Over 2,000 scientists, medical professionals,
authors and academics are on record that the
“HIV-AIDS” theories, routinely reported to the public
as if they were facts, are dubious to say the least.

“I know the toxicity of the drugs used like AZT. I don’t understand why these drugs producing immunodeficiency are used to combat a virus that produces the same pathology. In the UK, the Western Blot test is forbidden since 1992, why is it the diagnostic test in my country? I don’t know that HIV causes AIDS, but I know that this disease is the best economic business together with the cancer therapies.”

Letter to Dr. Peter Duesberg

— Dr. Alicia Damiano, PhD, Molecular Biology, Department of Physiology, School of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

[On the many people committing suicide after an HIV+ test result]: “The effect of the HIV antibody positive test—the psycho-neuroimmunological effect—is literally shortening the lives of every single HIV positive person that believes this virus produces AIDS and death.”

— Dr. Ricardo Leschot, MD, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Singular emphasis on the virus itself has obscured the fact that AIDS occurs only in already immunosuppressed individuals. Healthy people do not get AIDS.”

— Dr. Raymond K. Brown, MD, author, AIDS, Cancer & the Medical Establishment

“I agree AIDS is a problem, but I am not sure that HIV is its cause.”

Aug 29 2000, Sapa-AFP

— Nduhukhire Owa-Mataze, Senior Lecturer, Political Economist, Uganda Martyrs University, Uganda

“[President Mbeki] has a laudable, analytical approach to many important issues regarding AIDS. As a physician, it has amazed me how ‘scientists’ are doing very unscientific ‘studies’ supporting the use of drugs in which they have a vested interest. I would recommend doing some investigation into how physicians learn about treatments. The majority of their information comes from drug reps.”

The Independent (SA) 22 Dec. 2001

“Statistics in Zimbabwe indicate that 700 people die of AIDS each week. The truth is that people with serious but treatable illnesses are turned away from clinics and hospitals if they are unable to pay for care, and then when they die, they are added to AIDS statistics. The numbers vary for different countries in Africa, but the pattern is the same. People are clearly dying, but the cause of their deaths is blamed on a virus rather than on the true problem: poverty.”

“Poverty directly causes disease through malnutrition, a lack of sanitation, and a lack of clean water. Corrupt leaders use the misery they directly cause to call for more international aid in the form of loans or donations. The money comes in, the leaders become richer, and the people and health clinics receive very little.”

“Most of the people in Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa are poor, and can barely afford to eat enough calories to survive; they rarely eat vegetables, which are necessary to provide essential nutrients. Malnutrition weakens the immune system, and may contribute to illnesses otherwise conveniently ascribed to AIDS. There are numerous other contributing factors to AIDS in Africa. To decrease disease, the underlying problem of poverty must be eliminated, instead of promoting ill-conceived programs to send condoms and anti-viral drugs to Africa so that wealthy companies profit.”

“AIDS is being used today as hunger was used in the past—to stimulate public support for sending tax money to Africa. It’s an emotionally powerful tool to convince caring people to send money to help when, in fact, most of our tax money gets diverted to subsidize companies who extract foreign wealth. Few aid programs actually help the poor in Africa.”

“African healthcare workers who speak out and say that poverty rather than a virus is the main cause of ‘AIDS deaths’ lose their positions in clinics. Corrupt leaders want to assure the influx of aid money, so they demand that everyone play along with the aid agencies and call for more international funds to treat AIDS. Money to treat malnutrition is less available than money to treat the current issue emblazoned in minds worldwide by the media.”

AIDS, Loans, and Africa, 1999

— Dr. John Ruhland, N.D, Seattle

“Mr. [Bill] Gates’ interest in HIV/AIDS projects in India is not meant for charity, as it appears. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation contributing funds to fight AIDS is to protect his billions of dollars of investments in pharmaceutical companies interested in conducting field trials in India.”

United News of India, Nov 10, 2002

“…This is more an effort to bully other nations while misleading your own people — the hard working, well-meaning American taxpayers whose money will be whisked away to fight imaginary [Aids] epidemics in ‘unfortunate’ nations like ours.”

Letter to US President Bush, Oct 10, 2002

“Preventing and curing AIDS is this century’s most lucrative profession. Western pharmaceutical companies fared badly over the last few years, as the world health situation improved…Then, AIDS conveniently came along, incurable, and fatal. What more could pharmaceutical companies ask for?”

“AIDS is now the safest bet for producers of expensive medicines which never promise a cure…not one study conclusively proves anti-viral drugs even extend life.”

“There is no sure test for an AIDS virus because no virus has been identified yet. Millions of lives are ruined by these tests, though it is medically undisputed that pregnancy, common cold, prolonged fever, malaria, tuberculosis and 70 other conditions give false positives on the ELISA and confirmatory tests. In 1998, the National Aids Control Organisation (NACO) itself wrote on the unreliability of these under many conditions.”

“The CIA says India will have 25 million infected people by 2010, the maximum in any country. But India has recorded only 287 AIDS deaths in 1997, 217 in 1998, and 114 in 1999. In whose interest is it to push up these figures? …It is in the US’s interest to promote AIDS.”

“Only doctors can tell if AIDS and the HIV virus exist or not. If it does, then it is everyone’s birthright to have details of its prevalence. The moment I am allowed to see scientific proof of such a virus, I will stop campaigning for my right to know what treatment is being meted out, where and to whom.”

Daily Pioneer, Nov 17, 2002

— Purushottam Mulloli, Convenor, JACK India (Joint Action Council Kannur)

“…There were many many examples but one example is that Africans gave their children dead monkeys to play with as toys and there was all this nonsense about how much more promiscuous Africans were than any other humans…and that Africans believe that the only cure for AIDS was to sleep with virgins and this is why AIDS was so widespread in Africa. Most of them were all based on racism or racist preconceptions of Africans. The allegations really that Africans were more promiscuous than the rest of the human race were unfounded. They didn’t make any sense scientifically. In fact when they sent teams of researchers, sociologists, anthropologists to Africa, they were amazed that Africans were actually much more conservative in their sexual practices.”

Aids And Africa, Meditel, London 1993

— Richard Chirimuuta, Co-author AIDS, Africa and Racism, Free Association Books, London, 1989

“Despite extensive media coverage of infected men seeking virgin girls as a ‘cure’ for their HIV infection, few cases have been documented.”

Lancet 2002;359:711

— Jewkes R, Martin L, Penn-Kekana L, Aids Researchers

“Generally speaking the two women we have just seen this morning are asymptomatic. They have no signs of AIDS, but the problem is, we don’t know when they were infected. But what puzzles us is the fact that many of the women who are classed as [HIV] negative fulfill the definitions for AIDS.”

Aids And Africa, Meditel, London 1993

— Dr. Severin Sibailly, MD, physician, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

“I think that there is a lot of attention that has been paid to HIV and to the detriment of many other diseases. And as less and less money becomes available, these diseases themselves could become a public health hazard. Malaria, we are seeing a resurgence of malaria.”

Aids And Africa, Meditel, London 1993

— Dr. David Serwadda, MD, Kampala, Uganda

“AIDS is not caused by HIV…We have all been lied to and sold a bill of goods by a handful of unscrupulous, immoral scientists that care more for money and power than for the truth and human life itself.”

Deadly Deception, 1994

“None of the proposed explanations as to the modus operandi of HIV, nor the virus-AIDS hypothesis itself, are based on scientifically acceptable evidence or proof. The available laboratory evidence speaks against the hypothesis. The remainder of the evidence is epidemiological, and even that, when scrutinized and truthfully presented without first being selectively screened, proves that HIV is innocent of any involvement in AIDS.”

“The presence of the virus is often 40 times greater in healthy HIV-positive individuals than in fatal AIDS cases, where many times it can’t be found at all.”

“Most of the medically supervised AIDS deaths were either caused or contributed to by the deadly drug AZT. In many cases it was given to perfectly normal and healthy individuals who were terrorized…into taking the phony HIV test.”

“The incidence of drug use, i.e. street drugs (used orally or intravenously) all types, amyl nitrite (poppers) and other immune suppressive medical drugs, particularly AZT, correlate virtually 100% with the development of AIDS in Europe and the United States. These factors have been proven sufficient to cause the diseases of AIDS. HIV is a sometimes present, innocent bystander that has yet to be proven necessary for anything that is occurring.”

“In Russia, screening with the Elisa test resulted in 30,000 positive tests. Yet, only 66 could be confirmed with the Western Blot.” [Voevodin, 1992]

“Studies clearly indicate that AZT accelerates progression to death, increases the incidence of lymphoma 3,000% and does not prolong life. Imagine the medical carnage being caused when individuals, because they once had measles or the flu, are falsely diagnosed as having a virus which has never been proven to cause any disease, [and] are given a drug which will kill them!”

“Physicians have been victimized by less-than-scientific, self-serving researchers and politicians who mouth hypotheses as though they were truth and present half-truths which convey misleading conclusions. It is time for physicians to remove the ‘art of medicine’ mask of protection from criticism and boldly show their faces as true scientists. We must demand an immediate re-evaluation of the Virus-AIDS hypothesis in the interest of our patients and our sacred obligation to ‘above all do no harm.’”

Virusmyth, 1994

— Dr. Robert E. Willner, MD, PhD, author of Deadly Deception: the Proof That Sex and Hiv Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS

“After eleven years of studying and discussion, I can assert without any doubt whatsoever, that most cases of so-called AIDS are caused by drugs.”

“Officials at CDC chose to serve their own bureaucratic interest, research interests and, most of all, their pharmaceutical masters in staking out new markets for them. They devised the acronym AIDS knowing that the disease was neither contagious nor transmitted.”

“From the beginning [the CDC’s] Dr. Jaffe and Dr. Curran knew that no virus was involved in AIDS. They knew it was not contagious, being peculiar to those who committed acts of self-depredation with drugs. They knew that 100% of the homosexuals suffering from AIDS were on the drugs amyl and/or butyl nitrite. They knew these were immunosuppressant drugs. They knew that AIDS existed among people with kidney transplants who received immunosuppressive drugs, among those who suffered sexual diseases who had received massive doses of antibiotics, and among those who, having tumors, had received X-rays and chemotherapy (all immunosuppressive). They angled their propaganda from the beginning to hint that a virus or some single infectious agency caused the disease when they knew it was caused by immunosuppressive drugs and products.”

“In the manufactured AIDS panic, all the cartel members coalesced to fool and scare our populace until it was in a frenzy of fear. All this was done so that a few more billion dollars would accrue to the medical/drug/hospital/research/ bureaucratic interests. The scam has been successfully pulled off, and, indeed, billions of dollars have flowed into the coffers of those interests. In addition, much power and ‘prestige’ has been conferred upon those instrumental in perpetrating such a monstrous hoax.”

“The technique employed has been the Hitlerian Big Lie Technique: ‘If you tell a lie big enough, often enough and long enough, people will accept it as gospel truth.’ We see this as being precisely the case with the deliberate concoction of AIDS from a complex of symptoms called by more than 20 other disease designations.”

“That is what the AIDS panic is all about—a drive to stampede the American people into the medical-hospital-pharmaceutical corral for big bucks. That is what it’s all about, not about saving people from diseases renamed and promoted under the fearsome banner AIDS.”

The Great Aids Hoax

— Dr. T.C. Fry, D.Sc., author of The Great AIDS Hoax and The Nature and Purpose of Disease

“If I tell you that two plus two equals five, you will be able to disagree because you know some math. If I tell you that HIV is sexually transmitted and causes AIDS, you should know this to be untrue if you are in the medical profession. In medical school, one of the first things everybody is taught is that if you have an infectious disease, you have to show the infectious agent 100 percent of the time in people with the disease. With AIDS this is definitely not the case. Yet the medical profession doesn’t see anything wrong with [believing] that [HIV causes AIDS].”

“…And while no infectious disease ever discriminates against sex, this one is found mainly in males. I would definitely not take the AIDS drug because it is immune-suppressive. This was shown in a recent publication of Pharmacological Therapeutics. I would stimulate the immune function. I would certainly emphasize a good and healthy lifestyle.”

Penthouse, April, 1995

— Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, Editor, Preventive Medicine Update. BS, University of Munich School of Medicine, Physiology (1964), under Nobel Laureate A. Butenandt. PhD. Former Assistant Professor of Chemistry, SUNY, Stony Brook. Former Associate Professor of Chemistry teaching Pre-Med students and graduate courses in quantum chemistry, Roosevelt University, Chicago. Taught chemistry for the health sciences and nursing at El Camino College; Taught CME for nursing programs at L.A. Harbor College. President and founder, International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Board Member, Academy of Preventive Medicine. Former Senior Science Advisor: Gero-Vita and Journal of Longevity. Director, IAAM Stem Cell Laboratory at Health Integration Center, Torrance, CA. Emphasis: Making person-specific stem cells (DNA the same as recipient) via Nuclear Transfer and Parthenogenesis. Author, Slowing Down the Aging Process (1971), Seven Keys to a Longer Life, (Stein & Day, 1978), andTripping the Clock, a practical guide to anti-aging and rejuvenation, (Health Quest, 1983). Co-author of books for health professionals: Tomorrow’s Medicine Today. Anti-Aging Medical Therapeutics, Vol. 1, 1997. Co-author: Anti-Aging Medical Therapeutics, Vol. II, 1998.

“The virus is only a co-factor. One can perhaps say that progression to AIDS is not inevitable — that many people may encounter HIV, some will get AIDS, and others will not. One must therefore consider that there are several factors which we have to identify to improve our understanding of the disease and also to improve the way in which we wish to fight against it.”

“AZT does not cure AIDS, is very expensive, and causes too many complications.”

Spin Magazine

— Dr. Kassi Manlan, Director General for Health and Social Services, Cote d’Ivoire

“…I say this as one who already thinks that there is a real question about the HIV=AIDS hypothesis, and is trying desperately to get a colleague (a microbiologist) who teaches our Immunology class, to just READ some of the articles presenting the case for considering something other than HIV-only.”

“…If mortality among transfusion recipients is so high that additional AIDS deaths are statistically non-significant, how can death of transfusion recipients be used as evidence that HIV (passed in transfusions) causes AIDS?”

“…It is inexcusable to write in this careless (?) way. AZT was not ‘designed’ to treat AIDS, but who knows that outside of a bunch of compulsive information freaks? Most who read it will understand it to say that AZT is a new drug developed as part of the anti-AIDS war, specifically to kill off HIV. This puts Peter Duesberg in the worst light possible — when the truth is otherwise. Not a hint that this drug was discarded for human use against cancer, which kills scores of times more people every year than AIDS, precisely because of the sort of effects that Duesberg points out in his critique…”

“…In absolute numbers, Duesberg said that the increased deaths were 25%. Science [Magazine] minimizes the increase by taking the difference in the percentage of deaths and reporting 2.2% or 1.3%. But the proper use of these numbers is to compare the 2.2% INCREASED DEATH RATE to the control group’s death rate (8.7%). The difference is NOT a 2.2% increase, it is a 25% increase between the two groups, just as Duesberg said…

“Now, perhaps a 25% increase in the death rate is still insignificant statistically, but I lose any trust I had for the objectivity and commitment to fair and honest reporting when the figures are reported in a such a fallacious manner — that they just happen to make Duesberg look foolish cannot possibly be purely coincidence. Science, the premier research journal in the U.S. (the world?) is presenting us with an example of this elementary fallacy.”

Aids Info BBS, 1994

“Thanks so much for having the courage and tenacity to publish stories from perspectives other than that of the ‘AIDS establishment.’

“Liam Scheff is to be commended for actually digging into this story, rather than parroting what we are being told by those who control the labs that do most of the work on HIV.

“I’m a college Biology professor, and the official story has never stood up to careful scrutiny, or even to the test of common sense. People are dying, money is being wasted, and the only way to arrive at the truth is to examine every facet of this story without preconceptions.”

Letter to Boston Dig

— Dr. Earl Aagaard, PhD, Professor of Biology, Pacific Union College, Angwin, California

“The result of the invention of ‘HIV-AIDS’ by press release in 1984 instead of by proper peer review by the scientific community has been a costly, prolonged defense of the indefensible.”

January 19, 2005

“The [Illnois] legislature and AIDS journalists should know about the non-specificity of all the HIV tests. Their non-specificity was first demonstrated in the US Army’s study of 1,300,000 18 year-old recruits in which 13,000 so-called HIV positives were identified, but with Western blot follow-up, only 2,000 of these 13,000 were convicted of being real positives. However, the manufacturers of the test kits acknowledge there are no real positives as their test kits cannot detect HIV in any person.”

“In Colorado, New York and Connecticut where the mandatory HIV testing and treatments have been implemented, many reports now document that infants of women who test positive exhibit severe birth defects including enlarged craniums and mental retardation, and a host of blood and immunological disorders known to be caused by HAART [Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy] or AZT. These children and their families also suffer from many other pharmaceutically-induced AIDS-defining diseases caused by the ‘life saving medications.’”

Alive and Well update, July, 2003

“Dennis Byrne’s scathing attack on the Illinois legislature for its refusal to force all pregnant women in the state to undergo HIV testing and drug treatment left out at least four crucial facts: Pregnancy itself is one of the 70 known causes of false positives on the ‘HIV’ tests. The journal AIDS (vol. 13, pp 927-933, 1999), confirms that infants born to ‘HIV positive’ mothers treated with AZT, one of the genotoxic and immunocompromising compounds used to fight ‘the virus,’ were more likely to get severely sick and die by the age of three than infants whose mothers were not treated. Nevirapine, touted as a new way to prevent mother to child transmission in Africa, was withdrawn for consideration of such use in this country [USA] because of numerous deaths during its trials in Uganda and South Africa. In the June 2, 2002 Journal of Virology, researchers reported that protease inhibitor drugs Crixivan (indinavir) and Invarase (saquinavir) caused T cell death in healthy HIV negative donor blood in three separate experiments.

“Perhaps the Illinois legislature is wise to keep decisions regarding testing and treatment outside the law.”

Letter to Chicago Tribune, 2003

“It is my humanitarian responsibility to help stop the iatrogenic death camps in our medical establishments that are associated with cancer, HIV, and AIDS treatments currently in place; [to help] increase awareness in government and academia regarding the issues surrounding the HIV=AIDS=Death commercial enterprise driven by certain scientists, doctors, and the pharmaceuticals; and to help restore, if possible, credibility to biomedicine and science after we succeed in our efforts.”

Comment to

— Andrew Maniotis, PhD, Associate Professor of Bioengineering. Former Program Director, Cell and Developmental Biology of Cancer, Departments of Pathology, Anatomy and Cell Biology, and Bioengineering, University of Illinois at Chicago

“There is no good explanation for why and how the virus breaks out of the antibody protection. I’m not saying that HIV plays no role in AIDS — the data shows a clear correlation with disease. But AIDS is much more complicated than HIV.”

Miami Herald 23 Dec 1990

— Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo, MD, PhD, Chief, Division of Molecular Pathobiology, U.S. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

“I am living proof that HIV does not cause Aids. I agree the so called ‘HIV’ plays no role in the disease process. I believe the only thing the ELISA Test can determine is that your body is producing antibodies. I believe that an HIV Positive test may indicate that an unhealthy nutritional deficiency is developing, ie. an accumulation of internal toxins is present that the body has not been able to break down due to these deficiencies. The presence of these toxins causes the body to produce antibodies.”

“There is no pathogenic organism that invades the body and replicates itself to suddenly appear as a mass of chemical compounds that can be seen with the electron microscope…You do not get Aids from having sex, sharing needles or from blood transfusions. You develop these conditions over a period of several years through a process Peter Duesberg refers to as a Risk-Aids Hypothesis.”

“I am in complete agreement with Professor Duesburg, Paul Philpott, and others who contend that the primary cause of the ‘Aids Condition’ is drug use and malnutrition.”

— William A. Lamb, PhD. Author, How I cured myself of AIDS: A self-treatment handbook of procedures for treating HIV positive and AIDS conditions

“Europeans and Americans came to Africa with prejudiced minds, so they are seeing what they wanted to see. I’ve known for a long time that AIDS is not a crisis in Africa as the world is being made to understand. But in Africa it is very difficult to stick your neck out and say certain things.”

“The West came out with those frightening statistics on AIDS in Africa because it was unaware of certain social and clinical conditions. In most of Africa, infectious diseases, particularly parasitic infections, are common. And there are other conditions that can easily compromise or affect one’s immune system.”

“The diagnosis itself, merely being told you have AIDS, is enough to kill, and is killing people.”

The Sunday Times (London) 22 May 1994

— Dr. PAK Addy, PhD, head of clinical microbiology at the University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana

“For scientists, the idea at this late date that HIV is not a lone assassin is the worst possible news. In the bars outside medical conferences and in off-the-record conversations, dozens of AIDS researchers admit they are disturbed by the persistent failure of the most monumental medical research effort in the nation’s history to yield clear proof that HIV is a lone assassin.

“Yet in public, and on-the-record, few will express those doubts. ‘I’d bet my professional reputation that something more than HIV is involved in this disease,’ said one federally funded AIDS researcher. ‘But I wouldn’t bet my grants, my ability to work.’”

Miami Herald, December 23, 1990

— Elinor Burkett, Journalist, Miami Herald

“The most promising vaccine candidate, now in Phase III clinical trials, is not only inefficient but is actually harming the health of those who take it. The HIV vaccine is unsafe.”

chronicillnet, 9-9-2000

— Dr. Veljko Veljkovic, PhD, Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

“Doctors are blatantly recommending HIV tests. Positive result from only one test is used to declare the person HIV-positive. This has caused immense social and psychological trauma in the patients. Negating the fact that an HIV positive person can remain normal for any length of time, and that only one test is not enough for that labeling, doctors declare even the common diseases of such persons as untreatable and abandon them to die. At this stage the psychological trauma can actually make the person go into a decline without any real biological disease. The agony is not restricted to the person alone but engulfs the whole family.”

