Google and Wikipedia: The Internet’s Voice for the Corporate Deep State

Google and Wikipedia: The Internet’s Voice for the Corporate Deep State
Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD
Progressive Commentary Hour, October 9, 2019
Google is undoubtedly the single most powerful IT corporation without second in the world. The firm possesses the world’s most popular search engine, which has been given Congressional protection to abide by internet neutrality and to avoid ideological or political favoritism. Yet in recent years Google has also become a highly effective political machine; for example, in 2016, its algorithmic searches manipulated results favoring Hillary Clinton’s campaign. As one of the internet’s major gatekeepers it has the power to scrub sites or reduce their exposure, burying them in the lower abyss of its search engine. This is notably the case for sites dedicated to natural health information and scientific data that support complementary and alternative medical therapies. Some of these sites have managed to continue for many years without any significant criticism such as and GreenMedInfo.

Google claims that it stands by standards of objectivity and non-interference. Most of us all believe that its overarching mission is to organize the vast sum of humanity’s knowledge and to make it available to the world. Surely an honorable quest. However, during the past three years whistleblowers have come forward to expose the company’s actual closed-door agendas that aim to abandon its humanitarian mission and replace it with a virtual authoritarianism to serve the establishment. There have also been employee protests and walkouts over this betrayal of the company’s public image.

Zach Vohries is a former senior software engineer in Google’s YouTube division who observed the company’s blatant violations in its mission statement. Consequently, he released a trove of internal documents detailing Google’s algorithmic discrimination and covert psychological ops to boost an authoritarian agenda. It is already well-known that Google penetrates every aspect in the private lives of anyone who utilizes its products. According to Vohries, the company is now pushing an ideological narrative that is repressive against both the right and left wings of America’s political spectrum.

Now in one of the more egregious moves in internet history, Google has been steadily launching a surreptitious purge of an increasing number of non-conventional medical websites that offer alternatives to pharmaceutical-based therapeutic protocols. Entire groups of clinicians and alternative medical practitioners, natural health news sites, personal health blogs, etc are being erased from Google’s search capabilities. Even one of the nation’s leading advocacy organizations for protecting non-GMO farmers, which acts as a watchdog for the health risks of industrial-grown food laced with toxic chemicals, the Organic Consumers Association, has been flagged by Google. We believe Google is now a fully functioning intelligence operation for the corporate deep state.

Recently we got possession of Google’s internal document Search Quality Evaluation Guidelines, which provides instructions for Google website raters — or what the document calls “Search Quality Raters” — to grade websites on a highly subjective criteria of reliability. Curiously, new raters are referred to Wikipedia pages for information on antivirus and spyware applications. One would think that Google is the globe’s expert in this field.

Google would like us to believe that their efforts to grade, rank and even censor websites is because they want to protect websites potential influence, for better or worse, on “a person’s future happiness, health, financial stability or safety.” In particular, this concerns “News and Current Events,” “Civics, Government and Law,” Finance,” “Shopping,” “Health and Safety,” and “Groups of People” (e.g., ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender, etc.). Of course, each of these categories can be interpreted with a high degree of subjectivity, prejudice and bias.

But what is equally disturbing is Google’s preferential treatment of the open-source encyclopedia Wikipedia as a reputable resource. During the past 24 months, our investigations should convince any questioner that Wikipedia should never on any account be regarded as a primary and accurate source for reliable information. To the point, it is not. For any given controversial subject — such as genetically modified foods, alternative medical therapies, the dangers of pesticides, vaccine safety, etc. — there is almost nothing objectively beneficial except whatever Wikipedia editors selectively decide to permit and want the viewer to know. Controversy and encyclopedic neutrality appear to be abolished in order to promulgate a corporate-friendly bias that disparages and demonizes the alternatives.

Wikipedia’s entire non-conventional medical and natural health fields have been thoroughly trashed by anonymous editors with extreme prejudices. In our opinion, its administrative editors have been given the privilege to destroy reputations and to do so with impunity, including world renowned physicians who have contributed to the health and well-being of countless people, including Drs. Deepak Chopra, David Perlmutter, Gabriel Cousens, etc.

Google and Wikipedia have taken advantage of some of the weaknesses in the Communications Decency Act to avoid legal actions for defamation and libel. In June, Senator Josh Hawley introduced a bill that, if passed, would help remedy the Act’s faults and open the doors for a rush of lawsuits against the Wikipedia Foundation. To date, hundreds lawsuits have been filed against Wikipedia over the years; however due to loopholes and protections to hide behind its nonprofit registration, the Foundation has managed to proceed unscathed. Hopefully this will change shortly. We believe Wikipedia is every bit as deserving as Google of a Congressional investigation.