Kathy Davis

Kathryn-Davis-300x3001Host of Heart Of Mind Radio
Fridays at 10:00 am (EST)
Kathryn Davis is a seeker of truth and beauty through the exploration of life, love, energy and cosmic consciousness: A teacher, spiritual doula, vibrational healer, artist and mystic. Certified as a Qigong teacher and in Qigong and Reiki energy healing techniques as well as the Sandlin Technique, a form of Indigenous bodywork based on vision quest and shamanic insight. She studied to be a Curandera and traveled to Tiotihuacan in Mexico to connect with Aztec and Mayan healing traditions and over the years has traveled to Mainland China three times to study with Masters of Qigong and Taoist philosophy. She is founder of the Kun Li Sheng™ Qigong Form and School of Applied Healing Arts. Kathy Davis has been a broadcaster in the New York area for over twenty years.