“In fact, such persons have been taken to recovery and a healthy life for substantial periods of time through provision of nutritional improvement, ordinary medical treatment and building up of a positive outlook and self-confidence. Social activists such as Dr. Shantilal Kothari of Nagpur who has provided such exemplary service, have conclusively demonstrated that severe suffering is being inflicted on the common people by the demon image of the disease [Aids] in the doctors’ mind.”

Kathmandu Post, Jan 14, 2001

— Dr. Ritu Priya, MD, epidemiologist and professor at the Centre for Social Medicine and Community Health of the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India

“The basis of present [AIDS] action and education is that everybody who tests positive for the virus must be regarded as a transmitter and there is no evidence for that.”

“Debating AZT,” 2000

— Dr. Albert Sabin, Inventor of live-virus polio vaccine.

“AIDS, the Waterloo of the medical industrial complex, is said to be caused by a virus, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, detected by antibody tests which are proven to be grossly inaccurate, and treated by incredibly toxic pharmaceuticals that are definitely proven to cause the syndrome.”

— Elliot Fox, journalist, founder of Association to Re-evaluate AIDS

“Duesberg and Ellison’s case against HIV is bolstered by the many cases that defy the HIV-only theory. In Rwanda, for example, I learned of the case of an international prostitute who gave birth to twins. The seronegative baby died from AIDS, while the seropositive one lived. There is still a lot of rethinking to be done regarding HIV and its relationship with AIDS, and Professor Duesberg has been right to insist over the past four years that the debate should not be closed.”

“Prior to the days of Aids in Ghana, dozens of fatal diseases ranging from TB to various cancers caused a death per day, on my ward alone of 34 beds. Today, because of Aids, it seems that Africans are not allowed to die from these conditions any longer.”

“…Why do the world’s media appear to have conspired with some scientists to become so gratuitously extravagant with the untruth?”

Duesberg, “Inventing the Aids Virus”

“Where there was ‘AIDS’ there was money. A brand-new clinic, a new Mercedes parked outside, high-paying jobs…A leading African physician warned us, ‘You will never get these doctors to tell you the truth. When they get sent to these AIDS conferences around the world, the per diem they receive is equal to what they can earn in a whole year at home.’”

“If tens of thousands [of Africans] are dying from AIDS, (and Africans do not cremate their dead), where are the graves?”

Lancet, July 25, 1987

— Dr. Felix Konotey-Ahulu, MD, a Ghanaian physician at London’s Cromwell Hospital

“This (‘Inventing The AIDS Virus’) is an important book. Peter Duesberg reaffirms his belief, fully documented and referenced, that HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS. He also delivers a withering indictment of the modus operandi of the modern biomedical investigator.”

“In the decade following the announcement that AIDS is an infectious disease caused by the retrovirus HIV, billions of dollars have been spent and hundreds of thousands of papers have been published in an effort to prove that what Duesberg thinks is fundamentally flawed. Meanwhile, confusion reigns about the precise definition of AIDS, and the malady has not moved out of the high-risk groups.”

“What is to be done? Citizens and taxpayers should demand an investigation of the federal AIDS program. At the state level, a probe is needed of the extent to which private, profit-oriented industry has penetrated and perverted our central mission—which should be the generation of knowledge for its own sake. In this examination, ‘Inventing the AIDS Virus’ might be exhibit A.”

Review of “Inventing the AIDS Virus”

— Dr. J.B. Neilands, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry, University of California, Berkeley

“After going through various articles, short notes, and experiences of people leading healthy and happy lives after an HIV positive diagnosis…I have decided to give a cash prize of Rupees One Lakh to any individual or institution who-so-ever proves that AIDS is a disease and caused by a virus HIV, and not a stage of intoxication resulting from a combination of various factors, i.e. excessive consumption over a prolonged period of narcotics and/or recreational drugs.”

“I feel this is a good opportunity for all of us to prove that HIV=AIDS=Death is a myth and save thousands of people who otherwise will be killed by drugs or fear psychosis.”

“We will also be obliged if you can make available addresses of individuals or institutions (NGOs) who are sincerely working to prove that HIV=AIDS=Death is a myth and also could help us in removing the misconception and fear about AIDS created by the WHO for money by money.”

“Due to General Elections, the Government of India is not able to arrange yet a Scientific Meeting on ‘AIDS’ despite our persistent demand. In the meanwhile, we have asked Director General, I.C.M.R., New Delhi to provide data confirming the relationship between HIV=AIDS=DEATH and we have asked them to stop ‘AIDS’ awareness programme launched in the country.”

Letters to Continuum, Spring, Late Summer, 1998

— Dr. Shantilal Kothari, Nutritionist and President of Academy of Nutrition Improvement (ANI) in Nagpur, India

“It is a scientific fact that essentially all viruses can be partially or completely blocked by natural therapies. Ascorbate (vitamin C) decreases the replication of viruses. A study published in the influential Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA in 1990 showed that Vitamin C in amounts that can be taken by people on a daily basis could block the replication of the HIV-Virus by more than 99.9%.”

“Thus, for over an entire decade the pharmaceutical industry, the World Health Organization and the medical establishment knew that there are natural, non-patentable alternatives to [AIDS] drugs. Moreover, these natural treatments are more effective than any current pharmaceutical approach in controlling the disease.”

“A second substance critical to block the spreading of viruses is the amino acid lysine…Moreover, vitamin A and other essential nutrients have been documented to enhance the immune system and thereby contribute to the effective prevention and treatment of AIDS.”

“Most of the UN programs are dominated by pharmaceutical interest groups. This also relates to the UN-AIDS program. We have to understand that for the pharmaceutical industry, a battle of credibility has begun in the…developing world as well as in the industrialized countries. More and more of these countries realize that there are natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs that are not only more effective but also available at a fraction of the costs and without paying prohibitive patent royalties. Thus, many governments of the world have realized the unscrupulous nature and fraudulent business scheme of the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease.’”

“…There is a much worthier consequence: every country that turns its back on the pharmaceutical business with disease is a contribution to the world to open its eyes to the century old fraud business with disease maintained and promoted by the pharmaceutical investment groups.”

“The consequences as more and more countries liberate themselves from the yoke of the pharmaceutical cartel are devastating for that industry. Imagine what will happen when more and more countries in the world realize that the AIDS epidemic can be contained by providing sufficient vitamin C and other non-patentable natural therapies in optimum amounts to their people. Imagine the reaction of people who realize that the drug industry has deliberately withheld the life-saving information of these natural ingredients from them.”

“SARS is simply a viral disease that, just like any other viral disease, can be largely contained and prevented by optimum amounts of ascorbate (vitamin C) and certain other natural molecules. But these molecules are not patentable and therefore are not promoted.”

“The significance of this Cellular Medicine breakthrough is all the greater since the toxic cocktails so far available from the pharmaceutical industry usually have severe and often fatal side effects. These so-called “antiretroviral” medicines (ARVs) are reject products from chemotherapy research, which have proven too toxic for treating cancer. It is hardly surprising therefore that in industrialised countries, more AIDS patients are dying from the side effects of these “AIDS-chemo” drugs than from AIDS itself.”

“While this news is a message of hope for millions of people in developing countries, it is a catastrophe for the pharmaceutical “AIDS industry”. Alongside the risk to its billion-dollar profits, the international reputation of an industry now exposed as unscrupulous is under threat, and with it also the reputation of all those scientists and organisations that have built their personal wealth on the supposed blessing of toxic cocktails.”

Cellular Medicine/Alternative Therapies

— Dr. Matthias Rath, MD, Director, Dr. Rath Health Foundation, The Hague, Netherlands

“As a naturopathic doctor, I believe that ALL disease is caused by an imbalance in the health of body, mind and spirit. Diseases are not caused by microbes, but by improper living practices. I have NEVER believed in the HIV=AIDS hypothesis, or that HIV is the cause of AIDS, if HIV exists at all. AIDS does not need to be fatal; the body can ‘cure’ itself when it is given what it needs for detoxification, self-repair and regeneration.”

Comment to

— Dr. Robert S. Harris, Naturopathic doctor, New York

“For the last several years I have been reviewing the evidence that HIV causes AIDS. I have read countless papers and books. After all of this I still say — where is the evidence?”

“This affliction [AIDS], more than any other, highlights the power of the corporate world to hijack science and replace it with nonsense for monetary gain.

“It is a sad state of affairs and frightening to say the least. Makes you wonder what other corporate goblins have been created and where they are hiding.”

Comment to

— Mark Bartlett, Microbiology Technologist, Communicable Disease Investigator, Toronto, Canada

“To illustrate the absurd fluidity of the HIV-AIDS construct, if the AIDS epidemic predicted by the US Surgeon General fails to explode into the general population and instead smoulders dismayingly within its original risk groups, thereby threatening the US Centers for Disease Control’s glorious funding, just change the definition of AIDS to double its case incidence by the stroke of a pen. Chuck in invasive cervical cancer in the presence of HIV antibodies to keep feminist lobbyists happy by including their occasional malady as an AIDS indicator disease to enable them to pull Federal health benefits. No matter that it’s hard to imagine what cancer has to do with immune suppression…Luc Montagnier himself notes that ‘AIDS has no typical symptoms.’ Odd that. A disease as elastic as medical vogues and funding contingencies require.”

“Around the town in which I live, Pietermaritzburg, some black children born HIV-positive are sent to die in specially established hospices. Some born sick in abject poverty fail to thrive and die, however good the care. But most don’t. Years later they languish there without hope, having missed their appointments with death…Medicine has branded these bright-eyed children carriers of a vile, filthy, deadly contagion, and they are raised to expect death. The mark they bear is like the hidden mole in the armpit detected by the inquisition — meaningless in a sane world, but during an hysterical storm, super-charged with evil. Perfectly healthy, they are raised as though leprous. Imagine growing up like that. It’s beyond pitiful.”

“…[Judge Edwin] Cameron’s breakfast introduced his new AIDS organization…[whose handout preaches ‘buying drugs is buying life’] …Cameron’s fellow drug activists claimed that ‘when people are given AZT they see the face of God!’ How right they are. On a calculus of AZT’s life-ending pharmacokinetics, on AZT you’re undoubtedly on your way to the cemetery. For the big reunion.”

“The repackaging of lethal cell-poisons like AZT as ‘antiretrovirals’ is a vast and callous pharmaceutical fraud…As for the positive immune signals a ‘short course of AZT’ can generate, poison ingestion provokes an immune reaction as the body rises to the insult. This is old hat.”

“Thrown to the wind have been all the safeguards set up to ensure that the Diethylstilbestrol and Thalidomide tragedies would never happen again. Before the hysteria of the AIDS age, women were enjoined even to avoid drinking beer during pregnancy…Has anyone here paused to question whether a growing foetus comprising rapidly dividing cells should be exposed to a random terminator of DNA chain synthesis? Apparently not. Certainly not the recipients of GlaxoWellcome’s largesse from its slush fund of millions for those who make AIDS their business in this country. Nor our doctors carrying out bold medical experiments on the foetuses of pregnant black women — whose unlucky dice gives them a positive registration to the irredeemably and hopelessly non-specific ‘HIV-antibody’ test. Of course anyone in the game crying foul, and drawing attention to the reams of literature in the medical journals about the harm caused by AZT, especially to the young, is going to find himself sent off and defunded, for keeps.”

“In…his response to my article AZT: A Medicine from Hell, top HIV honcho Des Martin floats some scary statistics about HIV infection rates — all terrific fund-raising stuff. It will come as an awkward disappointment, no doubt, to those whose careers thrive on such numbers, to be confronted with The World Health Report 1998. It records that ‘using the latest data gathered and validated by WHO,’ in 1996 South Africa had a magnificent 729 AIDS cases — of a population of 40 odd million. A few years ago our experts predicted 200,000 AIDS orphans by 1997 in KwaZulu-Natal, my province. Guess how many children were reported orphaned here in total over the period 1996/7 (car-crashes, whatever) according to our national Department of Welfare’s current Annual Statistical Report: — a whopping 971. Some epidemic!”

“…Suffice it to say that nowhere on the planet has a single prediction of AIDS exploding into and decimating the general population ever come to pass. No demographic data anywhere speak to an ‘AIDS epidemic.’ Scrutinised, AIDS statistics always turn to mush, and it’s when you home in on the ‘African AIDS’ figures that the show really turns to farce. It’s all computer modeling, premised on the creed that an HIV-positive test result predicts sickness and death after 8 years or so. Could it be that there is something wrong with the theory?”

“The public rightly yawns in reaction to Martin’s silly doomsday histrionics. We’ve noticed that the ‘experts’ are always postponing their plague with which they menace us for money and attention. And since the overwhelming majority of HIV-positive people are healthy, what is this Alice in Wonderland talk of his — this ‘HIV disease’ in the absence of any AIDS defining illness?”

“Dr. Martin states, ‘[HIV] disease is a major global health problem and is associated with a significant morbidity and mortality.’ The Harvard School of Public Health doesn’t think so. In its encyclopaedic Global Burden of Disease Study (1996)…it reports that ‘HIV currently [rates] 28th in the rankings…[in the] global pattern of disease burden.’ That’s not even close to accidental falls (14th) or suicide (17th) as causes of disability, illness and death ‘for all regions of the world.’”

“Debating AZT,” 2000

“The study [to test Aids drugs Coviracil in combination with nevirapine and lamivudine (3TC, an AZT lookalike) and stavudine (d4T, another one)] was called FTC 302. It was an abattoir…De Lille [told] the Natal Witness that she had uncovered ‘a nest of abuse and exploitation…One patient developed a rash all over his body and still has marks on the face. He told Dr. Botes that this had happened since using the drugs, but the doctor said it was not the drugs causing the rash, but the HI virus.’ Severe skin damage being a brand-new AIDS indicator disease, according to Dr Botes. She’d never heard of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis apparently. For which nevirapine is famous.”

“Our Minister of Health, Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang also heard the news, was damned unhappy about it, and told the Medicines Control Council so. The president of the MCC at the time, Helen Rees, responded nonchalantly that ‘many AIDS medications could cause liver and other problems. But the combination therapy can make a huge difference to people’s lives.’ The kind of thinking we expect from a doctor. For whom drug company propaganda passes as medical knowledge – she even speaks as the advertisements do.”

“An official investigation found that two of the dead died of liver failure, one of pancreas failure (both conditions caused by acid lacidosis, a standard side effect of antiretrovirals), and two of neurological damage (likewise). Other trial subjects suffered deafness, impaired speech, anal bleeding, sores that wouldn’t heal, abdominal pains, weight loss, fevers, pneumonia, insomnia, vomiting, and depression. The investigation concluded that nevirapine had probably caused the liver damage that had killed two of the women. Not surprisingly, since of all so-called antiretroviral drugs on the market, nevirapine is top of the pops when it comes to wrecking livers.”

“It stands to reason that a drug [Nevirapine] with this kind of appalling toxicity profile — even worse than AZT — must have some clinical benefit…But au contraire, as the ad spelt out: ‘…At present, there are no results from controlled clinical trials evaluating the effect of Viramune [nevirapine] in combination with other antiretroviral agents on the clinical progression of HIV-1 infection, such as the incidence of opportunistic infections or survival.’ Can you credit this? That a drug so toxic without any proven health benefits should even be on the market? But this is the land of the free. And after AZT, anything.”

“…In the Shaffer study of the effect of short-course AZT administration on mother to child transmission, placebo administration reduced ‘transmission’ at one hospital 14.3% and at another 23.7%…Amazing: when it comes to saving babies, placebos are as good as AZT. But of course that’s not what the ‘AIDS experts’ tell you. Being ‘AIDS experts.’”

“But not only does placebo…have mysterious benefits; so does taking nothing at all. A study by Ladner and Leroy… [1998]… reported that the transmission rate among 561 African women given neither antiretroviral drugs nor placebos was 12%. That’s lower than the 13.1% rate triumphantly claimed by Guay as the benefit of administering Nevirapine. In short, the Ladner study provides evidence…that pregnant African women left to have their babies unmolested by white missionary ‘AIDS experts’ like Guay actually do best of all.”

“…Would it come as a surprise then to learn that in HIVNET 006, the toe-in-the-water trial that preceded the Guay study, a chilling four babies out of the twenty-two treated with nevirapine died? Twelve ‘serious adverse events’ were reported, but the researchers (including Guay) didn’t connect them with the drug. But then we’ve read enough already to know that this bird wouldn’t recognize a toxic reaction if it hit her between the eyes.”

“The Trouble With Nevirapine,” 2002

— Anthony Brink, Advocate of the High Court, Cape Town, South Africa. Author, Debating AZT and The Trouble with Nevirapine. Chairman of the Treatment Information group (

“Until recently, I was the Director of the Office of Policy in Clinical Research Operations at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease Division of AIDS. In that capacity, I was responsible for ensuring the integrity of government-funded AIDS drug trials by insisting upon good clinical practice and the rigorous oversight of all AIDS-related field work.

“It was an impossible task. At every turn I found my efforts frustrated by a management system guided more by politics than by sound science. Nepotism and bureaucratic intrigue permeate DAIDS. Scientists are pressured to produce results at the expense of regulations whose purpose is to protect the safety, rights and welfare of study subjects, not to mention the preservation of scientific integrity.

“For seven months, I learned of numerous instances of scientific and professional misconduct at DAIDS. I brought some of these to the attention of my supervisor as I am required to do by law. My vigilance was rewarded with a notice of termination and slander against my good name and reputation. Frustrated, I decided to step forward as a whistleblower in the hope that public exposure would bring about the needed change. That has yet to happen. Instead, NIH has worked fervently to suppress my allegations and delegitimize my credibility. They will not succeed…

“Among the most serious charges I have leveled against NIH is that the agency knowingly and cunningly covered up evidence of shoddy conduct in a trial examining the safety and efficacy of [Aids drug] nevirapine …

“Far from being a wonder drug, nevirapine can be very dangerous. It has been subjected to numerous changes in its labeling by the FDA, owing to reports of liver toxicity and a potential for fatal rashes when administered in multiple doses. But with the administration of just one dose, viral resistance can result in half the patients to whom the drug is prescribed…

“This was not the conclusion reached by NIH-backed researchers from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine when they undertook a landmark study of nevirapine in Uganda in the late 1990s. The study, known as HIVNET 012, purported to show that the drug was safe and effective in preventing HIV transmission to newborns.

“What was not immediately apparent was that some of the most basic procedures of Good Clinical Practice were absent from their work.

“The original HIVNET results were…hailed by many in the AIDS community as an unqualified victory in the fight against AIDS. As most of the international AIDS research community, as well as the World Health Organization, embraced these findings, the NIH and the investigators are unwilling to admit to any flaws.

“However, when third party auditors from nevirapine’s manufacturer, Boehringer Ingleheim, looked into how the Uganda trial was run, they found critical compliance issues that compromised the integrity of the study…A second audit sponsored by DAIDS essentially confirmed what the manufacturer discovered. With the validity of the data very much in question, Boehringer Ingelheim withdrew its license application to the U.S. FDA.

“The NIAID swung into action. Deputy Director LaMontagne assured the public ‘there is no question about the validity of the data,’ citing only that ‘the problems are in the rather arcane requirements in record keeping.’ This was quite an understatement and a willful deception of the public. From there, DAIDS maintained the deceit by concocting an expensive and elaborate ‘remonitoring’ of HIVNET 012 in which the conclusions were never in doubt.

“And as if that weren’t enough, DAIDS used threats and intimidation to silence those employees who knew the truth and might potentially speak out…

“It now appears that this endorsement of nevirapine may have been premature. No policy, no matter how well intentioned, should be based on poor science. Yet that is what HIVNET 012 was.

“Of even greater importance is what the experience with HIVNET 012 has taught us about one government agency. NIH is broken and needs to be overhauled. Those responsible for suppressing the truth about poor scientific conduct and deceiving the public should themselves be reprimanded and removed from positions of authority. Acts of retaliation by senior managers against employees simply doing their job should be fully and fairly investigated.”

Fox News Channel, February 3, 2005

— Jonathan M. Fishbein, MD. Former Director, Office for Clinical Research Policy at the Division of AIDS (DAIDS) at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), the US National Institutes of Health (NIH)

“[The drug industry has a] worse record of international bribery and corruption than any other industry, a history of fraud in the safety testing of drugs, and a disturbing record of criminal negligence in the usage of drugs.”

“Data fabrication is so widespread that it is called ‘making’ in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry, ‘graphiting’ or ‘dry labelling’ in the United States.”

“Every scholar who has surveyed the comparative evidence on bribery in international trade has concluded that pharmaceuticals is one of the most corrupt, if not the most corrupt, of industries. My own research found evidence of substantial bribery by 19 of the 20 largest American pharmaceutical companies. There is evidence of bribes being paid to every type of government official who could conceivably affect the interests of pharmaceutical companies: bribes to cabinet ministers to get drugs approved for marketing, bribes to social security bureaucrats who fix prices for subsidised drugs; to health inspectors who check pharmaceutical manufacturing plants; to customs officials, hospital administrators, tax assessors, political parties, and others.”

“But a much greater threat to world health than corruption is fraud in the safety testing of drugs. Rats die in trials of new drugs and are replaced with live animals; rats which develop tumors are replaced with healthy rats; doctors who are being paid $1,000 a patient to test a new product pour the pills down the toilet, making up the results in a way which tells the company what it wants to hear.”

“But it is the less blatant forms of fraud against health authorities which have caused the greatest loss of life—companies telling half-truths to governments about the severity of side effects or covering up adverse reaction reports from concerned doctors. Last year Eli Lilly was fined $25,000 in the United States after it was charged with covering up deaths and illnesses caused by its anti-arthritic drug, benoxaprofen…In 1984, Smith Kline was fined $100,000 on charges of covering up adverse reactions to their product Selacryn, which was associated with 36 deaths in the US. Similar allegations of covering up adverse reactions are being made against A. H. Robins in the litigation over the Dalkon Shield intrauterine device. A former company lawyer has testified that he was ordered by his superiors to shred sensitive evidence.”

