Burt Cohen

Host of Keeping Democracy Alive
Sundays at 4 pm (EST)

The former New Hampshire state senator interviews some of the most eloquent and visionary voices in politics today.Burt is a political analyst for WNTK in the Dartmouth-Sunapee region of New Hampshire and since 2004 has hosted The Burt Cohen Show on WSCA in Portsmouth, NH which is aired live twice a week. He also hosts Fine Aged Rock, which features rock artists who are fifty or older or would have been had they lived.Burt Cohen has devoted his life to standing up for what he believes. He was among those arrested at the 1971 Mayday protest against the Vietnam War, served on the office staff of Boston Clamshell and was active in the anti-nuclear movement of the late seventies.In the eighties, he was deeply involved in efforts to halt US aid to the right-wing regime in El Salvador and traveled to Nicaragua in 1985 with Abbie Hoffman and Johanna Lawrenson as part of an effort to stop American support of the Nicaraguan Contras. In 1990, Burt was elected to the New Hampshire State Senate where he quickly established himself as a legislative leader. He would go on to win re-election six times and become the first Democratic Majority Leader of that body since 1912.As senator, Burt helped spearhead legislation to end discrimination based on sexual identity, require safe storage of firearms, and, as Vice-Chair of the Environment Committee, helped craft the New Hampshire Clean Power Act. He also led the fight to abolish the death penalty in New Hampshire and fought for a fairer tax structure to protect the working men and women from an unfair tax burden. Throughout his tenure in the NH state senate, Burt enjoyed broad support from across the political spectrum. As one Republican supporter put it, “Burt’s the only Democrat I vote for. He’s a straight shooter.”When he is not on the frontlines of political action, Burt is a well-respected academic and prolific political commentator. He has taught courses on 20th Century American History, the War in Vietnam, and most recently, American’s Transformation in the 1930s. His articles have appeared in The Nation, the LA Times, and elsewhere. He also serves on the Board of Governors of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives.

His email address is burt@burtcohen.com.