The Gary Null Show – 04.26.18

Today is April 26th and like always The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment. In this episode Gary speaks about a recent friend who passed away. Gary talks about a recent Tucker Carlson clip about “If College is worth it” Gary Null also has a new special for you on his Coco-Magic Bars.

You will love these coconut and chocolate, organic, gluten-free treats. With protein, along with a healthy dose of Omega-3s, antioxidants, and probiotics. It’s no wonder the healthy, low-glycemic bars work like magic! Packed with eleven grams of protein, high in antioxidants and bursting with chocolate coconut flavor, our Coco Magic Bars are the perfect nutritionally-balanced snack for any time of the day. Gluten free and organic, these delicious treats are formulated for the health-conscious person who doesn’t want to compromise on taste.
Coco Magic Bars feature:

Eleven grams of muscle-building plant-based protein per bar.

Antioxidant rich cherries, green tea, and walnuts that help fight chronic inflammation.
Cell nourishing omega-3 and monounsaturated fats from walnuts and almonds
The detoxifying green blend of spirulina and chlorella.

Ingredients: Organic Almond Butter, Prebiotic Fiber, Organic Rice Protein, Almonds, Organic Clover Honey, Cherries, Pea Protein, Dark Chocolate Chips (Unsweetened Chocolate, Cane Sugar), Organic Cocoa, Organic Coconut, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sesame Seeds, Greens Blend (Green Tea, Spirulina, Chiarella), Organic Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt, Stevia

Contains tree nuts
May contain traces of peanuts, egg, soy, milk
May contain shell and/or pit fragments

• Vegan • Gluten-Free

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