“Some American pharmaceutical companies take this to extraordinary lengths: they have ‘vice-presidents responsible for going to jail’ whose job it is to act as a scapegoat for corporate crime, to have the buck stop with them rather than taint the chief executive with knowledge of illegality.”

“But mostly the ways of protecting pharmaceutical executives from their own consciences are more straightforward. The quality control manager is an honest person who takes pride in producing a product which is always sterile, pure and made exactly to specifications. She or he is very busy at this important task and doesn’t take time to find out that these pills are being promoted in Brazil for totally inappropriate conditions or that the specifications she so meticulously follows are partially based on fraudulent testing. Moreover, the corporate culture has taught her that the activities of the Brazilian subsidiary are none of her business.”

“My research found that when bribes are paid to Latin American health ministers to secure government approval of a new product, the proposition is put as one of speeding up the inevitable approval of a product which will prevent much suffering or death. That is, the Minister’s conscience is protected because he accepts the company’s view that he is acting in the public interest by taking the bribe.”

“Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry”; New Internationalist, Nov 1986

— Dr. John Braithwaite, PhD, Professor, Law Program and Chair, Regulatory Institutions Network, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University. Former Fulbright Scholar; Author, Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry

“Research is biased in favor of the drugs and drug makers. The pharmaceutical industry spends a great deal to influence people in academic medicine and professional societies. It does a super job of making sure [that] nearly every important person they can find in academic medicine [who] is involved in any way with drugs is hired as a consultant, as a speaker, is placed on an advisory board — and is paid generous amounts of money.

“Conflicts of interest are rampant. When the New England Journal of Medicine published a study of antidepressants, we didn’t have room to print all the authors’ conflict-of-interest disclosures. We had to refer people to the website. I wrote an editorial for the journal, titled ‘Is Academic Medicine for Sale?’ Someone wrote a letter to the editor that answered the question, ‘No. The current owner is very happy with it.’ That sums up the situation nicely.”

Los Angeles Times, 9 August 2004

— Dr. Marcia Angell, MD, Senior Lecturer, Harvard Medical School; Former Editor in Chief, The New England Journal of Medicine

”There is increasing concern that in modern research, false findings may be the majority or even the vast majority of published research claims…Conflicts of interest are very common in biomedical research, and typically they are inadequately and sparsely reported…Prestigious investigators may suppress via the peer review process the appearance and dissemination of findings that refute their findings, thus condemning their field to perpetuate false dogma. Empirical evidence on expert opinion shows that it is extremely unreliable…Highly prejudiced stakeholders may even create a barrier that aborts efforts at obtaining and disseminating opposing results…”

Ioannidis JP. Why most published research findings are false. PLoS Med. 2005 Aug; 2(8): e124.

— John P.A. Ioannidis, MD, Dept. of Hygiene and Epidemiology, University of Ioannina School of Medicine, Greece; Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies, Dept. of Medicine, Tufts-New England Medical Center, Boston

“I have suspected for some time that the HIV/AIDS complex has been dishonestly ‘politicized’ for public consumption and to avoid speaking the truth about this unfortunate illness syndrome. At least in its North American manifestations AIDS, whatever its root causes, appears to be in origin a sexual-lifestyle disease. That lifestyle (in Canada at least, a lifestyle overwhelmingly sourced in male homosexuality, recreational drug use, anal sex practices, etc.) is vigorously defended by those who enjoy it and is psychologically linked to powerful modern — rather, post-modern — public attitudes about historically novel rights to individual privacy and sexual liberation. It appears that every effort has been made by powerful media and political entities to avoid facing this truth. This group [Group for the Reappraisal of the Hiv-Aids Hypothesis] should continue its efforts and demands for honesty in science and science reporting.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. William D. Gairdner, PhD (Stanford), Author, The Trouble with Democracy and other books. Canada.

“I signed up in 1989 or so as a skeptic about HIV/AIDS theory. I got my first opinion about the AIDS fraud through history of medicine and epidemiology. Then, the books of L. De Marchi and F. Franchi in Italy, and by P. Duesberg in the U.S. provided the logical explanation of the matter. Those books represent the best lesson of human biology I ever had in my career. As an anthropologist, to get another example of a similar big trick, I must go back to the Piltdown fraud in 1908, when an ape’s mandible was deliberately joined to a human skull and buried together to make a missing-link — the so-called ‘Piltdown Man.’”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Andrea G. Drusini, MD, PhD. Medical Anthropologist, Professor of Anthropology, Department of Medico-Diagnostic Sciences and Special Therapies, University of Padova, Italy

“I am a professor of communication at Binghamton University and started examining the AIDS controversy for my course on communication, ethics, and social action. I must admit that I went into the material with a very skeptical mind, thinking the AIDS revisionist people were the same as the people who argued that the Holocaust did not occur.”

“When I read the literature, especially Christine Maggiore’s book ‘What If Everything You Ever Thought You Knew about AIDS Was Wrong,’ I realized that these people make sense. I have read several articles about the matter now and seen several videotapes, and I am completely convinced…AIDS is not an epidemic – the medicines used to treat AIDS actually cause AIDS.”

“I am most impressed by the impeccable scientific basis for the AIDS revisionists’ ideas.”

Letter to Mother Jones Magazine, July 23, 2001

— Lois J. Einhorn, PhD, Professor of English, Binghamton University, New York. Author, Abraham Lincoln the Orator: Penetrating the Lincoln Legend, Helen Keller, the Speaker, The Native American Oral Tradition and other books. Received the Distinguished Research Fellow and Distinguished Teaching Fellow awards of the Eastern Communications Association, the Outstanding Professor Award from the National Speaker’s Association, the Everett Lee Hunt Book Award and many other honors

“This [the Hiv-Aids fraud] is a clear case of injustice to all. It must be thoroughly investigated, both scientifically and criminally.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Folarin Abimbola, Medical student, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria.

“I have long questioned the ‘ACT-UP’ version of AIDS. There are enough facts available to cast reasonable doubt on the so-called ‘AIDS epidemic.’”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Gene Trosper, California, Quality Assurance specialist for a major medical device manufacturing company. Also chairman of the Riverside County (California) Libertarian Party

“I began looking into the AIDS question about 12 years ago. I began to read articles, and started to ask questions of my own to anyone who would answer. Invariably, those defending the conventional wisdom soon dropped out of the conversation when confronted with the simplest of facts. More than that, I couldn’t get my questions answered. Having a doctorate in psychology, the responses sounded a lot like ‘psycho-babble.’

“Within a short period of time — less then a few months — it was clear to me AIDS was not what it was supposed to be. The virus was harmless. I concluded a cure could never be found for a disease that did not exist. I was on a mission of sorts, though my newly found truth was mostly met with scorn by other professionals, and for that matter, from friends and family too.”

“By 1993 I figured the truth was an inevitable consequence for even the casual skeptic who looked at the evidence and history of the so-called AIDS epidemic. It was just a matter of time — and a short time it would be. After all, just a few questions into a discussion about AIDS with any expert in the field and you’ll usually hear ‘…that’s just one of the oddities about this strange virus’ and/or ‘the virus continually mutates,’ often followed with the idea the experts are just on the tail of this little bugger when it morphs into something else — over and over and over.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Randy Cima, PhD, Psychologist, Riverside, California

“I have done extensive personal research into the HIV/AIDS debate on both theoretical fronts. I am NOT convinced that HIV causes AIDS!”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. John R. Forsyth, MD, Janesville, Wisconsin

“Twenty years after defining a syndrome of around 30 diseases with known treatment as being attributable to a virus for which a vaccine would be discovered in two years — it still has not materialized. After spending billions of dollars unsuccessfully, the [Aids] establishment has neither the humility nor the true spirit of objective science to support an investigation of an alternative, very plausible theory — recreational drugs and slim disease — explaining these manifestations.”

“Establishment [Aids] science, that has tried for 20 years to silence, censor and slander a correct analysis of a laundry list of diseases, will be compelled to face its conscience when its obstinate error causing the needless sacrifice of tens of thousands of lives eventually crashes down upon it.”

“They [the Aids Establishment] lack an understanding of the difference between the Western and African syndromes, but they are committed to the DNA poison AZT. Upon whom will history place the responsibility for these deaths?”

“The monopoly and censorship by establishment science is disgusting. An independent investigation of the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is long overdue. There are better theories based on unbiased analyses of the data that deserve support.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Herbert Bernstein, DDS, Clinical Associate Professor, Oral Surgery, University of Miami, Florida

“During my research I noticed a lot of resistance from many different people to believe our data [about AZT’s extreme toxicity]. In general there is resistance to the ‘bad news.’”

Letter to Anthony Brink

— Ofelia Olivero, PhD, Staff Scientist, U.S. National Cancer Institute

“I think that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. I began to think so after I read Peter Duesberg’s book ‘Inventing the AIDS virus.’”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Pasquale Mamone, MD, Heart Surgeon, San Camillo Hospital, Rome, Italy

“‘HIV causes AIDS’ is a slogan, not a fact. Its almost universal acceptance among the TV-indoctrinated public results from its having been said ‘over and over for a number of years’ and occasionally enhanced by a dab of ‘educational’ sleight of hand. For example, the TV pictures of little video game viruses attacking the immune system are inventions, outright cartoons, although most people believe them to be photos or at least dot-by-dot computer simulations of activities that have actually been observed within our bodies. In truth, there is no proof at all that the ‘AIDS virus’ does anything of the sort to our cells.”

“AZT’s side effects…were identical to the symptoms of the newly created disease it was touted to defend against. These include severe suppression of bone marrow and white blood cells with resulting anemia severe enough to require transfusions…this means on the one hand that the drug’s destructive effects are conveniently masked as results of the disease; on the other hand, it means that symptom-free people who take the drug will soon manifest symptoms and thereby justify the need for treatment. AZT thus neatly solved Dr. Modell’s dilemma by providing its own disease to treat.”

“AIDS is a concept invented by people to whose advantage it is for us to believe that immune-system failure is a viral disease. Like Santa Claus, it exists only to the extent that you choose to believe in it.”

“The next time you hear news of the AIDS epidemic that is ravaging Africa, keep in mind the following simple fact about immune-system failure contained in this quote from Drs. Maxime Seligmann, et al in the Nov. 15, 1984 New England Journal of Medicine: ‘The commonest cause of T-cell immunodeficiency worldwide is protein-calorie malnutrition. Malnourished children have defects in macrophage and T-cell function accompanied by…an increased susceptibility to infections…Bacterial superinfection in these children is a major cause of serious disease and death.’”

“No one has proven, not even remotely, that HIV ever harmed anyone. We are expected to accept HIV’s virulence on faith, though no one has been able to verify it. Since antibody to HIV is found in many (but not nearly all) immuno-suppressed people, it is assumed that HIV is immuno-suppressive. This is no more logical than concluding that maggots kill dogs because maggots are sometimes found on dead dogs.”

“Similarly, CDC refuses to recognize a connection between drug abuse and AIDS, although one survey showed that 79% of the AIDS patients studied were heavy drug users. The first 50 certified AIDS cases were, without exception, isobutyl nitrite (poppers) sniffers, but CDC denies there is a connection. The original five AIDS patients were variously hospitalized before diagnosis for AIDS with liver ailments, prolonged fevers, CMV infection, leukopenia, Hodgkins, and other ailments; they had received radiation, corticosteroids TMP, SMX, and a wide range of antibiotics—all immune system destroyers. However, by CDC’s description, all were ‘previously healthy individuals.’ AIDS researcher Jon Rappoport (author of ‘AIDS, Inc.’) says that ‘previously healthy’ is a CDC ‘technical term’ which means ‘not previously dead.’”

“Subsequent redefinitions of AIDS have expanded the scope of the ‘disease’ to such absurd lengths as the inclusion of cervical cancer as an AIDS marker with the obvious purpose of ‘feminizing’ and heterosexualizing what has been basically a male homosexual phenomenon.”

“AIDS is a very successful promotion that has managed to lump together in the public mind many pre-existing conditions and thus to create the impression that an ‘epidemic’ is taking place.”

“Since the creation of AIDS, I have been a nonbeliever. Although we are witnessing an increase in deaths and disabilities related to immune-system failure, this is occurring as a natural and predictable consequence of our abuse of chemicals, malnourishment, over population, the ever-increasing use of vaccines, and other lifestyle problems that are identifiable and correctable. The belief that we are experiencing an attack from a mysterious viral invader, a veritable Saddam Hussein of the micro world, and that our only hope is to get out our checkbooks and our red ribbons in support of the technologically adept medical-pharmaceutical-research army is, for want of a nicer way to say it, unmitigated horse shit.”

Pure Water Gazette

— Dr. Gene Franks, PhD, Denton, Texas, Editor, Pure Water Gazette

“Back in the mid 1980s I had serious reservations about the existence of a relationship between HIV (or, indeed, any causative organism) and AIDS.

“In the late 1980s I accepted the link between HIV and AIDS but rejected the theory, popular among the medical and nursing professions, politicians, journalists, insurance companies keen to find an excuse to increase their premiums, drug companies desperate to sell their latest AIDS related product, and just about every other scaremongering half wit eager to jump on the ‘AIDS is the biggest plague to hit mankind’ bandwagon that AIDS was a sexual transmitted disease which was likely to wipe out a large proportion of the western world.

“I argued that AIDS should be regarded as a blood related disorder, rather than a sexually transmitted disease, and that because of this it was primarily a disease that threatened homosexuals and drug addicts rather than heterosexuals. I didn’t say that these were the only groups who would develop AIDS but that they would probably be the main sufferers.

“The evidence shows I was right about that but I now strongly suspect that I was wrong even to accept that there was (or is) a link between HIV and AIDS.

“The huge AIDS industry, now employing thousands of scientists, hundreds of thousands of administrators and paramedics and vast armies of sanctimonious fund raisers – as well as burning up billions of dollars of taxpayers money which could have been much better spent on something useful – is now too committed to the notion that HIV causes AIDS even to admit that it might be false. But false it very probably is.

“There have been around 400,000 AIDS patients in the last ten years. (The ground rules for defining an AIDS patients have constantly been changing in order to keep the number of AIDS victims as high as possible and, therefore, try to justify the expenditure involved.)

“Those 400,000 patients have been treated by around 5,000,000 AIDS researchers and specialist AIDS medical workers. If the amount of effort and money spent on AIDS had been spent on teaching people how to avoid heart disease millions of lives could have been saved and heart disease would now be something of a rarity among men and women under the age of 70. Since the early 1990s most of the under employed AIDS experts have kept themselves busy doing their best to maintain the AIDS myth – the myth which has paid their unjustified and unjustifiable salaries. The AIDS industry – like the global cancer industry – is now predominantly composed of individuals whose primary concern is their own financial survival. The needs of patients – and the community at large – take a poor second place.

“Despite the money that has been spent, and the countless number of animals who have been sacrificed (in the US 1,500 chimpanzees which were bred for AIDS research and which, it is now recognised, have no useful function in the AIDS research industry, are kept alive in cages at an annual cost of something like $7,300,000), the AIDS industry has yet to make just one of the many promised breakthroughs or save any human lives. And that failure is probably due to the fact that scientists have based their research work on a premise with about as much supporting evidence behind it as the theory that the earth is flat.

“AIDS was first noted in 1981 in the US. At the time it was described as GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency) because it only seemed to affect gay men. And it seemed most prevalent among promiscuous gay men. One early survey showed that the first 100 men with the disease had had, on average, no less than 1,120 sexual partners each. (Though how they each remembered the precise figure I can’t imagine.)

“None of the diseases associated with GRID were new. Some had previously occurred in drug addicts. And some observers wondered if the new syndrome had developed among these gay men because of their promiscuous, drug taking lifestyle.

“But at the same time as doctors had identified the existence of what they thought was a new syndrome scientists had developed a technique to classify and count different types of lymphocytes – white blood cells – and researchers noticed that some GRID patients had low numbers of particular types of white blood cell. It was, therefore, assumed that GRID was infectious and caused by some sort of organism. And thus the AIDS syndrome was born. AIDS was never a new disease but merely an artificial syndrome consisting of several already existing diseases.

“Surprisingly, it was upon this fragile theory that the whole AIDS industry has been built.

“Naturally, everyone wanted to find the organism responsible for causing AIDS. When HIV was allegedly identified it was given this dubious honour, despite the fact that it was originally isolated in no more than around a third of AIDS patients. (Even today most AIDS patients do not have an HIV infection.)

“The strange fact is that despite the billions that have been spent on research the world is still waiting for someone to prove that AIDS really does exist. There is not and never has been any solid research linking HIV to AIDS – let alone proving that HIV causes AIDS.

“So, the big question now may appear to be ‘What causes AIDS?’

“But, in fact, I suspect that in truth that isn’t the big question at all.

“In reality, I suspect that the big question is: ‘Does AIDS actually exist?’

“And I suspect that the answer is that it doesn’t.

“As I have already pointed out AIDS is a syndrome which does not consist of any new symptoms or diseases.

“And in order to justify the huge expenditure of time and money on research into finding a cure many of those involved in helping to maintain the AIDS industry have for years been busily changing the rules about the way that AIDS is defined. These days if you die of influenza or tuberculosis there is a good chance that you will be included in the AIDS statistics. (Including TB victims in the AIDS statistics is one of the ways in which the alleged AIDS plague in Africa has been created. This type of ‘bending’ of the statistics is nothing new. When the authorities wanted to give the impression that smallpox had been conquered by the vaccination programme they attributed many deaths caused by smallpox to chickenpox – even though chickenpox is very rarely a fatal disease.)

“I suspect that the immune system breakdown which, in ‘developed’ countries usually leads to a diagnosis of AIDS, is probably a result of any one of a number of factors.

“The use of illicit and recreational drugs has been offered as one explanation but I suspect that the over use of prescription drugs (including, I fear, some of those which may be recommended for the ‘treatment’ of AIDS) is probably just as significant.

“Nutritional deficiencies, constant stress and a steady exposure to carcinogenic chemicals all probably help to explain why AIDS (and other immune system problems) are now so commonplace.

“The AIDS syndrome is still commonest among gay men, drug users and haemophiliacs – many of whom are probably exposed to drug use of one sort or another. The available evidence – such as it is – supports my hypothesis as well as any other.

“It is my view that the best treatment for AIDS is a powerful immune system reinforcement programme – similar to the one I recommend for avoiding and treating cancer and for avoiding and treating infectious diseases.

“There is no doubt that the original predictions for AIDS have all been proved utterly wrong.

“In the 1980s a spokesman for the British Medical Association warned that by 1991 every family in Britain would be touched by AIDS and attacked me viciously when I quoted evidence supporting a less scary point of view. Other medical establishment groups jumped on the ‘AIDS is going to kill us all so give us lots of money to try and find a cure’ bandwagon and the official line was defended with unprecedented ferocity and an astonishing amount of self righteous, sanctimonious venom.

“The World Health Organization forecast that 100 million people might be infected by the year 1990 and the Royal College of Nursing in the UK forecast that one in fifty people in Britain would have the disease by the early 1990s. As far as I know none of these groups have apologised for their absurd scaremongering and none have provided an explanation for the size of their error.

“In addition numerous organisations and individuals have, when applying for grants, made dramatic promises of ‘miracle breakthroughs’ and ‘wonder vaccines’ perhaps because they know that the bigger the promise the larger the grant will probably be.

“I have explained how and why AIDS became so fashionable in my book Betrayal of Trust. I believe that gay pressure groups (working to make sure that AIDS did not become established as a ‘gay’ disease’) were responsible for the initial development of the ‘plague’ myth. And that AIDS was then turned into a major scare through the efforts of insurance companies (eager to find an excuse to put up premiums), drug companies (keen to sell new products), doctors (keen to help drug companies), researchers (eager to get their hands on the vast amounts of money being raised by volunteers), religious groups (desperate to exploit an opportunity to suppress sexual activity outside marriage) and politicians (eager, as always, to leap on an opportunity to frighten the voters – since when voters are frightened it is much easier to introduce new, repressive legislation).

“I stand by that account.

“But it is now my considered view that the disease we know as AIDS probably doesn’t exist and has never existed.

“AIDS is a unique invention of the late 20th century: a plague disease that never was and a warning to us all to ignore politicians and the drug company dominated medical establishment.

“AIDS is a new and, in my view, misleading name for an increasing number of separate identifiable diseases. It is as though a group of doctors had decided that all children suffering from measles, mumps or diptheria should in future be described as suffering from Child’s Disease. And then, when the incidence of measles, mumps and diptheria fell, the doctors, in order to make Child’s Disease fulfil the prophecies made for it and to justify the vast amounts of money spent on it, added new diseases to the list. So, as Child’s Disease might grow to include whooping cough and chickenpox, so AIDS has grown and now, for example, patients with tuberculosis can be included in the AIDS statistics. Where is the medical or scientific logic in any of this? Just what is the point? And who benefits? (As Lenin once pointed out, if you understand who benefits then you will know why.)

“Perhaps the most worrying thing about AIDS is my suspicion that the hypothesis I have expressed here will never even be acknowledged or discussed by AIDS experts, by people working in the AIDS industry or by the mainstream media.

“AIDS has become a sacred disease. To question the motives of those involved in the search for a vaccine or a cure, or the treatment of alleged AIDS patients, is politically incorrect and utterly unacceptable.

“My hypothesis fits all the known facts and can explain everything that has happened over the last two decades. But if this hypothesis goes unnoticed nothing much will have changed and the AIDS industry will be following a long established pattern based on a mixture of hypocrisy, expediency and commercial need.

“Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s I was vilified for daring to point out that all the available scientific evidence showed that AIDS was not going to be the plague that killed us all.

“However, the AIDS industry quickly learned that the best way to silence opposition is to ignore it. That they have done consistently throughout the 90s. And that is what I expect them to continue to do. The silence will hide the truth.”

