The Gary Null Show – 03.24.17


A Manifesto for a Green Mind – a look at our civilization’s alienation from nature and its consequences and the neuroscience and benefits of learning to cooperate with Nature and the environment

Prof. Jules Pretty is the Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Essex in the UK and a professor in the universities Environment and Society department, where he specializes in sustainable agriculture, the health benefits of exposure to Nature and the environmental crises affecting western civilization.  He is a member of the university’s Green Exercise Team that has been scientifically investigating nature’s role in maintaining health. Jules has been a fellow of the British Society of Biology and the Royal Society of Arts, belongs to numerous international organizations and boards concerned with a sustainable future, farming and rural communities, and has served on a variety of advisory committees for the British government.  Among his many books are “Sustainable Agriculture and Food” and “The Earth Only Endures.”  His latest by Cornell University Press is “The Edge of Extinction: Travels with Enduring People in Vanishing Lands” which took him around the world exploring communities living in cooperation with nature.  His website is

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