The Gary Null Show – 03.16.17


The Body-Mind Self, and the epigenetics of our culturally learned beliefs upon our health and quality of life

Dr. Mario Martinez is a clinical psychologist specializing in psychoneuroimmunology and anti-aging. Fifteen years ago, he developed the theory of Biocognitive Science and Psychology, a body-mind theory that explains how thoughts and their biological expression co-emerge within a cultural environment and history, and in turn affect our immune, nervous and endocrine systems. This model is called Cultural Psychoneuroimmunology. He is the founder of the Biocognitive Science Institute in Montevideo, Uruguay, which is now in Nashville, and conducts research, lectures and offers seminars in Biocognition principles. Dr. Martinez’ best selling “The Mind-Body Code” outlined a blueprint for a new paradigm on the epigenetic relationship between the beliefs we hold and the quality of our health. His recent book released this month is “Mind-Body Self: How Longevity is Culturally Learned and the Causes of Health Inherited.”  His website is

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