Dr. Vernon Coleman’s Health Letter

— Vernon Coleman, MD, D.Sc., Hon. Professor of Holistic Medical Sciences at the Open International University, Sri Lanka. Author of the bestsellers Bodypower, Mrs. Caldicot’s Cabbage War, How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You and over 90 other books that have been translated into 23 languages. Author of over 5,000 articles in leading British publications. Former editor, British Clinical Journal. Awarded the Yellow Emperor’s Certificate of Excellence as Physician of the Millenium by the Medical Alternativa Institute (2000)

“The point is that the dissenters potentially value the lives of AIDS patients more than the Establishment. Some of the arguments here are about the private agendas of Establishment persons and institutions, who gain from spreading lies, from suppressing research, and causing people with AIDS to die due to inappropriate treatment.”

— Omer Zak, MSc Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

“Dear Professor Duesberg, I just finished your book ‘Inventing the AIDS virus,’ and the present mail is to let you know my agreement on your point of view. I don’t work on viruses, I am a molecular biologist involved in Wilms tumor studies, but my opinion is that your ideas are the most believable and the only documented and documentable ones…I wish you good luck in your ‘battle,’ and thanks for doing it.”

Letter to Peter Duesberg

— Dr. Daniela Perotti, PhD, Researcher, Division of Pediatric Oncology, Istituto Nazionale Tumori, Milan, Italy

“Emerging evidence, both internationally and within India, suggests that repeated assaults on the body’s immune system by the build-up of toxins and nutritional deficiencies leads to AIDS. And, for many, the damage could be reversible even without drugs. This new dimension puts to doubt the accepted belief that a virus, HIV, is responsible for causing AIDS. In consequence, a question mark looms over the credibility of the HIV test. Questions over the validity of the HIV test are coming from Mumbai, the ‘AIDS capital of India.’ Evidence shows that the rampant use of HIV tests on asymptomatic persons is resulting in a large number of false ‘HIV positive’ results.”

“Several newspaper reports have documented the havoc false ‘HIV positive’ tests have caused in the lives of patients…Yet another reported case is that of two pregnant women who initially tested HIV positive, and their babies were subjected to a course of AZT, a toxic and controversial anti-AIDS drug. Thereafter, a second HIV test showed negative results.”

“The AIDS establishment now officially concede that reliance on a single HIV test is not acceptable in labelling a person as ‘HIV positive.’ At least three confirmatory tests are required to eliminate the possibility of picking up other infection markers. However, for most poor patients a single test remains the norm.”

“The unreliability of the HIV test confirms what ‘alternate thinkers’ on AIDS have maintained — the HIV tests, Elisa and Western Blot, can show false results when there is cross-reactivity with a host of viral and bacterial species.

“Their evidence holds there are at least 70 different conditions in a person being tested for HIV that can show false positive results. These conditions include influenza, herpes simplex, hepatitis, all mycobacterium bacterial species (including leprosy and tuberculosis), malaria, and even pregnancy and malnutrition.”

Times of India, 4 Jun 2001

— Rupa Chinai, Journalist, The Times of India

“…The report is an eye-opener. It says over 60 per cent of NGO’s in hiv/aids in the state [Maharashtra] are frauds. This is significant since the biggest share of funds from all sources is diverted to Maharashtra. Most of the big-budget NGO’s in the state are run by political parties…There is a need to check the status of NGO’s which are frequently organising fashion shows, five-star dinners and star nights. It could well be a plain money-laundering exercise.”

JACK India [Joint Action Council Kannur], 22 Jan 2001

— Dr. Bitra George, MD, dermatologist associated with the Delhi-based NGO’s, Salam Balak Trust and Sharan

“Maharashtra’s case adequately sums up the larger picture of fake and non-performing NGO’s that have permeated the remotest corners of the country riding on the hiv/aids bandwagon. With grants worth thousands of crores coming from foreign donor agencies and to some extent the Indian government, starting an ngo for hiv/aids prevention is fast becoming an instant-returns industry. Fears are being expressed that foreign donors are fudging the actual number of infected patients to suit their interests.”

“If the oft-repeated prophecy at every international health seminar and countless entries in official directories of global funding and credit agencies in the last few years were anything to go by, India should have long become the aids capital of the world. Thankfully, the predicted hiv holocaust hasn’t come true and now experts in the health sector are questioning the arbitrary manner in which figures were arrived at by reputed international agencies. Union health minister C.P. Thakur has even gone on record about the statistical discrepancies: ‘I am at a loss as to how there can be so many different estimates by different UN agencies.’”

The AIDS Lie In India—Outlook India 02/25/02

“…It’s mandatory for all associations permitted to accept foreign contributions to file annual returns, giving details of the receipts and purpose-wise utilisation of foreign funds. But in reality things are much different. In the absence of a watchdog, many NGO’s make hay with the foreign booty. Not surprisingly, over 6,000 associations did not even bother to file their returns for 1998-99.”

JACK India, 22 Jan 2001

“[NACO—India’s National Aids Control Organisation] has often got embroiled in controversies, with the latest being accusations that it fudged the figure of hiv-infected people in India to attract foreign funding.

“Says Anju [Singh], an activist with Joint Action Council Kannur (jack), an ngo which is vehemently protesting against the functioning of naco: ‘After we protested against the fraudulently inflated statistics projected by naco, they brought it down to 3.5 million from the earlier figure of 8.5 million. But even this is not correct.’”

“With unscrupulous NGO’s making up the dominant hiv/aids lobby, fears are being expressed that the hiv scare in the country may be getting stage-managed by foreign agencies and interested market forces. Says JACK convener Purushothaman Mulloli: ‘The modus operandi of foreign donors has evolved into a fairly standard procedure. Often these are not voluntary agencies, but arms of large corporate houses or management consultancy firms or just friends and relatives of bureaucrats and politicians.’

“‘It is all about new concepts of colonisation in the form of control over markets. The foreign [Aids] agencies are serving their agendas with the complicity and cooperation of politicians, bureaucrats and the NGO sector.’ Mulloli adds: ‘Even if we believe that there are 3.5 million hiv-infected persons in India, the country requires Rs 56,000-crore worth facilities and infrastructure to upkeep them. This is a vast potential market.’

“Clearly, exploiting 20th century’s most fashionable cause is the most happening racket in the country. The loser is the still stigmatised patient, usually abandoned and languishing in a grubby shelter.” 22 Jan 2001

— Davinder Kumar, JACK India

“The entire [AIDS] campaign is being driven by multinational forces which are eyeing the huge market potential in the country.”

The Aids Lie in India, Kumar

— Ramesh Sharma, Gandhi Peace Foundation, India

“While AIDS can kill individuals, the HIV/AIDS industry destroys society and nationhood — not by any obvious manner of biological death but by insidious and persistent cultural, social, economic and political annihilation. Thus the HIV/AIDS industry has emerged as the most effective ever instrument of colonisation, compromising the survival of nations for the sustenance of vested, market interests.”

“Africa is already showing the consequences of allowing the HIV/AIDS industry to prevail. And we are hurtling with inevitability on the same path to economic disaster, civil unrest and national disintegration.”

“Thousands of pregnant women in India have already been administered deadly AZT cocktail drugs. Several hundreds of them have already suffered devastating side effects of AZT and several hundreds of children have already been born with birth defects as a result of AZT.”

“Unofficial drug trials on pregnant women in India have been going on at the insistence of foreign research institutes in collaboration with some of the most respected private and public sector health institutions in the country, with NRI researchers and experts serving as the conduit. From the early ‘90s onwards a number of ‘experts’ on HIV have been created and projected through the media to a medically gullible public that believes anything that the ‘Doctor says!’ Faith in the doctor, combined with the fear surrounding HIV, led people to believe that ‘expert doctors’ recommending AZT were not just saviors as far as HIV was concerned but noble men making a noble effort to bring fruits of western scientific achievements to India even as the inertia-ridden government was doing nothing.”

“Particularly alarming side effects of AZT treatment of pregnant women are spontaneous and induced abortions. A study carried out in Asia reports these effects in 16% of the pregnant women administered AZT. Equally alarming is the high incidence of birth defects among surviving children. The Asian study revealed horrifying birth defects in babies born to women who took AZT while pregnant, including babies born with holes in their chests, malformed hearts, abnormally small brain, progressive blindness, misplaced ears, extra digits, etc. AZT has been pronounced to be downright harmful when taken by children. In fact, HIV positive children who take AZT die faster than children who don’t.”

“The convergence between UNICEF’s intentions and the pharmaceutical companies’ interests is no coincidence. It is well known that the UN is facing a severe resource crunch following the failure of member countries to contribute funds and has solicited contributions from the private sector. UNICEF and UNAIDS are both heavily funded by pharmaceutical companies. The survival and sustainability of UN organizations has thus become inextricably linked with the interests of their ‘holding companies.’ By taking on the task of administering AZT drugs to pregnant women, knowing fully well their damaging effects on both mother and child, UNICEF has made it clear that it is no longer dedicated to the service of the needy, but rather to the service of those that can fund its own survival.”

“And what is the role of all the ‘gender-sensitive’ womens’ organizations who will be implementators (and beneficiaries) of this UNICEF endeavor?

“Why are they not protesting against — instead of participating in — such a program? Is it because no foreign funding is available for such a protest? Is it because they see their role of serving people as a poor second to their own need for staying in business?”

“The most obvious ‘achievement’ of HIV/AIDS prevention and control measures has been to create an ‘AIDS scare,’ as borne out by media reports such as the following:

“In a village in Kerala when a whole family committed suicide out of fear of ostracism when the head of the family found he was infected with HIV.

“In a village in Bengal the village priest’s family was thrown out of the village when it was found out that their son, a casual laborer in Bombay, was HIV positive.

“In Tamil Nadu, within a week of UNAIDS declaring it as a ‘successful state’ a suspected case of HIV was burnt alive in the street.

“In Haryana, an entire village was ostracized when medical community, without benefit of recommended tests, declared a villager to be suffering from AIDS.

“In AIIMS — India’s premier medical institute — recently an ‘HIV suspect’ was denied treatment. He died. And his HIV tests turned out to be negative.

“For about a decade now we have been evolving into one of the largest research laboratories and a guinea pig farm for experimenting with dubious [Aids] drugs. Obviously, this is not happening without the knowledge — even connivance — of concerned authorities.”

HIV/AIDS Industry: Agenda Behind the Epidemic, JACK India

— Gita Dewan Verma;

— Anju Singh;

— Dr. Ute Schumann

“No figure on any disease is reliable and often officials in the health ministry take advantage of this to support policies they wish to promote.”

“The irresponsible game with the lives and identities of the mostly disadvantaged people (prostitutes, migrant labourers, truck drivers and others) is evident from Miller’s statements who, as an expert in his position, is not convincing enough about his ignorance of hiv/aids estimates. The WHO, Geneva, too stands exposed in its servitude to pharmaceutical companies.”

Letter to the editor, Outlook Magazine, India, Feb., 2002

— Dr. Ute Schumann, Health consultant to the European Union with several years experience in Indian health services

“The Indian AIDS control body, better known by its acronym NACO, has again protested at what it claims are highly exaggerated AIDS statistics on India. ‘There is no basis for these projections and the UNAIDS headquarters in Geneva could not explain how they reached these estimates,’ said NACO Director Prasada Rao.

“‘There does seem to be an attempt to hype up the figures and cause an AIDS scare (in the country),’ a senior bureaucrat in the prime minister’s office observed.”

Inter Press Service, July 3, 2000

— Ranjit Devraj, Journalist

“Did the rise of (HIV) cases in Manipur have anything to do with the fact that huge funds are coming in from international funding organisations and bilaterals who have rushed in, in good faith perhaps, to help tackle an ‘epidemic?’”

“There are scores of NGOs which exist on paper and have made a fortune out of this AIDS scare. Go to anyone who knows the situation in Manipur and the Northeast.”

Inter Press Service, November 8, 2000

— Sanjoy Hazarika, Indian journalist with the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi

“I have been following this controversy for many years. I believe AIDS to have many ‘causes,’ most of which are lifestyle related (e.g. drugs, poor nutrition, stress). It now seems that we are dealing with a convoluted belief system of the masses fed by those who hawk sensationalism (the media) as well as those who directly profit from this distorted belief. It’s like the belief that the Earth was flat…no one had to prove it; it was just accepted. It’s the same with ‘everyone KNOWS that HIV causes AIDS.’ I feel that this belief and the death sentences handed down by ill-informed MD’s can actually help to depress the immune system of those who are unwilling to find the truth for themselves.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Thomas Whittier, Acupuncturist, Former Analytical and Research Chemist for Smith Kline & French, Former VP and Quality Control Director for Sterling Drug.

“It is of great concern to me that the high mortality rates from HIV/AIDS in Africa and the developing countries is not reflected much in the Western and developed countries. This suggests to me a big question mark somewhere and somehow. All the controversies surrounding AIDS point to foul play from dignified and highly placed countries. It would bring great relief to me if the controversies can be cleared and all scientists hold the same view on the issue of HIV and AIDS after empirically and scientifically proven evidences.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Marie Ukpong, Medical Microbiologist, affiliated with The Nigerian Association of Microbiologists

“We do not believe, based on the evidence we have seen and which we will outline, that HIV is a sufficient single cause of AIDS. Nor do we believe that being HIV-positive leads inevitably to AIDS, or that AIDS is necessarily irreversible. We do believe that enhancement and modulation of immune function presents an opportunity for recovery of health. We sincerely believe that this approach will be increasingly adopted as the HIV myth is discredited, and that we will look back and wonder why billions of dollars have been wasted in HIV-oriented research.”

You Don’t Have to Die: Unraveling the AIDS Myth

— Dr. Leon Chaitow, DO, ND, MRO, Osteopathic Physician, Naturopath, Acupuncturist, UK. Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster, London. Director of Research and Senior Therapeutic Advisor for the THERA (Therapy, Health Education and Research Association) Trust. Author of over 50 books including The Acupuncture Treatment of Pain, Amino Acids in Therapy andProbiotics

— Burton Goldberg, Publisher, Alternative Medicine Magazine

“[Duesberg’s] attack on the dominant [HIV] theory is logical and testable. If he has indeed been prevented from testing his theory, this is truly a tragic misuse of science and one which we must diligently try to remedy.”

— Dr. Sheldon Margen, MD, Professor Emeritus of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, chairman of the editorial board of advisors of the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter.

“I am a scientist. All scientific theories (medical or otherwise) must be proven before being accepted. The HIV=AIDS theory is so far from being proven…I had to put my name on the [Rethinkers] list.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Justin Loew, Meteorologist, Wausau, Wisconsin

“I admit that I was in a medical thinking coma regarding HIV and AIDS. I fully recovered after reading ‘Inventing the AIDS Virus’ by Peter Duesberg.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Hani Ismail, MD, obstetrician and gynecologist, Elmhurst, New York

“Association is not proof of cause, and agents such as HIV may turn out to be passengers on an already sinking ship. It would be reasonable to postulate some other transmissible agent, even a noninfectious one, which contributes to immune dysfunction and possibly predisposes to opportunistic infections. As an alternative to the hypothesis that AIDS is solely an infectious disease I suggest that the opportunistic infections and tumors such as Kaposi’s Sarcoma seen in AIDS patients result from a combination of lifestyle hazard and immunodeficiency, whereas in patients with hemophilia the infections are a consequence of immunosuppression resulting from infusion of anti-hemophiliac factor.”

Lancet, April 1985

— Dr. Richard Ablin, PhD. Immunologist. State University of New York.

“I recognized in 1981 the potential for politics, morality and money to sabotage research on the new AIDS ‘epidemic.’ Now even the ‘victims’ and most everyone in the AIDS Community itself has been indoctrinated into the HIV=AIDS ‘religion.’ They have been either bought or brainwashed and don’t even know it. I’d like to help correct the wayward course we’ve taken on AIDS research before more victims are poisoned so as to elevate the careers, bank accounts or moral high ground of others.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Jeffrey Hilton, O.D., Miami Shores, Florida. Optometrist and provider of eyecare to a large HIV+ population

“I believe we need to pressure government to allow funds to be directed to perform the basic studies put forth by Duesberg to investigate the strong correlation between drugs and AIDS — I would like to study those HIV positive patients who wish to stop their medication in a controlled experiment, looking for added benefits with nutritional therapies.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Kenneth Power, MD, Board Certified Family Practice, Frankfort, Indiana

“Any of the dissidents’ views is more likely than the orthodox virus hypothesis.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Eugen Bartuska, Specialist Anaesthetist, DEAA, Berlin, Germany

“I agree completely with the [Group for the Reappraisal of the Hiv-Aids Hypothesis’s] contention that the [AIDS] issue needs to be probed further.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Neeraj Kaul, MD, Gwalior, India

“Thanks for your endeavour. Truth will emerge.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Gernot Vielkind, MD, Government Medical Officer, Lichtenau, Austria. Previously Assistant to Prof. KH Spitzy, Dept. of Chemotherapy, University Hospital, Vienna, Austria

“I am outraged that the HIV-AIDS hypothesis has gone on this long. Those persons in high places who are controlling research funds and aiding mostly those virologists who are ‘in the club’ so to speak are most definitely criminals in terms of the damage done to untold numbers of innocent persons who think that all those scientists ‘out there’ are working for the best interests of the people rather than for their own personal gain.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Richard De Lisle, DC, Chiropractor, Leominster, Massachusetts

“There is no compelling reason for preferring the viral hypothesis of AIDS to one based on the activity of oxidising agents. In fact, the latter is to be preferred, since unlike the viral hypothesis it leads to possible methods of prevention and treatment using currently available therapeutic substances.”

Letter to Virusmyth

— Bruce Hedland-Thomas, MSc, Biophysicist, Royal Perth Hospital, University of Western Australia, Perth

“Any theory which flunks Koch’s Postulates regarding HIV or AIDS should be subject to reappraisal. The financial aspect of the story is as important and should be taken into consideration when dealing with drugs and treating AIDS. Nutrition is the base for existence of any creature. Nutritional deficiencies, emotional imbalances, spiritual stresses and usage of unnatural man-made chemicals such as drugs cause all kind of ailments and the immune system collapses.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Sharifi, ND, MSc, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Doctor of Naturopathy, Master of Holistic Applied Nutrition

“Two weeks ago, a 3-year-old child in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was struck by a car and rushed to a nearby hospital. Because the child’s skull had been broken and there was a blood spill, the hospital performed an HIV test. As the traumatized mother was sitting at her child’s bedside, a doctor came in and told her the child was HIV-positive. Both parents are negative. The doctor told the mother that she needed to launch an investigation into her entire family and circle of friends because this child had been sexually abused. There was no other way, the doctor said, that the child could be positive. A few days later, the mother demanded a second test. It came back negative. The hospital held a press conference where a remarkable admission was made. In her effort to clear the hospital of any wrongdoing, a hospital spokesperson announced that ‘these HIV tests are not reliable; a lot of factors can skew the tests, like fever or pregnancy. Everybody knows that.’”

Impression Magazine, June 21, 1999

“The AIDS magazine POZ and others like it are filled with protease inhibitor ads that drastically contrast with the cruel reality. The ads feature muscular, tanned, and beautiful people at the peak of their powers: climbing mountains, sprinting over hurdles, sailing, and generally beaming with life.

“In reality, three years into the protease inhibitor craze, most people on cocktail therapy can barely function. I talked to one of the most well-known protease models, Michael Weathers, whose handsome face adorns several billboards across America, and he said that he had not only never taken protease inhibitors, but had never taken any AIDS drugs. He is perfectly healthy 13 years after learning he was positive. ‘They have this rule that they have to use HIV-positive models for their AIDS drug ads,’ Weathers comments, ‘but they certainly do not use models who are using their drugs. That would hardly make for effective advertising.’”

“Another man, who for years has worked on the inside of AIDS research, implores me not to print his name, swearing he will be out of a job immediately if I do. ‘Look at the media, that’s where it happens,’ he said. ‘Look at those earliest pieces about [David] Ho and the cocktails that ran in the Wall Street Journal. They are just pure propaganda, pure drug company puff pieces. And those reporters won the Pulitzer that year for their AIDS reporting. The pharmaceutical industry exerts a huge influence on scientists and journalists.’

“‘You have to understand that these AIDS journalists have very close relationships with the drug companies, with their PR people. That affects how things get reported. I mean, they fund everything. They fund all the research, first of all. There is almost no such thing as independent research. All clinical trials are paid for by the drug companies.’

“He laughs when I express alarm at this. ‘My God are you naive! Everybody — not just David Ho — the reporters, the doctors, everybody is part of this system. They’re all part of the same club, and they all play the same game. They all have the same, big egos.’

“‘And nobody — certainly not the reporters — is going to stand up and wave their finger and say, ‘This is all a big horrible machine!’ You know why? Because they’re all profiting from it.’”

Gear Magazine, March, 2000

— Celia Farber, Journalist, New York

“Is a government program of scaring people especially when there is little basis for them to be scared something that public health should see as a relatively benign means to a more important end? Or is the intrusion of this concern into every sexual encounter some form of state-sanctioned mass neurosis? Is it not worth asking seriously about the social and emotional costs involved in public health efforts attempting to have all sexually active people become sufficiently anxious about acquiring HIV to insist on condoms in every sexual encounter?”

The Bioethics Tabloids: How Professional Ethicists have Fallen for the Myth Of Heterosexual Aids

— Dr. Simon Chapman, PhD, Professor of Public Health, University of Sydney, Australia

“…That technique of inflating the number of the already announced cases of a disease had been introduced into the World Health Organization (WHO) of Geneva by the Belgian physician Peter Piot, one of the main masterminds of the ‘HIV/AIDS phenomenon,’ which is to date the deadliest scientific swindle in the complete history of Medicine.”

“…In the ‘HIV/AIDS phenomenon,’ thousands and thousands of people are ‘treated’ with poisonous ‘medicines’ (especially AZT and the so-called ‘antiretroviral medicines’) against a virus named ‘HIV/AIDS’ that had never been discovered and then does not exist. When Dr. Peter Piot arrived at WHO in 1985, there were 318 cases of ‘AIDS’ in Africa … The day after he took office, Dr. Piot (and Dr. Jonathan Mann) pushed that number to…50,000 cases.”

