps backward simply by hanging with too many of the other clueless gringos:
#2-It takes quality time exploring “off the Gringo tourist trail” with real “boots on the ground” (no camping out in 1st world hotels allowed) to realize your “gringo advantage”. You can remain clueless or get off (or somewhat off) the tourist trail… your choice.  
#3- Some inside tips and unsaid cautions concerning new car purchases in Latin America
#4- If you live in a “gated, guarded” Latin neighborhood, you might want to know in general what your “upscale Latin neighbors will be like:Today we’ll give you some insight on what craziness to expect from them.
#5- Why are Latin Public hospitals always in crisis? Yes, they are absolutely medieval, yet studies show they have plenty of funding from local government sources, outside “do gooder” and international agency donors. So then what’s the problem? Today we focus on an actual hospital audit report from an outside agency that says it all..
#5-When big time 1st world rock acts tour Latin America:
Today we explain why you just might want to skip the Guns & Roses concert- even if you get free front row seats   
 #6Consult with Johnny- Schedule a cell or Skype call: Set up a time to talk and I’ll help you sort out your own specific Latin American “PLAN- B”. Just write “CONSULT” in the subject line with a short list of questions/talking points to: theexpatfiles@gmail.com
 #7 Johnny’s next (and maybe final) “Expat Insider” Plan ‘B’ Seminar will take place on January 7th thru January 12th , 2017. To get in the Early-bird discount list just email: theexpatfiles@gmail.com Attendance will be very limited so do act now.