Global Alert News – 04.29.17

On countless fronts the rate of change currently unfolding in our biosphere is beyond true comprehension. So few understand (or even want to understand) the severity and immediacy of the growing challenges that we must collectively face if we are to survive much longer on this planet. More and more data is surfacing about the dangers of atmospheric particulate pollution and radiation exposure. At the same time the current administration is doing its best to completely dismantle every imaginable environmental and human health protection law. Donald Trump has become the new and most frightening face yet of the military industrial / fossil fuel industry complex, though ultimately he is only a puppet in the power structure play. Those currently in control are now more dangerous than ever before, how close are we to the trigger being pulled on WWlll? Will Korea be the scapegoat for the US military’s unleashing of a nuclear holocaust on planet Earth? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

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