“…So, American and French patients with all the symptoms of ‘SARS’ (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)…do not have ‘SARS’ if they have not traveled to the Far East. Something similar happened in the field of ‘HIV/AIDS.’ With symptoms common to many different diseases and conditions, a person was considered as having ‘AIDS’ if that person ‘had traveled to Haiti during the last 5 years.’ Now, the same reasoning is being applied to China and the Far East, only a few months after drug companies and WHO pressured the Chinese government to state, contrarily to what they had really noticed, that the so-called ‘HIV/AIDS epidemic’ was taking apocalyptic dimensions in China.”

“Consequently, it seems that a large-scale scientific swindle like the one of the ‘HIV/AIDS virus’ is under construction, in what is related to the ‘SARS’ epidemic. So, our physicians should be very cautious before issuing a diagnosis of ‘SARS’ and we encourage the patients to use their common sense and look for a second opinion when confronted [with] a diagnosis of ‘SARS.’”

“News of false epidemics and fake medical discoveries constitute an efficient means for pharmaceutical firms to ‘make’ millions of dollars, with the complicity of certain WHO officials who easily walk over the usual rules of Ethics in this domain. As confirmed by Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize of Chemistry and inventor of the technique of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), during one of our conferences in Florida, it is relatively easy for medical scientists without scruples to transform former well-known pathologies into so-called ‘new diseases’ with the aim of winning more money. They get such results mostly by spreading panic, provoking crowd reactions and other social disturbances. In brief, we are in a time when the life and the health of the patients matter little for a lot of those very people who are selected for taking care of them.”

“I know lots of people who stopped taking their AIDS medication and are living well.”

AP, 1 October 1996

— Henri-Claude Saint-Fleur, Clinical Psychologist, D.E.S.S. (University of Lille, France), North Miami Beach, Florida

“First and foremost in the game of deception were Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier, the co-discoverers of the HIV virus that is currently claimed to cause AIDS. They even staged a dispute as to who had the rightful claim to the discovery of the virus. It was later realised that both collaborated in their research that started the deception. They claimed to have isolated it in the laboratory…Other researchers found out that the mysterious virus could not satisfy the scientific criteria like isolation by ultracentrifuge gradient or to be seen by electron microscopy…HIV has never been isolated as an entity. [Gallo and Montagnier] also devised tests that they marketed to earn them millions of dollars.”

“The promotion of western drugs like AZT to cure us of our diseases like AIDS is another deception that is being promoted by our Third World governments. The toxicity of these drugs is so high that it is amazing why people are still continue to take them as curative for anything like HIV. We have to realise that AIDS is big business and as the Third World is a big market for the western pharmaceutical industries, they will not tolerate a Third World innovation that threatens that market monopoly they have held for generations. We are being systematically poisoned by those that wave dollar bills in front of our leaders enticing them to accept whatever they say.”

Ssali, The Great Aids Deception In The Third World, 1999

— Dr. Charles Ssali, MD, Ugandan physician and researcher in both western and traditional herbal medicines; Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in London

“In the summer of 1987, [U.S.] federal health officials made the fateful decision to bombard the public with a terrifying message: Anyone could get AIDS. While the message was technically true, it was also highly misleading. Everyone certainly faced some danger, but for most heterosexuals, the risk from a single act of sex was smaller than the risk of ever getting hit by lightning.”

“In the U.S., the disease was, and remains, largely the scourge of gay men, intravenous drug users, their sex partners and their newborn children. Nonetheless, a bold public-relations campaign promised to sound a general alarm about AIDS, lifting it from a homosexual concern to a national obsession…”

May 1, 1996 Wall Street Journal

— Amanda Bennet

— Anita Sharpe

— Staff Reporters, The Wall Street Journalá

— Staff Reporters, The Wall Street Journalá

“I am quite confident in my own mind that many cases identified as AIDS (according to their symptoms) are not AIDS…The numbers given must, of necessity, include people who possibly have other conditions.”

Now Magazine, 9-15 March 2000

— Professor Daniel J. Ncayiyana, MD, Editor, The South African Medical Journal, Vice Chancellor, Durban Institute of Technology, former Dean of the Medical School, University of Transkei, South Africa

“Well, of course [the AIDS definition in Africa] will be less reliable (than that used in non-Third-World countries). One typical example is what we call ‘slim disease.’ It’s a wasting syndrome seen in Africa. Now that wouldn’t fall under any categorization of AIDS by the standard empiric definition, but nevertheless, [slim disease] is being considered AIDS in Africa.”

AIDS Alert, January 1987

— Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director, US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

“It should be emphasised that surveillance definitions for AIDS were not intended to be reliable indicators for HIV infection. Thus, in areas where the prevalence of HIV infection is very low, the WHO clinical definition primarily identifies patients with tuberculosis, severe malnutrition or diarrhea.”

Bulletin of the WHO, 1990; 68(5): 529-36

— J. Chin, World Health Organization

“After reading Peter H. Duesberg’s book I am convinced that the HIV-AIDS hypothesis is false and that the diseases claimed as AIDS are the product of lifestyle causes. People die by taking DNA chain stopper drugs such as AZT, ddI and ddC.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. M. Javier Cruz Gomez, PhD, Professor of Chemistry, National Autonomous University of Mexico

“Quantitative analysis does not sustain the belief that HIV causes AIDS. HIV is believed to be the cause of AIDS, yet non-HIV cases of AIDS can be diagnosed. Further, HIV is said to cause AIDS by depleting CD4 cells, but persons who are HIV-positive and have normal cell counts can be diagnosed as AIDS patients. The non-sequiturs and paradoxes in AIDS ‘science’ are so vast that it simply boggles the mind to observe that the charlatans responsible for this fraud have been able to conduct their endeavor this long with impunity.”

“‘Scientific research’ has had little to do with the construction of the fraudulent belief system which our government has promoted in regard to AIDS. AIDS pseudo-science is rooted in politics and the special interests of the medico-pharmaceutical complex.”

“…Researchers demonstrated that the odds were 5 million to one against a new HIV infection taking place in a single act of unprotected vaginal sex between two people who are members of that massive population which the CDC recognized and labeled as ‘heterosexuals without specific identified risk.’ (Source: JAMA, April 22/29, 1988)”

“Numerous other scientific articles demonstrate the extremely low risk of HIV transmission by means of vaginal sex. If CDC officials were unable to draw appropriate conclusions from the available evidence, they should be held to account for their incompetence. If they knew of this evidence (the more likely hypothesis), then they should be held to account for the extraordinarily dishonest, deceitful, and expensive scare campaign they have orchestrated.”

“The official (CDC) brochures were later changed to leave the false impression that anal and vaginal sex were equally risky and that condoms should be used for both types of encounters. This highly misleading message — reversing the earlier appropriate advice against anal sex — was implemented in order to avoid offending the gay activist community and to create inflated fear of vaginal sex among heterosexuals.”

“With the exception of those providing social services, non-toxic treatments, and hospice care to the medically indigent, federal AIDS programs should be defunded, and public officials who are responsible for developing the deception associated with them should be held accountable.”

“A likely consequence of the campaign of fear and indiscriminate HIV-testing of persons not at risk has been to inflict thousands of Americans with false positive HIV test results.”

“The debauchery of American health research by the corrupt AIDS Establishment has been one of the more tragic social catastrophes of our time.”

Manufacturing the AIDS Scare

— Michael Wright, MA, Recipient of four federal grants from the US Public Health Service. Two of these grants supported the development and testing of software providing personal anonymous risk assessment for current HIV infection. In this capacity part of his tasks included study of diagnostic error.

“Gradually, I began to realise that the wall of opposition was unbreachable. We were up against massive collusion between a dogmatic scientific establishment and sheepish governments being bullied into handing over thousands of millions of dollars to further research into a bogus and unproven hypothesis.”

“The scientific community is no longer free. Today science can be bought, and the individual dissenting voice is able to be silenced and dismissed because of the enormous sums of money involved in protecting a prevailing hypothesis, however flawed it may be. Politics, power and money dominate the scientific research field to such an extent that it is now no longer possible to put a hypothesis that has become dogma to the test.”

“Scientific trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies often involve many different university faculties at one time and consequently tie up most of the expert voices. The dogma is written up in tablets of stone in medical textbooks and young science students swallow it without question. Those that are already in well paid jobs find it easier not to rock the boat. What would be the point? They would simply lose their jobs.”

“The sale of HIV test kits has become a source of immense revenue. Each time a drop of blood [is] tested, it [means] 43 pence for the company producing the kit. Many scientists researching into the AIDS virus themselves [have] companies selling test kits and [own] millions of dollars in company shares. AIDS for these individuals [is] a very profitable business.”

“With $40 billion [ed. Now $120 billion] spent in 14 years in the US alone [AIDS research] is the biggest industry next to the defense department. The money was fuelled by the plague terror tactics used by well-established organisations like the US Centers for Disease Control and its offshoot, the Epidemic Intelligence Service [also known as the medical CIA] whose members are strategically placed in positions of power and influence in the media.”

“In the early 1990s, the WHO’s Global Programme on AIDS [later to be taken over by UNAIDS] was employing between 2,000-3,000 people. They continually fed highly inflated figures to the press, and officials at public meetings began to quote their estimated cases for AIDS in order to drum up funding, quietly dropping the actual reported figures. We challenged these figures at a meeting at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 1993, and there was a red-faced acknowledgement that the figures they were using as fact, were no more than guess work.”

“…But there are those who prefer to cling to the ‘single simple cause.’ They have something to cling to in their grief…It is this ignorant, if innocent collusion, both by ordinary mortals and celebrities, with the orthodox virus-AIDS hypothesis (that has failed to save a single life) which continues to fill the pharmaceutical industry’s pockets, continues to perpetuate the myth that HIV causes AIDS — that HIV exists at all — and continues to prevent dissident scientists from exploring new avenues of research.”

Continuum June/July 1997

— Joan Shenton, MA, Meditel Productions, England. Medical journalist and producer of over 100 TV documentaries which won her company seven international awards as well as the British Royal Television Society Award and the British Medical Association Award

“The real virus is in the medical industry’s secrecy and deception; too bad that disease has no cure.”

Kim Bannon Petition, 27 Jan 2005

— Beatriz Flores, MFA, Asst. Professor, University of North Texas and Documentary Film Maker

“There is overwhelming scientific consensus that HIV causes AIDS.”

Letter to Congressman J.C. Watts, 2000

— Dr. Jeffrey P. Koplan, Director, US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

“Why is there overwhelming scientific consensus that HIV causes AIDS?”

“Focus on the HIV-AIDS Connection,”

— National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, US National Institutes of Health

“I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had.”

“Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus.”

“There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.”

Caltech Michelin Lecture, January 17, 2003

— Michael Crichton, MD, Film Director, Author, Academy, Emmy, Peabody and Writer’s Guild award winner. Creator of the television series ER and a Harvard Medical School Graduate

“From the sentence of Galileo by the inquisidor Pope Urban VIII, in year 1632, through [famous medical misdiagnoses] scurvy, pellagra, beriberi, the SMON syndrome, the Legionnaire’s Disease, and finally to HIV/AIDS, it has been verified universally that the scientists are mistaken and use dogmatism to justify and to hide their errors. And when the scientific dogmas are associated with scientific corruption, who pays, it is the health of the towns.”

“In the United States, officially, every year twelve million venereal diseases occur. Of these, three million in adolescents under 20 years old. Between those same adolescents, in addition…there are a million undesired pregnancies and 300,000 abortions annually. But…only forty thousand annual cases of AIDS, of which only 417 [in] the adolescents, these described as high risk. It is possible to ask oneself, is HIV a contagious disease, transmissible sexually and, therefore, venereal? In the United States the mathematics say no.”

“It is very difficult that a person…can accept what is explained in the book HIV/AIDS, a Great Lie. Moreover, for the professionals in these sciences it is even very difficult to accept that there is another version, with forceful arguments, to explain ‘HIV/AIDS.’ The reason is very simple: the brainwashing that every day the mass media are doing to us along with the visible street propaganda in any bus-stop, which the international AIDS industries finance.”

“To the Germans of the time of Hitler and to the falangistas, Franco supporters and Nazis worldwide, it was impossible for them to think that their leaders were not right, since the brainwashing had annihilated in them any possibility of reasoning. The [AIDS] scientific concepts more absurd than could have been imagined in the history of biological sciences and of the scientific method, have been imposed academically at international level triggering a universal disinformation…induced by monotonous hypocritical [repetition] of the prayers and the litanies that as fundamental belief have the following equation: ‘HIV = AIDS = Death.’”

“The medical unions, the great propagandistic partnerships, the scientific organizations with their media organs and the scientific magazines of more international prestige, are too magnificent and powerful to accept that they committed an error… it will take time for them to invent an excuse that conceals their feet of clay, without it goes their immaculate prestige.”

“The medical unions worldwide, along with the health authorities of EE, UU., represented by the CDC of Atlanta …orchestrated [the fraud]. Later, more powerful allies, the transnational pharmaceutical industries entered. Their guard dog and advertising weapon was and is, the docile World Health Organization (WHO), that used scientific terrorism, at international level…to impose the lie of AIDS on all the defenseless citizens of the planet Earth… [causing] death and pain unnecessarily to innocent citizens worldwide.”

“One of the greatest lies of the history of the humanity, the one of ‘HIV/AIDS,’ dreamed up around a ghost virus…against all…medical ethics, [doctors] have sentenced to death their own patients, exercising…most irresponsible of iatrogenos, or bad medical practices.”

“The militarized and automated doctors are working on science like robots, taking orders…through the WHO…The sub-groups of medical specialists…receive orders [from] the scientific magazines that, as well, really survive thanks to the [advertising] which they receive from the pharmaceutical companies…[they] issue the orders and manipulate the scientific discoveries according to their shameful interests…”

“The scientific dogmas accepted with blind faith by the medical unions worldwide, allow the pharmaceutical industry, from the top of the pyramid where it is enthroned, to order that they are prescribed toxic, since ‘it is better to prescribe a toxic—most expensive—than to prescribe nothing’ to somebody who has been sentenced to death because a phantasmal virus like HIV has been falsely diagnosed in him. In the medical dogmas and the monks neither the reasoning, nor the discussion is accepted. Who is not in agreement with them, is crazy, or is ignorant…”

“Indigenous of all this it is the scientific terrorism that has dominated innocent people such as those needing transfusions, pregnant mothers and their babies, and the common citizens who have been limited in the free satisfaction of their sexual instincts, so necessary to an alive being like the feeding instinct. With impunity, the inquisitors of year 2003 have been allowed to enter to organize the most intimate corners of all free beings—the bedroom.”

“Ever since Edward Jenner and Luis Pasteur…opened the door to the era of the germs, the cause of any problem of explicable health for the moment, has been attributed a virus, or a bacterium. Venezuelan doctor Enrique Tejera, the investigating doctor who in the Amazon discovered the Earth from which the Terramicina was obtained said, ‘the virus is an invention of the doctors to justify their ignorance.’”

“Science, throughout its history, always has committed similar errors, but none of the magnitude that is being committed with HIV/AIDS.”

“There is not a single scientific publication that demonstrates that HIV is the cause of the AIDS. The verified facts confirm that, among other causes, the abuse of recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, like AZT and their similars, causes the AIDS…the investigators do not know which is the cause of the AIDS, since they have not even isolated the virus…”

“The test of the HIV, to know if a person is positive or negative is a total fraud and a lie.”

“The AIDS never has been an apocalyptic disease, neither venereal, nor contagious. You reduce them, protect against the venereal diseases, but not against the main cause of the AIDS: the drugs…The AZT…kills the growing, multiplying cells. A fetus and a baby are a conglomerate of cells that grow and they are multiplying permanently. To give AZT to a future mother and to her baby is a crime.” (translated from Spanish)

Foreword to “VIH/SIDA, Una Gran Mentira” (HIV/AIDS, a Big Lie)

— Dr. Angel Gracia, PhD, Nutritionist, Author, Miami, Florida; Vice-president, USAS, Union por Soluciones Alternativas para el SIDA (Organization for Alternative Solutions for AIDS)


“Figures for…HIV and AIDS in South Africa and Africa are grasped at and freely quoted ad nauseum by those who would have us believe that sub-Saharan Africa is being ravaged…by the biggest threat to ever face the continent. Presented as ‘facts,’ these figures seldom, if ever, come under serious scrutiny in the media and in the medical profession. Yet, even a slight scratch at the surface exposes a massive deception…The purpose of this article is to expose the reader to some of the critical questions that have to be asked of these misleading, if not deceitful, figures…”

“Have you ever wondered how it is that this HI-virus is able to be as discerning and selective as it is? In North America and Europe, it is able to discern and infect homosexuals…intravenous drug users, organ recipients, and recipients of blood products. In Africa, it selects people involved in heterosexual relationships for transmission, and the warning goes out that sexual promiscuity is the way in which the virus is spread. Even with my own limited understanding of viruses, this makes absolutely no sense…”

“The continent of Africa has been ravaged for many decades by all the problems that have been classically regarded as causing severe immune deficiencies…severe malnutrition, repeated infections, incompleted courses of…antibiotics, poor nutrition and sanitation, unhygienic medical conditions, abuse of various substances…Each one of these in itself has been clearly researched and documented as the cause of the destruction of the human immune system. Yet, it is these identical illnesses that are now being blamed on the HI-virus. Are we to believe that the elimination of the virus will lead to a massive decline in these historically common immune deficiency problems in Africa?”

“…The problem is that most people diagnosed as HIV+ in Africa have never been subject to a blood test, and most doctors in sub-Saharan Africa have come to list almost all forms of severe illness as AIDS. In Zambia the word that used to be used for ‘wasting sickness’ has simply been transferred for use as ‘HIV/AIDS’; therefore, where people used to have ‘wasting sickness,’ they now have ‘HIV/AIDS’! This means that any figures for HIV & AIDS in Africa are generally little more than the proverbial thumbsuck!”

“Aggravating the entire picture, is the use of seemingly wonderful statistical projections which are no more than projections based on estimates based on nothing! To date, no proper statistical analysis of the prevalence of HIV & AIDS has been done in any African country…a proper random representative sampling of the population…which are then subject to a blood test (the credibility of which is highly dubious, producing over 50% false positives in many cases) to determine the actual prevalence of HIV & AIDS…”

“Can a virus be as discerning and selective as the HI-virus is said to be, when there is no other such virus? How can we simply throw out the African history of immune deficiencies, and reclassify most of them as AIDS at the stroke of a pen? Of what real value can the Bangui definition for AIDS in Africa really be, except to cause mass hysteria and unnecessary harm? Who’s fooling who with all these statistics based on nothing, and figures based on thumbsucks at best?”

First Aids, Figures For Africa, The Edge

— Rev. Dr. Charles de Jongh, D.Litt et Phil, D. Ed candidate (Higher Education), Lecturer in Biblical and Pastoral Studies at Baptist Theological College, Johannesburg, South Africa.

“A careful review of the epidemiology and pathogenesis of AIDS worldwide fails to provide sufficient medical facts to demonstrate that HIV is the cause of AIDS-defining illnesses.”

“Treatment protocols based on the HIV hypothesis fail to successfully resolve AIDS illnesses or to restore normal immune function. Moreover…the antiviral drugs and corticosteroids currently used in the treatment of HIV positive and AIDS diagnosed patients may compromise immunity; exacerbate or provoke AIDS-defining illness; inflict serious, irreparable harm; and even cause death.”

“The work of researchers at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH)…provides extensive medical evidence to indicate that AIDS in the industrialized world is caused by: 1) illicit drug use and alcohol abuse and 2) by the extensive use of medications (especially glucocorticoids) to treat the illnesses resulting from the abuse of these drugs. It also gives evidence that AIDS in Africa is caused by malnutrition and starvation. In contrast, their extensive summary of AIDS does not provide any evidence that HIV can kill immune cells. Neither are they able to explain the causes of the symptoms found in patients diagnosed with AIDS.”

“In 1995, Fauci, the director of AIDS programs at the NIH, and his colleagues removed HIV as a requirement of causing necrosis in lymphoid tissue in patients infected with HIV. By this action they contradicted their own hypothesis that the HIV is the only cause of AIDS.”

“…at least 77% of 2,349 patients who participated in these [AZT] studies were HIV-negative prior to their treatment with AZT. The findings of these studies falsify the HIV-hypothesis; in 77% of patients, AIDS was caused by agent/s or process other than HIV.”

“A large study conducted by Fawzi, et al in Tanzania demonstrates that the immune system damage observed in 1,075 HIV-infected women was reversed by providing these women with a balanced diet. Providing a balanced diet to malnourished children reversed immune system damage. According to Chevalier, et al., the size of the thymus increased from 20% of normal in malnourished children to 107% of normal following nine weeks of proper feeding.”

Resolution of AIDS in HIV Positive Patients: A Clinical Study of Non-HIV Causes and Treatments for AIDS Illnesses

— Dr. Lisa M. Hosbein, MD;

— Dr. M.A. Al-Bayati, PhD

“It is time medicine moved on from the ‘one cause for one disease’ simplistic belief and grappled with the multi-factorial nature of illness.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Helen McDade, Veterinary Surgeon, UK; Executive Officer of an M.E (myalgic encephalopathy) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research charity

“After 12 years of research…today one is obligated to question even the fundamental assumption of a viral cause of AIDS.”

“The vision that HIV would represent the decisive cause of this very broad spectrum of diseases, each viral contamination involving ‘an incurable deadly disease,’ is completely called into question thanks to the contribution of new research.”

“Meanwhile, this point of view had prevailed so that AIDS becomes ‘the disease of anguish par excellence.’ Indeed even Hiv positive people in good health are invaded of a flood of anguish, depression and feelings of social exclusion. New research in psychoneuro-immunology shows scientifically that such a massive influence, exerted by psychosocial overload, could bring about an extremely detrimental effect on the human immune system.”

