Walt Thiessen

Host of LOA Today
Thursdays at 7:00 pm (EST)

Walt Thiessen is a former liberal who moved to the libertarian camp in 1980 soon after graduating from Colgate University. He was a candidate (i.e. volunteer sacrificial lamb) for Congress in 1996 from Connecticut as an expression of his support for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee that year, Harry Browne. He is self-employed with his own, small website hosting and development company. In 2007 created the Nolan Chart website,  which allows and encourages people from all political camps to submit news and opinion articles for online publication. Almost from the date of its opening, that website’s popularity soared dramatically, and today it gets 50-60,000 unique visitors each month. In 2009, he spent the year writing a novel, The Money Suckers set at the beginning of the financial crisis which tells the tale of a top-level banker who faces a crisis of conscience with life-and-death consequences.