The Gary Null Show – 05.09.18

Another potentional post-911 war in the Middle East — Israel-US military aggression against Iran

Nicolas Davies in a geopolitical researcher and author investigating America’s wars and their cost to human life, militarism and the Middle East, and US aversion to international laws.  He grew up in a British naval family in the last outposts of the British Empire and became involved in peace activism at an early age. Nicolas writes egularly for Consortium News, and his writings appear in Alternet, Truthout,, Intrepid Report and other progressive and independent news and commentary sites. He is the author of the notable book “Blood On Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq,” and contributed to “Grading the 44th President” which reviewed Obama’s first term in office. He recently published an important 3-parts series investigation — “How Many Millions Have Been Killed in America’s Post-911 Wars?” — which analyzes the human costs of US military intervention, including Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Syria. You can read Nicolas’ articles and reports at 

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