“The history of the HIV dogma shows us the oppressive dimension of current scientific research.”

“One can point out certain characteristics in [Gallo’s and Montagnier’s] scientific work: the isolates were from the start confusedly mixed; moreover one worked with in-vitro methods…particularly prone to the danger of artefacts.”

“Margaret Heckler, the Secretary of Health, announced to the world that the virus discovered by Gallo was the cause of AIDS. And this was officially announced before any of his scientific work had been published.”

“At the same time, it was announced that each infection with HIV inevitably led to AIDS, a fatal disease, and that the other factors weakening immunity did not have determining significance in the case of AIDS. Thus the dogma was well sealed.”

“The relation of causality between the infection by virus HIV and the symptoms of AIDS, however, despite all the research, remains of hypothetical nature.”

“On the contrary there is research which goes against a decisive causality of HIV with regard to AIDS; for example: the concentrations of virus are often remarkably low in all the vital liquids analyzed…the incapacity of HIV to destroy by itself the immune cells, the observations made that frequently an immunodeficiency can already be proven even before HIV infection, and especially the growing reports of patients who present the typical symptoms of AIDS without any attack by HIV.”

“…These [Hiv] tests were certainly very sensitive, but nonspecific…some of the seropositive cases would in fact be erroneous, with all the consequences that that involves.”

“For years, one could bring back cases of AIDS with negative HIV tests. This fact was particularly true of Kaposi’s Sarcoma.”

“Since 1987, many epidemiologic investigations show that most of the time, the presence of HIV does not represent a sufficient cause for the blossoming of AIDS.”

“It is necessary to note not only the presence of other micro-organisms, but also the immunodépressive action of the usual consumption of drugs which have a detrimental effect on immunity…and it is necessary today to lay a particular stress on the psychic and social cofactors.”

“This vision of a multifactorial causality of AIDS corresponds completely to the current way by which one should consider the disease in general.”

“The psychic effects of a positive test HIV are—independently of the possibility of AIDS-disease—of a fatal gravity. Professor L. Moeller (J.W. Goethe University of Frankfurt) described that as follows: ‘The result of the test means from the psychological point of view to face the fatal dilemma of being kind of ‘dead-alive,’ or to commit suicide, or, by defensive reaction to this distress, to perpetrate a crime.’ Moeller shows us that AIDS…impregnates with anguish all the relations of the man and continues: ‘And we are now driven to ask the question of the degree of anguish which a man can tolerate without damage.’ The HIV positive test also exerts a devastating effect on the entourage of the carrier.”

“Professor Perrez, University of Freiburg (Swiss) writes: ‘drama HIV is…not a tragedy of virus and immunosuppresseurs, but a tragedy of factors of a psychological nature such as the anguish, job loss, loss of being liked, a tragedy of the aggression and insulation…’”

“HIV positive people become excluded from the company, legally and economically penalized, and rejected in the field of work. The quality of support of the social network would be one of the essential factors for the psychological well-being of the seropositive patients. Such pathogenic social and psychological causes weaken immunity.”

“The brain and the immune system are in interconnection by multiple ‘feedbacks circuits,’ at the molecular level; the neurosensory processes and the processes of conscience affect the immune system.”

“From the depression, loneliness, the anguish, one frequently leads to a fall of the T4 lymphocytes which are of capital importance for the efficiency of the immunizing apparatus.”

“The practice of the HIV test, independently of its result, can start a disorder of the immune system. And if the test is positive, the majority of the subjects react with a psychic shock, a depression and anguish. This ‘test crisis,’ often overpowering, starts at once to cause symptoms similar to those of AIDS such as a loss of weight and night sweats in people who were healthy before.”

“The psychic overload due to a positive HIV test is so extraordinarily heavy that seropositive people undergo depressive states even more painful and anguish even more intense than the patients with AIDS-disease…The despair leads further so that a great percentage of hiv-positive individuals are not able then to change their way of life…so that the very practices which are detrimental to immunity, such as drug consumption and insufficient, poor quality food…are continued and even intensified.”

“Just like isolation, the depression and the anguish carry damage to biological defenses, the interest carried in the world, the joy and the love that reinvigorates the immune system.”

“AIDS thus appears as the culmination of a medicine which is more and more under the domination of anguish. It is an immense challenge to seek to develop a new medicine of confidence.” (translated from French)

The dogma of HIV in AIDS, Das Goetheanum, Nov. 22, 1992

— Dr. Danielle Lemann, MD; Langnau, Switzerland

— Dr. H. Albonico, MD; Langnau, Switzerland

“I think zidovudine [AZT] was never really evaluated properly and that its efficacy has never been proved, but its toxicity certainly is important. And I think it has killed a lot of people. Especially at the high doses. I personally think it not worth using alone or in combination at all.”

Continuum Oct. 2000

— Dr. Andrew Herxheimer, MD, Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology, UK Cochrane Centre, Oxford; edited Drug & Therapeutics Bulletin in the UK for 30 years and also helped to found the International Society of Drug Bulletins

“There is simply no proof that HIV causes AIDS — at most, it seems to play only an opportunistic role. The only thing scientists have to call HIV are protein and gene strands — they haven’t even isolated a virus at all. It’s like the squatters who are blamed for a building’s decay after thieves have already ransacked it. The erosion of the competency of our immune systems has much more to do with it, through multifactorial causes like toxins, stress and poor nutrition.”

12 Jan 1997 Sunday Times

“To rattle off that HIV is the cause is, in the light of current research and debate, to simply admit to the powerful conditioning that we all have been subjected to…We are so fixated with HIV as the enemy that we have lost sight of the processes at work which might offer a genuine solution to the AIDS problem. Scientific mythology has taken the place of fact, and because we are so ingrained with the idea of enemies, HIV makes a lot of sense…I’ll leave it to those more qualified than I to show just how HIV has developed in mythological stature in the last ten years. As did the Devil or the Russian menace not too long back.”

“We have, what I sense to be, this century’s major scientific debacle.”

Noumenon, Winter 1995

— Dr. Kriben Pillay, PhD, University of Durban-Westville, South Africa

“This [the HIV/AIDS fraud] may well be the most horrible, inexcusable, heartless injustice ever perpetrated on the public by the drug cartel, organized medicine and the government. How the supposed guardians of our health can so wantonly cause so much misery, suffering and death…and get away with it…is beyond my understanding. I don’t know what I can do to help correct this situation (if anything), but I’d certainly like to be a part of that ‘correction.’”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Roy Skidmore, Chiropractor, San Jose, California

[Criticizing U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala for misleading Congress about the extent of the AIDS epidemic]:

“Why are you telling this committee about spread and increase when actually AIDS cases are decreasing?”

[He cited a Feb. 3 report from the CDC that found that AIDS cases decreased by about 20 percent from 1993 to 1994.]

“Fall in AIDS Cases Endangers Federal Funding,” Washington Times, 03/09/95

— Rep. Ernest Istook, Jr., Oklahoma, U.S. Congress

“The whole HIV causes AIDS hypothesis could be completely wrong hence the need for a rethinking.”

— Winstone Zulu, Lusaka, Zambia, AIDS activist, consultant to WHO and UNAIDS. Member, President Mbeki’s AIDS panel. Founder of Alive & Well, Zambia

“There is something wrong the way the scientists approached the issue of HIV/AIDS and I strongly believe there is a need to rethink, because there are many questions that have no answer and nobody knows the answer.”

“Yes, there is no treatment for HIV/AIDS, but today they call ARV drugs ‘HIV treatment.’ It is obvious that AIDS is becoming a political and economical disease. Political because it is controlled by the media. Economical because of pharmaceutical companies and research institutes.”

“Now [UNAIDS] are promoting Bactrim prophylaxis for developing countries. This can lead to high antibiotic resistance.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Saleban Saleban, MD, MSc, Infectious diseases and tropical medicine. Medical coordinator of HIV/AIDS prevention and care in Rakai District, Uganda

“The entire issue of HIV and AIDS needs to be resolved in a more scientific and humane manner than the current ‘economics driven, tailored science’ approach.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Ramesh S. Chouhan, PhD, MBBS, FICMCH, Himabindu Foundation, Bangalore, India

“I concur with the concept that Aids is not just a viral but a multi-causal behavioral disease. I am currently working on full blown Aids cases and would like to present my data when I have sufficient material.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Sharadendu Bali, MD, MBBS, Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Santosh Medical College Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

“…We are just at the very beginning of understanding what AIDS is, much less what causes it or how to cure it or anything of that sort. Now without committing myself to any of the hypotheses that have been put forward, I as a scholar have been completely sceptical right from the start about everything. It’s not that I’m saying HIV does or does not exist. It’s just that whenever I would see reports in the news media, even in the New York Times, in the news magazines and so on, I would say, ‘There’s something madly wrong with the way this material’s being gathered.’ I have been always sceptical about it. I have never accepted anything, anything about this, at any point from the beginning. And the way in which you almost immediately got a kind of received opinion and a received attitude about this disease seemed to me just a form of superstition.”

“I’ve seen again and again, in my own experience and among people I know, the way a doctor can be madly wrong. Totally wrong about something. Whereas it might be a lay person might be able to guess better.”

“I think there has been a rush to judgment in terms of the working hypothesis they had. The working hypothesis about this disease was accepted as confirmed fact, and the people who were doing that in the media and among AIDS activists are just incompetent in terms of science or how science works.”

“I do feel what we see here in point of fact is repeated insults to the immune system. The original theory about poppers, amyl nitrate, was excluded! First people suspected it, then they excluded it. And I thought, ‘Why are they so quickly excluding this?’”

“I do think that drugs play their role in weakening the immune system in some way that also is related to what appeared to be such a sudden emergence of AIDS in the early 1980s.”

“Poppers were coming into the [gay] scene at that very moment when the bars suddenly went wild. Men were staying up all night, and drinking…I’ve always felt that gay men were pushing the limits of the human body throughout that period, also keeping thin and trim…eating very little and drinking a lot. I would see this manic lifestyle. And now we hear more and more — people used to whisper this — how they would get gonorrhea or whatever they might get, and they would go get penicillin month after month after month. These infections were signs that something was going wrong in their bodies. Now women seem to have this instinct for preservation. You have an infection? Wow, pull back, conserve the body, save the body…Go slow… And I notice men don’t seem to have that. There was this wild, wild scene. It was like the Masque of the Red Death, and the wild party scene in that play, it was very much like that.”

“I have felt very directly the irrationality of AIDS activists, at one of my first appearances. The most insane and vicious and intolerant people I have ever met in my life are AIDS activists. I came into direct confrontations with them. If I would be speaking, sometimes lecturing, these people would pop up and be screaming, I mean screaming at me, OK? The way they controlled the discourse, their arrogance — they were like little Hitlers, stormtroopers, who believed that they had the truth, and anyone who tried to have a different view of AIDS, or the origins of AIDS, or anything like that, that we should not be permitted to speak.”

“…The scientific discussion on AIDS has been very much crippled by this kind of intimidation, so that truly neutral and rational scientists have stayed away from this entire area. You want to talk about counterproductive? People have fled this field of research, because there’s no way to conduct yourself in a dispassionate scientific manner in it because of its overpoliticisation. The attitude is: it’s due to homophobia. The reason why there was not enough money? Homophobia! Excuse me? This was a brand new disease. What are they talking about?”

“It was like, ‘Me, me, me! We demand, we demand! We want an entire rearrangement of the apportionment of money for other diseases! Now! This minute! Us! We, we! … If you don’t listen to us immediately then you are homophobic, you are this, you are that.’ All that did was, yes there was more money, but the investigation of this disease was very much held back by the flight from it of truly, it seems to me, talented scientists, the most talented scientists, the ones, especially later, the ones who would have been most likely to come up with working theories, working hypotheses, they have fled. Any rational people would flee from the craziness.”

Continuum, July/Aug 1996

“The American major media have effectively suppressed long-standing questions about whether the AIDS test is reliable or whether an HIV virus in fact exists at all.”

Salon Magazine, October 28, 1997

— Dr. Camille Paglia, PhD, Professor of Humanities at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Author, Sexual Personae, Sex, Art and American Culture and Vamps and Tramps

“I was prescribed four days of ‘triple therapy’ with the latest protease inhibitors and other antiviral medicines… But those four days left me with a realistic view of what infected patients often face. Between nausea and aching pains in my bones, I felt febrile and weak. I was unable to exercise. After one day, I was no longer well enough to work, to go out with my friends or to eat a full meal without vomiting. While it is true that over time some people are able to tolerate the drugs better than others, for many patients these symptoms never go away. Many doctors and the pharmaceutical industry have failed to convey the human toll that ‘triple therapy’ takes…”

“Limits of the AIDS Miracle,” New York Times

— Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, describing his own experience of the AIDS drugs after a needlestick injury

“Not only is AIDS not a contagious disease, there’s no such thing as a contagious disease period! Practically any pathology, regardless of its ‘official’ medical label, if caught before too much damage has occurred, is reversible through the body’s own internal self-repairing and self-healing biological powers. All it takes is the right education and the willingness to take responsibility for one’s own well-being.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Jack Ebner, PhD Biophysiology, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

“Current HIV markers have proven to be inaccurate and inconclusive (Elisa false positives). What is required is a total re-evaluation and definition of the AIDS progression markers, and treatments should be designed at combating AIDS rather than HIV, which no-one as yet clearly understands.”

“HIV itself might well prove to be harmless. We require open ended discussion and research on all aspects, with no interference from parties with vested interests.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Jacques Siegfried (Zigi) Visser, Higher Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Founder (1996) and President – AIDS Research Foundation of South Africa. Co-founder Cryopreservation Technologies (1995). Co-founder (1998) and CEO, Virodene Pharmaceutical (Pty) Ltd. and Group of companies.

“I know about this controversy since 1995. At that period I was already convinced that HIV was not a cause of AIDS at all. But observing the ferocity of the reactions of people and especially of the medical profession when I tried to explain a different view from their own, I stopped talking about it.”

“HIV is not responsible for AIDS, which is essentially drug induced, caused by different ‘insults’ to the immune system and dramatically by the stupid anti-HIV treatment. Thousands of HIV+ persons are progressively dying now, with the heroic encouragement of the scientific, political and medical professions. It’s unacceptable.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Eric Gaumont, PhD in Optics, Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg, France

“There is NO SUCH THING as the HIV virus. If there was, don’t you think that the multi-billion dollar AIDS industry would have produced a sample of it by now? Something that actually replicates in human tissue? But hey, prove me wrong: Cite the scientific papers showing isolation and replication of the virus.”

BBC News World Edition (online), 11 Nov 2003

“Let’s put money into normal healthcare, clean water and grassroots development. HIV is an illusion.”

— Toby Gettins, Theoretical Physicist, Birmingham, UK. Former researcher, High Temperature Superconductivity, University of Exeter

“You can’t force a camel to drink water in the desert, the same with the already confused, that they are positive, its hard to convince them that there is no Virus which causes Aids but other factors which might be responsible. I support [The Group for the Reappraisal of the Hiv-Aids Hypothesis] wholeheartedly in this noble cause.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Emmy Wasirwa, MD, Kampala, Uganda

“African Aids statistics in most cases are based on a single Elisa test. The tests are administered even on pregnant women despite the warning on the Elisa test kit that pregnancy registers a false antibody positive.”

East African Standard, Online Edition, Sep 12, 2000

“…This [Barcelona] conference showed how the European AIDS dissident groups may foster the growth of a broad social movement to counter the biomedical construction of ‘AIDS/HIV,’ building upon individuals’ experiences of the scientific fallacies in ‘AIDS/HIV’ testing and antiretroviral and antibiotic treatments.

“…Its organizing participants have successfully, over the last ten years and more, contested the commercial vested interests and the so-called scientific basis behind the proposed retroviral causation of AIDS. This placed the Barcelona conference both morally and ethically above the usual ‘junket’ style of AIDS conference, which are typically awash with funding from the AIDS pharmaceutical industry.”

“…In many ways, this was the ‘doppleganger’ of the AIDS orthodoxy: a course to deconstruct the ‘AIDS/HIV orthodoxy,’ and so critically different from the introductory ‘starter AIDS/HIV courses’ which those ‘HIV antibody’ diagnosed are offered by the gamut of drug company sponsored ‘self help’ groups in Britain. The course aimed to deconstruct the existence of ‘HIV’ and the validity of antibody testing. It also aimed to describe how the official or ‘orthodox’ medical treatments for AIDS are toxic and to further describe the range of efficient and non aggressive therapies available for helping people experiencing a variety of illnesses.

“…These individuals had intuitively understood at the time of their [HIV] diagnosis that…the ‘HIV/AIDS hypothesis’ was erroneous, rejecting the notion of infection with a ‘retrovirus’… In retrospect, given the prospective good health of every one of these individuals and their partners and children, all had experienced the ‘AIDS/HIV’ industry as a reality of ‘entrapment’ and coercion, led by AIDS health and social care ‘professionals’…”

“These empowering testimonies acted as a counterpoint to the narrative of deconstruction of the so called ‘basic science’ of ‘AIDS/HIV’… Such individual testimonies of empowerment aptly demonstrated how personal strength can overcome the almost overwhelmingly powerful and all pervasive imperative to test/screen, medicate and thus label ‘HIV antibody positive.’

“…All the [Hiv positive] women decided against such ‘advice’ [to medicate] and went to full term with uneventful deliveries and now thirteen years later have healthy adolescent children. The advice had been given solely on the basis of a positive ELISA or Western blot ‘HIV antibody test,’ even though the women reported being in extremely good health during the mid late 1980s when ‘HIV antibody tested.’ Several of these women reflected upon such ‘testing ordeals,’ often experienced at the hands of overly zealous male and female obstetricians, who seemed from their testimonies as less motivated by ethical and moral practice than by their desire to boost the local hospital’s ‘HIV antibody cohorts,’ receive extra monies from the Spanish government for ‘AIDS’ cases and more likelihood of being published by the medical press.

“One woman recalled how [her] male obstetrician gleefully conceded herself as his ‘first HIV positive pregnancy,’ whom he wanted to publish as a ‘case study,’ before strongly advising her to have an abortion due to ‘HIV infection.’ This woman did not take his ‘advice’ and now her son is a fit and healthy 13 year old attending school.

“There was an open demonstration in Barcelona’s St. Jaume Square on the 5th day of the conference, where participants handed in poisonous antiretroviral and antibiotic ‘medicines’ publicly to Barcelona’s Generalitat and Ajuntament (Regional and Town Councils).”

“Joan [Shenton] has just published a new book which shatters the myths of ‘AIDS/HIV’and Dhamel [Tahi] showed his video ‘AIDS’ (Djamel recently interviewed Luc Montagnier, the discoverer of ‘HIV,’… where Montagnier revealed he did not truly isolate a ‘retrovirus’ called ‘HIV’).

Continuum, 1998, Vol. 5 No. 3

— Dr. Kevin Corbett, PhD (on sociological impact of antibody, T cell and viral load/PCR tests), Independent Research Consultant, London, UK.

“What we’ve seen as a result—not only of Concorde, but of recent trials in the United States—is that it’s dawning on people that the [AIDS] drugs we have are not that useful.”

Sunday Times Aug 1, 1993

— Professor Ian Weller, Middlesex Hospital, London. Chairman of the Anglo-French Concorde Study of AZT

“[AIDS] drugs that are not working in the West are being dumped in Africa.”

East African Standard, Online Edition, Sep 12, 2000

— Dr. Rheeta Moran, Senior Researcher, Salford University, UK

“I join this Group because it’s my feeling that this [HIV-AIDS] hypothesis, having failed to produce significant results, may be fundamentally flawed. It is my hope that by adding my name to this list I might contribute to the voices of dissent and that one day we will be heard. I believe that the healing power of the body is immense and that no one should have to live in fear of AIDS or toxic ‘medications.’”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Marie Adams, ND, Bastyr University, Seattle, Washington.

“I am outraged by the concerted disinformation that is being perpetuated by the pharmaceutical companies with members of the medical profession as their spokespersons relating to the AIDS virus and Hep C virus and other medical myths. The formula is that people are first led to disbelieve their own experiences and common sense and then that only self ordained authorities are the only ones legally entitled to practice and have an opinion. It is a travesty that today it is no longer religion that is perpetuating this enslavement of the human spirit but science.”

“Most immediately we see literally millions who are suffering from the wrongful death sentence of bogus scientific testing and bogus diseases. No one can imagine the psychologically devastating effects of a pronouncement that one has tested positive for HIV or Hep C. The system condemns us and ultimately for most of us we feel that it is up to the system to grant us a reprise. The reprise for AIDS is AZT, for cancer chemotherapy, for Hep C it is interferon — the sentence in each of the instances is death for over 90% of the victims who fall innocently into the snare.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Michael Tierra, Acupuncturist, herbalist, author, teacher, Santa Cruz, California

“Why do current AIDS researchers not investigate, and not even consider the role of chemicals in AIDS or study other non-HIV-AIDS theories to solve the AIDS dilemma?”

“I am entirely persuaded that recreational and toxic anti-HIV drugs as well as malnutrition can all undermine the immune system to produce immune deficiency syndromes.”

Does HIV cause AIDS? Is AIDS a single disease? Do anti-viral drugs really help? Dr. Mae-Wan Ho investigates

— Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, PhD, Geneticist and Biophysicist, Open University, London, UK. Director, Institute of Science in Society; Author and activist. Awarded the Chan Kai Ming Prize for Biological Sciences (HK) 1964; Fellow of the National Genetics Foundation (USA) 1971-1974; Vida Sana Award (Spain) 1998

“I’m a doctor that has questioned HIV/AIDS since the late 1980’s. No doctor (MD) has ever been able to answer the probing questions I have presented, other than giving me the same generic answers that the western media has choked down the throat of America and the World. Everyone has the quick answer with nothing to back anything up. I became fed-up with the murder of innocent human beings years ago and finally within the last few years, I have taken steps to expose this LIE!”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Erik C. Manos, DDS, Denver, Colorado

“…All these horrors, in fact, had their source in the irresponsible exaggeration of the AIDS danger promoted by the public health authorities and state radio and television. Which exaggeration, in its turn, rested on two basic distortions of the facts:

“First it consisted in proclamations that AIDS threatened the general population, while it was obvious the disease remained nearly exclusively limited to one small fraction of some very defined risk groups (intravenous, homosexual drug addicts, transfusion recipients). And still today, in Europe and the United States, this situation has not changed substantially, despite the diagnostic acrobatics and statistics with which they have tried to counterfeit it, while in Africa and other countries of the Third World the spread of the disease is, as we shall see, an obvious statistical artifact, attributable to the classification of pathologies that have always been endemic in those populations under the new name ‘AIDS.’”

