Heart Of Mind Radio, Jan 21, 2023

On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio for the NEW Millennium, host Kathryn Davis is joined by Sue Blythe and Shannon CrossBear for a conversation about storytelling and climate change with the Climate Collaboratory. Highlighting the work of WE the World and offering a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., giving context to his message of non-violence, peace and love.

Featured Music:

Frog Dancing by David Anthony Clark; Come To The River by Diane Reeves; Precious Water by Sara Thomsen;


We the World at: https://we.net/ Heart Of Mindhttp://www.heartofmindradio.com/

Climate Collaboratory RESOURCES for Building Community in a Changing Climate with the Interfaith Climate Group: https://gardensofglobalunity.org/2021/06/28/building-community-in-a-changing-climate/

Guests & Host:

Sue Blythe: Climate Collaboratory Provence Manager and Founder at We The World

Sue Blythe is doing what she can to ensure a livable Earth for her eight grandchildren and their future grandchildren. She’s coordinator of We, The World’s Campaign for the Environment and founder of the Climate Collaboratory, a pilot project of We, the World and the University of Florida Extension..

Shannon CrossBear: Interdependence Campaign Coordinator at We, The World

Grandmother Shannon CrossBear is a powerful, spiritual Ojibwe / Irish woman whose purpose is to demonstrate and promote gentle healing. A skilled storyteller and educator, Shannon has worked with tribal and non tribal communities to improve conditions for future generations through protecting fresh water sources.

Kathryn Davis: Health Campaign Coordinator at We, The World

Kathryn Davis is host of Heart Of Mind Radio for the New Millennium and an Artist, Author, Mystic, Energy Worker, Spiritual Doula, and a facilitator of Relaxation Techniques, an experienced teacher of Qigong, a practitioner of Reikispiritually guided life force energy and the Sandlin Techniquean Indigenous healing technology based on vision quest and shamanic insight. Kathryn is author of the forthcoming book: Harness the Natural Rhythms of Life.

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