“…The real motivation of this psychological terrorism was openly recognized…an employee of the Centers for Disease Control of Atlanta declared to the Los Angeles Times, with an honesty inconceivable for our ‘experts’: ‘If AIDS had not been seen as a threatening syndrome for the general population, the money [for research] would never have arrived.’”

“…The second distortion of the facts consisted in introducing the seropositive ones as people ‘condemned to die.’ Between the drug addicts and the former drug addicts, this terroristic assertion pushed many to continue and to resume the practice of drug addiction.”

“In 1986 the public health authorities announced that there were 200,000 HIV positive people in Italy, that their numbers would double in 10 months and their median survival would be 18 months.

“If those figures that terrorized the public had been true, today in Italy 26,000,000 men would be dead from AIDS and all Italians would be seropositive and condemned to death. Vice versa, in spite of our ‘super experts,’ the seropositive ones today have diminished to 100,000 and the men dead from AIDS are very few, in spite of the always generous inclusion of new pathologies in the AIDS diagnosis and the lack of valid therapies. This does not even amount to 0.3% of the projections.”

“Naturally, our meritorious public health officials claim that the tragedy was avoided thanks to their warnings that have made the population extremely cautious in their sexual relationships. But that thesis is pathetic in its inconsistency…because no study has been able to find a general return to chastity or an increase in protected sex among the young people…and indeed the spread of venereal diseases, in these same years, has not diminished at all.”

“The terrorism still practiced today to the seropositive ones constitutes the scandalous monument to the irresponsibility and incompetence of our ‘official science.’” [Translated from Italian]

— Professor Luigi De Marchi, clinical and social psychologist, president of the Italian Society of Political Psychology. Co-author of Aids, la grande truffa (AIDS, the great swindle)

“We have no data in relation to the documentation that shows that HIV has been isolated as causative of AIDS.”

Continuum, Winter 1997/8

— Antonio Entiste, Secretary of the Medical Research Council of Spain, 18 December 1997

“Do the health authorities of Spain consider Spanish journalists are idiots? Or as the Spanish Secretary of the MRC implicitly acknowledged, have they no proofs of any kind with respect to what they have been officially affirming for years [that Hiv causes Aids] and were simply regurgitating like parrots?”

Continuum, Winter 1997/8

— Jose A. Campoy, Spanish Journalist

“…The way the origin and prevalence of HIV/AIDS are explained and presented on the continent, is often marked by pseudo-scientific explanations and deliberate racist distortions. Two possible explanations present themselves. Firstly, some members of the AIDS ‘establishment’ still believe that the African is not capable of controlling him/herself in sexual matters, and therefore, it is normal that s/he be more infected. Secondly, there is clear evidence that some AIDS scientists insist on diverting the public on some issues for the sake of receiving funding for theories which they know are false.”

“Despite the fact that AIDS was first declared and found in homosexual milieus in the USA, some ‘scientific studies’ have tried to locate the origin of AIDS in Africa. This is largely based on the false imaging of the African who is seen as somebody who cannot control him/herself sexually.”

“…This method of determining AIDS cases…leads to many abuses. Much money is spent on studying the origin of AIDS in the wrong places, but the researchers of course, are given a lot of money to make this type of research. Once more, Africans are used as objects of study and speculation. This is even more outrageous because many human and material resources are invested wrongly, instead of, for example, targeting the other immunosuppressing agents like TB, chronic malaria, malnutrition, and many other agents which have been shown to give similar symptoms to those of HIV.”

Presentation to Ecumenical Symposium Of Eastern Africa, 17-21 March 1999

— Peter Kanyandago, PhD, Professor, Anthropologist, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi, Uganda

“Does HIV play a role in AIDS? It might, but after spending $22 billion on AIDS research, there is still not scientific proof that it does. A number of scientists, including myself, think that HIV may possibly play a role in AIDS as an opportunistic infection. But, does HIV cause AIDS? Absolutely no!”

“Conventional wisdom says that a virus causes AIDS. This is not possible. Viruses don’t cause disease. There are ‘disease causing’ viruses living in our bodies every day of our lives. If viruses were the cause of disease, we would all be dead. This is not saying that viruses don’t participate in a disease process, but infections are an effect of disease not the cause.”

“In AIDS, prescription and recreational drugs, including antibiotics, AZT, cocaine, heroin, and nitrite inhalants, are critical contributors to toxic overload. Combine antigenic overload with toxic overload, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, erratic sleep patterns, and chronic stress, and you have a recipe for serious immune suppression.”

“AIDS is a many factored disease caused by a combination of inappropriate lifestyle, toxic overload, antigenic overload, poor diets, chronic stress, and common medical treatments with health-damaging drugs like antibiotics. All the above conspire in a cascade of events to cause what we call AIDS. The same factors that contribute to AIDS contribute to other immune dysfunction diseases as well.”

“Most physicians still believe in the outmoded concept that germs cause disease, so they try to kill the germs. The need to rebuild immune competence never occurs to them… Often, the final blow to immune competence is delivered by our physicians. Modern Medicine subjects us to a variety of procedures and medications, such as vaccinations and antibiotics, which damage our immune defense and repair systems.”

The Slant [Marin County], May 1995

— Raymond Francis, MSc, MIT, Chairman and CEO, Beyond Health Corp., author of the book, ‘Never Be Sick Again’

“Based on all of the scientific information that I have reviewed there appears to be no sufficient evidence that supports the notion that HIV is the root cause of the symptoms observed in people with AIDS. In fact the data clearly indicate that HIV alone if present in humans does nothing.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Muslim Shahid, Inorganic chemist, research and development scientist, inventor, Houston, Texas

“I used to believe in the HIV/AIDS theory—no more. Not looking into the real cause of AIDS is a crime. But who knows, maybe this AIDS controversy will help to open the eyes of millions of people, especially doctors and scientists, to new ways of understanding life, health and disease.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Carlos Haubi Segura, PhD, DVM, Veterinarian, Animal Nutritionist, Mexico City

“Why in your Editorial on AIDS do you dismiss out of hand all the counter evidence that HIV causes AIDS? The minority of dissenters are not stupid, but bona fide scientists, some of whom are retrovirus experts. You should listen to their viewpoint instead of arrogantly assuming that they are wrong. History may yet make fools of you!”

Letter to The Scientist magazine, March 15, 2004

— Dr. M. Wainwright, Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Sheffield, UK

“I think that ‘official AIDS policy,’ both in the U.S. and globally, is being driven by profit and power motives, not by accurate science or genuine humanitarian concerns. It concerns me greatly to see the UN and World Bank get behind ‘policy’ and attempt to impose the U.S. AIDS public-health model on the rest of the world. I have been writing a series of columns in A & U Magazine to try and focus attention on the political motives behind ‘AIDS policy.’”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Patricia Nell Warren, Author, Publisher, Los Angeles, California

“Scientific theories resemble architectural wonders. They are interesting to visit and prestigious to be associated with. All too often, however, while they appear sound to casual observation, termites are feasting deep within their foundations. Anomalies, facts that the ruling theory and its supporters cannot explain, are the termites of science. As they multiply, the infected theory weakens until eventually it collapses. While the ‘HIV alone causes AIDS’ theory still dominates the scientific skyline, termites are hard at work within it. Here are seven anomalies that suggest it is incorrect and will eventually fall…”

“…HIV-1 alone, therefore, does not cause AIDS. It involves a multiplicity of co-factors, specifically anything that either depletes serum selenium levels or depresses the immune system enough to permit viral replication. Manipulating the ‘selenium-CD4 T cell tailspin’ by adding this trace element to fertilizers and food stuffs opens new avenues for both prevention and treatment.”

“So where does all this disagreement leave us? It demonstrates just how illogical the conventional wisdom is. How is it possible to freely admit that it is still not clear, after some 20 years of research, how HIV causes AIDS, yet to simultaneously argue, as the Durban Declaration does, that ‘HIV is the sole cause of AIDS.’ Simply put, if the 5,018 people who signed the Durban Declaration do not know how HIV causes AIDS they cannot possibly be certain that no co-factor(s) is involved. What competent detective would argue that while they had no idea how the victim died, they were certain that their prime suspect had no accomplice(s)?”

“A new approach is obviously essential; one which recognizes the holistic nature of the problem…if, for example, we ask the question ‘Why did John Doe die of AIDS?’ one could reasonably answer that ‘He became infected with HIV-1.’ A more realistic list of the causes of his fate, however, would have to include the hedonistic lifestyle he led with its relentless promiscuity and associated constant infection by selenium-depressing, sexually transmitted pathogens. In addition, John Doe lowered his resistance to disease by drinking alcohol and taking drugs. His diet was poor, eating foods too low in selenium and other nutrients…But didn’t John Doe die because of a medical profession that failed to accept the obvious: that HIV alone does not cause AIDS?”

“Testing positive for HIV is not a death sentence, one without hope of clemency or appeal. Rather, it is an opportunity to change and even to increase one’s life expectancy.”

What Really Causes Aids, 2002

— Dr. Harold D. Foster, PhD, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Author, What Really Causes Aids.

“AIDS is caused by suppression or weakening of the body’s autoimmune system. This can be caused by heavy metal toxicity, including lead toxicity and other free radical generating chemicals such as benzene, talc and silicone lubricants, free radical generating sexual lubricants, drug and alcohol abuse and prolonged use of toxic or free radical generating medication such as AZT, medication for haemophiliacs, Cox-2 drugs, TCDD, DDT, PCBs, Remicade, Enbrel, drugs used in chemotherapy etc in which case if the body’s production of antioxidant enzymes is low and suffers from low levels of other antioxidants in the blood, its free radical scavenging activity drops and the immune system is open for suppression through oxidative stress and free radical damage and becomes open to opportunistic infections. When free radicals damage cell walls, in particular the walls of T4 cells, viruses including the ‘HIV-virus’ enters these cells and destroys them. Otherwise, the so called ‘HIV-virus’ is practically harmless or non-pathogenic and is not proven to directly cause any immunosuppressive effect.”

“What should amaze most is the total departure from scientific protocol and international standards required, including those established by the Pasteur Institute to prove that a virus causes a specific disease.”

January 19, 2005

— Beldeu Singh, MSc Physical Anthropology, Malaysia. Columnist for the website

“With public health officials and politicians thrashing out who should be tested for HIV, the accuracy of the test itself has been nearly ignored. A study last month by Congress’ Office of Technology Assessment found that HIV tests can be very inaccurate indeed. For groups at very low risk — people who don’t use IV drugs or have sex with gay or bisexual men — 9 in 10 positive findings are called false positives, indicating infection where none exists.”

— US News & World Report, Nov 23, 1987

“AIDS is not a disease. It is a drug induced immunity loss situation in a person’s body. It is caused due to internal insanitation, wrong food habits, improper eating habits, indigestion, accumulation of filth and toxic matters in the body, improper excretion of waste matter from the body, use of toxic and chemical drugs and antibiotics resulting in loss of immunity power of the body. We don’t agree with the virus theory.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— K. Viswambharan, Founder of Natural Health Foundation, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

“A happily married couple wants to live in Singapore for three years. Before they get their permission to stay they have to do an AIDS test. The husband tests positive with an AIDS test which has a 97% sensitivity and a 98% specificity (it will not be discussed here to what ‘gold standard’ these two refer). How big is the chance that this man is truly positive? Should he start treatment immediately?

“Before this man had the test it may be assumed that the probability that he is HIV infected is only 1 in 10,000, or 0.01% (he was married to his wife for more than 15 years and never has slept with other men or women, nor does he take drugs).

“Imagine 1,000,000 men like him. In this population 100 will be HIV positive (1 in 10,000 or 100 in 1,000,000). From the 100 HIV positive men the test will detect 97 (sensitivity). From the remaining 999,900 HIV negative men, however, the test will detect 98% as truly negative (specificity) and 2% as positive, which is 19,998 persons. If all the 1,000,000 would have been tested in total there would be 20,095 positive test results of which only 97 are truly positive. This means that the probability that the man in question is really positive is 0.48% (97 of 20,095). In other words, the PPV (positive predictive value) is only 0.48%.

“It has to be kept in mind, though, that prevalence for HIV infection are determined by tests that in themselves are questionable, making the guesswork even more obvious.

“In summary this means that a positive (or negative) test result does not at all mean that a person is truly positive (or negative). It only indicates a higher probability of being positive. How much higher this probability is depends on the pre-test probability of a person and the sensitivity and specificity of the test used. The lower the chance that somebody is HIV infected, the higher the chance that a positive test result is a false positive test result…One hopes this will make the reader more alert and critical when being tested.”

Continuum, Summer/Autumn, 2001

— Dr. Klazien Matter-Walstra, PhD, former manager, laboratory for immunocytochemical cancer diagnosis for exfoliative cytology, Institute of Pathology in Bern, Switzerland. Presently teaches evidence based medicine at Mediscope.

“Most patients (68 to 89%) from low risk groups…who show reactivity on screening tests will have false-positive results…The predictive value of a positive ELISA varies from 2 to 99%…the Western blot method lacks standardization, is cumbersome, and is subjective in interpretation of banding patterns.”

“Patients have been described who are culture positive but seronegative for HIV.”

Mayo Clin Proc. 1988;63:373-9.

— Steckelberg JM, Cockerill F., Aids Researchers

“The virological status of the 20% seropositive individuals who had negative cultures and no viral RNA detected remains unexplained.”

J Infect Dis. 1987 Nov;156(5):823-7

— Richman D, et al, Aids Researchers

“The CDC states that the two tests used to identify HIV—the ELISA and the Western blot (WB) —used in combination, have a better than 99% accuracy rate, but only if they are performed repeatedly. (The exact rate is unknown and the CDC states that it has no data on just how many false positives versus false negatives occur!)…Using the CDC estimate that 0.6% of Americans are HIV-positive, in a population of 10,000, 60 Americans would test positive! This 60 must include all the false positives, 30, leaving only 30 people actually infected. This leads to the following conclusion: using a 99% accuracy, one finds as many false positives as true positives. Even if the results of both AIDS tests, the ELISA and WB, are positive, the chances are only 50-50 that the individual is infected.”

AIDS Update 1999. 1999;357-371

— Stine G.J., Aids Researcher

“39 [ELISA-positive] specimens [26%] had a positive Western blot… 38 (84.4%) of the 45 specimens highly reactive on ELISA were Western blot positive…one (1.2%) of the 86 low reactive specimens [but still classified as ELISA antibody test positive]…had a positive Western blot result…23 (63.9%) of the 36 Western blot-positive specimens…were [culture] positive…Of the 150 ELISA-positive specimens from…the CDC, 40 (26.7%) had a Western blot or culture positive for [HIV].”

JAMA. 1986 Jul 18;256(3):357-61

— Ward JW, et al, Aids Researchers

“As the number of women being screened has increased, the proportion of false-positive and ambiguous (indeterminate) test results has increased and the positive predictive value (PPV) of the standard HIV test has decreased.”

Arch Fam Med. 2000 Sep/Oct;9:924-9

— Doran TI, Parra E, Aids Researchers

“The emotional impact of a false positive screening RNA [HIV] test in a recently exposed person is significant. With the high false positive rate, we do not advocate the routine use of HIV RNA tests to screen asymptomatic people. The high rate of repeat false positive tests in a given sample (50%) suggests a possible biologic mechanism.”

Conf Retroviruses Opportunistic Infect. 1999 Jan 31-Feb 4;6(101):Abstract no. 179

— Roland ME, et al., Aids Researchers

“A small number (15% to 20%) [!] of [ELISA and WB antibody] tests from low-risk patients will be indeterminate and remain so even if repeated over many months.”

Semin Perinatol. 1998 Aug;22(4):293-308.

— Minkoff HL, Aids Researcher

“HIV-1 p24 is the HIV-1 protein most prone to ‘false-positive’ reactions…false-positive reactions have been observed with every single HIV-1 protein.”

Clin Chem. 1991;37(10):1667-8.

— Ng V.L., Aids Researcher

“68% to 89% of all repeatedly reactive ELISA tests are likely to represent false positive results…each year we might expected to find 175 to 209 truly antibody-positive donors [in Minnesota] and between 371 and 1701 falsely positive donors among those who have repeatedly positive screening tests.”

New England Journal of Med, 1985;312:1185-8.

— Osterholm MT, et al, Aids Researchers

“In 1990, of 20.2 million HIV tests done in Russia only 112 were confirmed and about 20,000 were false positives, 1991 saw some 30,000 false positives out of 29.4 million tests, with only 66 confirmations…in 1991 alone some 8000 false-positive results were reported in pregnant women, with only 6 confirmations [presumably with the Western Blot test]”

Lancet. 1992;339:1548

— Voevodin A., Aids Researcher

“One difficulty in assessing the specificity and sensitivity of retrovirus assays is the absence of a final ‘gold standard.’ In the absence of gold standards for both HTLV-I and HIV-1, the true sensitivity and specificity for the detection of viral antibodies remain imprecise.”

Retroviruses. in Viral infections of humans, Plenum 1989, pp. 545-592

“Depending on the population tested, 20 to 70% of…two successive positive ELISAs (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) are confirmed by Western Blot…” [i.e. 30 to 80% are false positives, and in many countries, such as Thailand, people are called positive based only on two Elisas, without a Western Blot]

Journal of the American Medical Assoc., 266, 2861-2866, 1991

— Sloand, EM, et al, Aids Researchers

“…We studied the frequency of false positive diagnoses retrospectively among applicants seropositive for HIV in a subpopulation with a very low prevalence of infection… Approximately 1 percent of all initial screening ELISAs were reactive, 50 percent of repeat ELISAs were reactive, and 30 to 40 percent of first Western blot assays were reactive and diagnostic.” [i.e., 60 to 70% of the twice positive ELISAS were false—ed.]

New England Journal of Med. 319, 961-964, 1988

— Burke DS, Brundage JF, Redfield RR, Damato JJ, Schable CA, Putman P, Visintine R, Kim HI, Aids Researchers

“[The RAPID Hiv tests] pose to us many problems. We find the false positives are much, much higher than they are on the ELISA.”

26 March 2000, Carte Blanche, M-Net TV, South Africa

— Dr. Henry Booker, Microbiologist, Lancet Laboratories, Johannesburg, South Africa

“A couple committed suicide by drowning themselves in a canal in Hat Yai district along with their five-month-old daughter after learning that they had contracted Aids.

“The bodies of Mia (last name not known), about 40, his wife Nit Srisaduak, 32, of Si Sa Ket, and their daughter Sudaporn were found at 12:30 am yesterday floating in Bo Sai canal in tambon Khuan Lang. They were believed to have died seven hours earlier.

“Police said the two tied themselves up with a rope and the mother grasped the baby girl firmly in her arms before they threw themselves into the canal.

“Mia and his wife were workers at a sand-dredging firm. Police found in their cottage a letter written by Mia to his boss saying the pair had contracted Aids and, with their lives shorn of hope, decided to die together with their daughter.”

— Bangkok Post, Sep. 9, 2001

“We and other investigators have noted a number of unexplained facts that cast many doubts over the simplistic hypothesis of a unique retroviral etiology of AIDS. It is likely that many other factors act synergistically to induce immunosuppression in these patients, i.e.: a) repeated and chronic infections; b) use of drugs; c) alloantigenic stimulation by blood and/or semen; d) anesthetics; e) antibiotics and f) malnourishment.”

Gaceta Medica de Mexico 1991 Jan-Feb

— Dr. Luis Benítez-Bribiesca, MD, Unidad de Investigaciones Oncológicas, Hospital de Oncología, Mexico City

“In the spirit of ‘the openness’ of science we salute Peter Duesberg for his challenging and courageous voice speaking out against the present scientific establishment. His extensive experience and knowledge about retroviruses lends merit to his critical evaluation of the possible causative role of HIV in the AIDS disease.”

Policy Review Dec. 1990

— Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo, Director of AIDS Pathology;

— Col. Douglas J. Wear, MC USA, Chairman, Department of Infectious and Parasitic Disease Pathology. Department of Defense Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, DC

“You cannot condemn anyone while there are scientific doubts [about whether HIV causes AIDS]. AIDS does not touch anyone brimming with health unless the person destroys his/her own immunological system through drugs, prescribed or otherwise.”

Continuum, Sep/Oct 1996

— Dr. Piombo Horacio, Judge, Court of Appeals in La Plata, Argentina, overturning a verdict against five doctors for allegedly infecting patients with HIV

“The CDC is a disgrace. It is a corrupt organization. The drug companies have them on their payroll.”

UPI Investigates: The vaccine conflict, 7/21/2003

— Stephen A. Sheller, Philadelphia attorney who has sued vaccine makers for what he says were bad vaccines

“[The HIV/AIDS/AZT controversy] needs much more serious debate than big Pharma and the usual club of fringe beneficiaries are permitting. There is simply too big a case to answer, and it’s not being answered. Having said that, I suppose I look a bit of a fool because I’m one of the numberless well-intentioned people who has been championing cheapo antiretrovirals for the Third World’s afflicted etc. But the book [Debating AZT by Anthony Brink] worries me deeply, and, until the debate has been properly joined and fought, will continue to do so…”

Review of “Debating AZT”

— John le Carré, novelist, The Constant Gardener

“I thought I was beyond shockability but the book’s [Debating AZT by Anthony Brink] revelations were stupefying. I think the marketing of AZT to pregnant women is an obscenity.”

“Proponents of the HIV dogma assert repeatedly that ‘the evidence for HIV is overwhelming.’ When they are asked to produce it or cite some reference, the usual response is ridicule or some ad hominem attack imputing motives. But never a simple statement of facts. Nobody, to my knowledge, has ever provided a definitive answer to the simple question, ‘Where is the study that proves HIV causes AIDS?’ It’s just something that ‘everybody knows’ is true.”

“[Gallo’s studies] show a presence of HIV in less than half of the patients with opportunistic infections, and less than a third with Kaposi’s sarcoma — the two most characteristic AIDS diseases. This is ‘overwhelming’ evidence? It falls short of the standards that would normally be expected of a term-end dissertation, never mind mobilizing the federal resources of the United States and shutting down all investigation of alternatives.”

“While many were meeting harrowing ends, others had never had it so good. Researchers who would otherwise have spent their lives peering through microscopes and cleaning Petri dishes became millionaires setting up companies to produce HIV kits and drawing royalties for the tests performed…who would want to mess with this golden goose?”

“When a scientific theory fails in its predictions, it is either modified or abandoned. Science welcomes informed criticism and is always ready to reexamine its conclusions in the light of new evidence…But it seemed that what was going on here wasn’t science. Duesberg was met by a chorus of outrage and ridicule, delivered with a level of vehemence that is seldom seen in professional circles. Instead of a willingness to reconsider, he was met by stratagems designed to conceal or deny that the predictions were failing. This is the kind of reaction typical of politics, not science, usually referred to euphemistically as ‘damage control.’”

“Over 90% of the inhabitants of Southeast Asia carry the hepatitis B antibody [known to cause false HIV positives]. And we all ‘know,’ because the newspapers say so, that an AIDS epidemic is ravaging Thailand. The figure for actual disease cases in this region populated by tens of millions was around 700 in 1991, and by 1993 had grown to 1500 or so. Perhaps what the papers meant was an epidemic of AIDS testing. Just like the inquisitors of old, the more assiduously the witch hunters apply their techniques and their instruments, sure enough they find more witches.”

“In the cuckoo land of HIV ‘science’ anything becomes possible. To combat the effects of an agent declared soon after its discovery as being inevitably lethal after a dormancy of 10-15 years (?), HIV positives, sick and symptom-free alike, were put on the drug AZT, which was billed as ‘antiviral.’ Well, it is, I suppose, in the same sense that napalm or Liquid Plumber is antiviral — it kills everything.”

“Chemotherapies are notoriously immunosuppressive. The ‘side effects’ look just like AIDS. Yet this is the treatment of choice…In any case, it is known that a body subjected to this kind of toxic assault can mobilize last-ditch emergency defenses for a while, even when terminal. A sick chicken might run around the yard for a few seconds when you cut its head off, but that isn’t a sign that the treatment has done it any good.”

“Although the mainstream media don’t report it, a growing number of scientific and medical professionals are coming around to Duesberg’s position or somewhere close to it. Many, especially in times of uncertainty over careers and funding, keep a low profile and refrain from public comment. When you see what happened to Duesberg, you can see why. One of the pioneers in retroviral research — the first to map a retroviral genome, seven-time recipient of the NIH Outstanding Investigator award, and tipped for a Nobel Prize — he was subjected to vilification, abused at conferences, and his funding cut off to the point that he can no longer afford a secretary. In two years, he had 17 applications for funding for research on alternative AIDS hypotheses turned down. Publication in the scientific literature has been denied — even the right of reply to personal attacks carried in the journal Nature, violating the most fundamental of scientific traditions. His scheduled appearances on talk shows have been repeatedly canceled at the last moment upon intervention by officials from the NIH and CDC.”

“No believable mechanism has been put forward as to how HIV kills T-cells. And billions of dollars continue to be spent every year on trying to unravel the mysteries of how HIV can make you sick without being present, and how an antibody can neutralize the virus but not suppress the disease. Scientific principles that have stood well for a hundred years are arbitrarily discarded to enable what’s offered as logic to hang together at all, and the best that can be done at the end of it all is to prescribe a treatment that’s lethal even if the disease is not. Yet no looking into alternatives is permitted; all dissenting views are repressed. This is not the way of science, but of a fanatical religion putting down heresy.”

Aids Heresy And The New Bishops, Monadnock Review 1997, 2001

— James P. Hogan, author of 26 science fiction novels and the science books Kicking the Sacred Cow: Questioning the Unquestionable and Thinking the Impermissible and Mind Matters: Exploring the World of Artificial Intelligence.

“[AZT: A Medicine from Hell] is a well written, lucid article for anybody to read…your arguments about prescribing this drug are excellent…Perhaps when more people like yourself who are not scientists come out publicly to clarify the issue on this drug, pregnant women will be spared! Your article will now be additional prescribed reading for the students in my class.”

Letter to Anthony Brink

— Dr. Shadrack Moephuli, PhD, Toxicology, Senior Lecturer, Department of Biochemistry, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

“Irrationality and hysteria do clearly exist in the social perception of AIDS but belief in a vacuous ‘theory of hysteria’ is itself as hysterical as the unquestioned acceptance of ‘HIV’ as the cause of ‘AIDS.’”

“It is also clearly the case that the medical model of HIV = AIDS = DEATH is a monster conjured up by the nightmares of virologists who have considerable vested interest in a chemotherapeutic solution to ‘AIDS.’”

“We have all to be aware of how science, medicine and psychiatry and their links to industry and government, control discourses and disempower sufferers. AIDS activists especially, need to leave their ‘one illness’ isolation, and engage with activists involved in other environmentally caused, immune compromising, iatrogenic [caused by medicine] and contentiously diagnosed illnesses.”

Continuum Autumn 97

— Dr. Lesley Cooper, Ph.D., Medical Sociology, University of Essex, UK;

— Martin Walker, Journalist and author of Dirty Medicine

“…What is the role of HIV in oxidative stress? … If we were to suppose that HIV were an infectious agent, it would behave as any other opportunistic agent, whose aggression is facilitated by cellular imbalance induced by both oxidative stress and essential membrane constituents… In any case…antioxidants and appropriate diets may have a beneficial therapeutic value to control and inhibit…immune deficiency, certainly much better than the poisonous cocktails of DNA-chain terminators incompatible with life such as AZT and similar nucleoside analogues, anti proteases, antibiotics, antifungal agents… prescribed by the members of the orthodox AIDS establishment and capable of producing physical decline even in healthy individuals. In this connection, according to our results, it is no wonder that oxidative stress increases significantly in those patients who were taking these deadly cocktails…”

“The immunological disorders associated with malnutrition were named ‘Nutritionally Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome’ (NAIDS), much before the trumpeting appearance of HIV. Nutrition must be considered a fundamental intervention in the early and ongoing treatment of immunodeficiency; in particular, micronutrients represent important cofactors for the optimal functioning of the immune system and are able to enhance disease resistance in humans and animals.”

“…Probably the increased flux of ROS (reactive oxygen species) may depend on an impaired mitochondrial function…further worsened by the administration of toxic drugs to seropositive patients. For example, it has been shown that AZT widely damages mitochondria by causing ROS overproduction with consequent loss of antioxidants …oxidation of DNA bases, and myopathy [gross atrophy of muscle tissue].”

“Factors capable of inducing oxidative stress ‘in vivo’ and leading causes of immunosuppression: Recreational drugs including amphetamines, nitrites, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, cigarette smoke etc; medication drugs including antiviral, antimicotic, antibiotic, chemotherapeutic, etc.”

“Malnutrition/denutrition, poor sanitation, and parasitic infections represent the main causes of African AIDS.”

“…The same treatment [antioxidants and a nutritious diet] may also produce beneficial effects in symptomatic and AIDS patients, except for those who have reached a critical threshold of no return, condemned by the continuous combined use of antiretroviral and recreational drugs.”

“…When…oxidative stress combined with medication and recreational drug abuses, and emotional distress, have irreversibly undermined the body, leading to a downward spiral of malabsorption, weight loss, wasting, diarrhea, anorexia, body image disturbance etc., it is clear that our oral combined treatment becomes insufficient: the AIDS establishment, mercenary scientific journals and mass media can, with impunity, toast death.”

Continuum vol 5, no. 5, 1999

— Dr. Siro Passi, biochemist, head of the Cell Aging Center of the IDI Research Institute, Rome, former Scientific Director and Head of the Physiopathology Laboratory, St. Gallicano Research Institute, Rome. He asserts that HIV phenomena are the outcome of oxidative stress, not vice versa. Author, with Prof. Ferdinando Ippolito, AIDS — New Frontier, which argues that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS;

— Dr. Chiara De Luca, Cell Aging Center

“While working in the lab today one of my fellow graduate students came into the lab to ask for info on AZT. He told me that his roomate was just given a prescription for AZT. I asked when she was ‘diagnosed’ as HIV +. He said she had not been tested yet. Evidently she works at an AIDS research clinic and had a needle stick injury.

“She filled out the paper work and went to the designated primary care physician. The physician prescribed AZT prophylactically, which she purchased on the way home. She already took her first dose. My fellow graduate student is also a PhD candidate in Virology as I am and was very concerned. His roomate told him that she is leery of the AZT but trusts the physician and was told she had to follow the instructions of the physician or void any future workmans comp claim.

“This was maddening to the both of us as we proceeded to go through texts and medline searches to give her proof that AZT is poison. ‘The Textbook of Human Virology’ spent a few pages on AZT and after reading the text we were both amazed at the ambiguity! How can a DNA chain terminator be helpful??

“Anyway I provided him with as much info as I could and he is going back to try to convince her to stop taking the AZT. Again…she has not even been tested for HIV yet…as if that would mean anything…”

Posting on ‘rethink-chat’

— Derek Hodgkins, PhD candidate, Virology & Waterborne Disease Group, Dept. of Microbiology, University of New Hampshire

“Dear Dr. Duesberg, I am certain that you have been labeled an enemy combatant for conveying the heresy that HIV is a passenger virus in this illness caused by multi-drug toxicity complicated perhaps by anti-sperm antibody and nutritional deficiency.

“I am a great fan of your work. Recently, I attended a lecture here at the University of Miami concerning the use of multi-drug therapy for ‘HIV’ patients who happened to be drug abusing male homosexuals or drug abusing non-homosexuals. The presenter of the talk was describing the alarming rate of cardiovascular disease in those taking the ironically named HAART cocktails. I questioned him on the validity of his data because essentially all in his study were cocaine abusers, a feature which, by itself, increases one’s risk for heart disease.

“Through his inability to really answer my question, he in effect informed me that unfortunately here in the ‘AIDS Epidemic’ in Miami, there were no ‘AIDS’ patients available who were not cocaine abusers.

“It would seem that the HAART drugs are killing ‘HIV’ patients via their toxicity, an adverse effect which may be made worse based on the presence of recreational drugs such as cocaine on board at the same time.”

Letters to Peter Duesberg

— Dr. Kenneth Gross, MD, Miami, Florida

“…Instead, ‘HIV’ test accuracies are established using circular logic; ‘accuracy’ for HIV ELISAs is taken as the fraction of positive people who subsequently test HIV Western blot positive. And ‘accuracy’ for HIV Western blot tests is nothing more than reproducibility (the fraction of positive people who test positive when retested).

“…These pseudo accuracies — each over 99% — are assumed for all people, even those free of the risks and symptoms associated with the syndrome that the purported virus supposedly causes. Yet among risk group members with blood that reacts with these tests — those who test positive — pseudo isolations (‘HIV’ phenomena in stimulated cultures) are achieved for only some of those with AIDS conditions, and for only a few who are symptom-free.

“…So among people with AIDS risks, using pseudo isolations from stimulated cultures as an independent standard, HIV antibody tests are between 41% and 76% accurate for people with AIDS conditions, and between 0% and 16% accurate for those with no symptoms, a far cry from the 99% accuracies established using reproducibility and cross-checking.”

“And what about the real accuracy of HIV tests? That is, accuracy established using the only valid gold standard: isolation from fresh plasma. The Australians [Perth Group] reason that since isolation from fresh plasma has not been achieved under any circumstance, then the true accuracy for all ‘HIV tests’ should be considered zero, and all positive results should be regarded as false. There is no basis for thinking that a virus observed only in stimulated cultures exists in the plasma of any humans, even those who test positive for it as determined by antibody, antigen, ‘viral load’ or any other assay.”

Reappraising AIDS, June, July, Aug, 1997

— Paul Philpott, MSc, Former Editor, Reappraising Aids.

“Dissenters to the HIV-Aids theory say that the entire $120 billion that the US government has spent to date on HIV research has been wasted. They are wrong. That money has bought impeccably built summer homes, pastel-colored swimming pools, BMWs and country club memberships for the many public health officials, scientists and drug company executives who have been its recipients. It’s bought dirty weekends at five-star hotels with their mistresses and lavish trust funds for their children. How can the dissidents say that all that taxpayer money has been wasted?”

“While Tony Fauci and Bob Gallo and Mark Wainberg and Robin Weiss and the rest of the HIV/AIDS establishment luxuriate in the riches that the HIV-AIDS industry has bestowed upon them, some poor 20 year old prostitute in Thailand who is working in some brothel trying to support her children is hanging herself from a light fixture because she was forcibly tested for ‘HIV’ and found positive. Nobody told her that the HIV tests are non-specific, that over 70 conditions can cause false positives, including the common cold, flu, prior pregnancy, and the yaba she takes to help her get through the night.

“Nobody told her that HIV positive test criteria are politically, not medically defined and differ from country to country; that Thailand’s criteria for a positive diagnosis are deliberately set low which results in more positives; that she might be positive in Thailand but negative if tested in Australia or France or the U.S.

“Nobody told her that even the test manufacturers admit, in their package inserts, that the HIV tests cannot detect HIV and should not be used to diagnose HIV. Or that hundreds of accomplished scientists maintain that HIV does not cause AIDS and probably doesn’t even exist.

“All she knew was that her greatest nightmare had suddenly become reality. She was ‘infected,’ the brothel was firing her, the people in her village back home in Burma or China would ostracize her, her parents would throw her out on the street, nobody would ever want to hire her or marry her or even touch her or her children, and she would end up dying in the gutter alone like a small animal hit by a car. This is the reality visited upon the world by the AIDS Public Health and NGO establishment and their accomplices in the media, for all their humanitarian pretensions.”

— Marcel Girodian, Writer; editor (with help from David Crowe and Herve Francois) of these Aids quotations and the list of Rethinkers

“The multi-billion dollar/pound AIDS/HIV fraud is based on two fabrications: that AIDS is a single disease and that it is caused by…the ‘HIV virus’…HIV-positive response means nothing of any relevance to health — it can be triggered by vaccination, malnutrition, M.S., measles, influenza, papilloma virus wart, Epstein Barr virus, leprosy, glandular fever, hepatitis, syphillis…over sixty different conditions.”

“By grouping together 25-plus different diseases and other allied factors — pneumonia, herpes, candidiasis, salmonella, various cancers, infections, vaccine and antibiotic damage, amyl nitrate damage, malnutrition, etc. and, particularly in Africa, TB, malaria, dysentery, leprosy and ‘slim disease’ — and calling the whole thing an ‘AIDS epidemic,’ a multi-billion dollar/pound ‘AIDS research and treatment’ racket has been created.”

“The mythical ‘HIV-induced AIDS plague’ in the Third World generates huge sums of cash from Western relief organisations whilst smokescreening the vaccine/drug boys, responsible for the carnage.”

“Periodically, the BBC/ITV/Press visit Africa/Yugoslavia/ Russia etc. to report on the ‘HIV/AIDS victims’ and how they cannot afford the ‘life-saving AZT.’

“Glaxo Wellcome’s lethal drug, AZT, in combination with the diagnosis of HIV-positive and the prediction, stated or implied, that ‘You will die of AIDS’ is one of the great pieces of Medical Black Magic — Voodoo Medicine at its most impressive: people have committed suicide on the basis of the ludicrous diagnosis.”

“Pregnant women who are HIV-positive have been told to stop breast-feeding, dosed with AZT, have had abortions or have been sterilised. HIV-positive babies who become ill — from vaccination or whatever — are automatically diagnosed as ‘suffering from AIDS.’”

“New Labour ‘Health’ have now announced that all pregnant women in the UK will be ‘offered’ a HIV test. Those who fall for the scam and who are diagnosed as ‘HIV positive’ will be given the chance to have themselves and their unborn child permanently damaged by AZT, etc.”

“AZT began as a ‘cancer drug’ but was withdrawn for being too toxic — like being thrown out of the Gestapo for cruelty. Its effects include cancer, hepatitis, dementia, seizures, anxiety, impotence, leukopaenia, severe nausea, ataxia, etc. and the termination of DNA synthesis., i.e., AIDS/death by prescription…None of which stops the medical trade from pushing it on every trusting sap who is not ill to start with but is labelled with the ‘HIV-positive’ nonsense and then destroyed by AZT, with ‘AIDS’ getting the blame.”

“A particularly good scam is to haul into court someone ‘guilty of deliberately infecting the victim with the HIV virus which causes AIDS’ which then develops into ‘full-blown AIDS’ — no mention of vaccine, antibiotic damage etc., or full-blown AZT.”

The Great “HIV” Hoax

— Dr. Patrick Rattigan, ND, Chesterfield, England

“Why this impressive predominance…of men among the diseased while…women may also be contaminated? Why all this…modification in the delay between contamination and the disease? Why such a sudden change in the classical approach of the antibody phenomenon? Up to now, they were considered a proof of a healthy reaction to a microbial attack…Why the black-out by the media on all disputes on the reigning theory?”

“…The micro-organism…that can kill us years after it has stimulated our immunity is an unprecedented fact in medical history and it at least justifies a re-evaluation of either the HIV-AIDS link or the very conception of the immune system.”

“We have particularly evoked the iatrogenous impact (from the Greek iatros, i.e. caused by medicine) with regard to severe pathologies…This iatrogenous impact [is] the heart of the AIDS phenomenon…”

“What is the impact on the psychism of a patient when he learns that he is seropositive? …[who] suddenly thinks he is condemned to death…? And who can drag other people into the same end? Who has to give up the natural and spontaneous expression of his intimate relations? Who is continuously under medical care and isolated by society?

“…Some will decide to fight the disease…others will ask their partner to leave them and to try to start another life and they will sink in a more and more desperate isolation. A lot, finally, will know panic…each time the least ‘manifestation,’ having become suspect, comes up; which will multiply the examinations, the treatments and will often keep them in a state of anxiety.

“…Some will immediately sink into despair and neglect, withdraw into themselves and wait for their end. The others will reel from it and react relatively well but with that feeling of having the sword of Damocles hanging over their heads: what we would call a conflict in balance ready to reactivate at the slightest occasion…

“Let us summarise…the psychic experience characteristic to the diagnosis…experience of feeling lessened, limited, handicapped, unstructured, disoriented (devalorisation conflict); experience of feeling contaminated, stained, dirtied (conflict of attack on the integrity); experience of fear, insecurity, threat (fear conflict); experience of rejection, isolation (separation conflict)…and the terrible conflict of feeling like a plague-stricken victim doomed to die sooner or later in a ghetto situation…”

“…The real stake of these so-called opportunistic infections lies at the level of the iatrogenous impact; each time that, within the psychism of the patient, a link is created between an infection and the diagnosis of seropositivity or AIDS, there will be a re-stimulation or an extension of the basic conflicts…And it is this series of re-activations that will progressively lead him to the fatal degradation.”

“In its current meaning, the [Aids] myth is ‘a construction of the mind not resting on a bottom of reality.’ And that is really what we tried to do…question what is only a construction of the mind — in this case, a theory — and attract the attention on this reality, as neglected as universal, being the subjective experience of the human being. This, to replace the myth of AIDS by a coherent and verifiable explanation of the pathologies attributed to it.”

“When the myth fades to make the path for the simple observation of each AIDS case, there are no big interrogations anymore on this new disease; a disease, so strange, that it still further escapes the ‘intelligence’ of science. One may so understand that a seropositive continues to be well…while another one is dying…by reconstituting the history of their experience and the cerebral and organic consequences.”

“…Our response is the message we have been putting forward all along…not treat a disease anymore but a diseased human being, the health problems of whom cannot be understood without apprehending him in his globality and thus by taking his psychism into consideration.

“Help the patient to solve all his non-solved conflicts and here information is an essential therapeutic tool. The approach may seem harsh and complicated. In fact, it is even so complex and even so simple as Life itself.”

Infor Vie Saine, Nov-Dec 1992, written under the pseudonym Ch. Randier

— Dr. Michel Henrard, Belgian physician

“From my experience the symptomatic feline AIDS, called Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is always associated with the symptomatic CFIDS condition, as described in my article. Thus, in my experience, the agent/s of CFIDS is/are necessary factors in inducing the ‘open’ illness in asymptomatic seropositive cats… In conclusion, I think and I have substantial evidence to prove that CFIDS agent/s + HIV = AIDS… the hypothesis that HIV is the unique cause of AIDS is not true.”

Comment to Virusmyth

— Dr. Walter Tarello, Veterinary Surgeon, Perugia, Italy

“The fact is, I am now convinced, AIDS is not a disease at all — it is a government program.”

— Tom Bethell, Author, researcher, Hoover Institution, Palo Alto, California

“As a health care professional I have witnessed people with AIDS not only improving their lives after applying the principles outlined in this book [AIDS: A Second Opinion], but more importantly, empowering themselves for the first time to stand up for their privacy and to challenge the destructive rituals of an industry designed to perpetuate itself at the cost of human dignity and lives…I can say without any hesitation that it’s about time we considered what truly helps people with AIDS, even if the answers lie outside of our circle of the proverbial scientific ‘known’ that we try so fiercely to protect with a righteous defensiveness.”, June 11, 2002

— Luanne Pennesi, RN, MS, President of Metropolitan Wellness Center, New York, NY

“You have just learned that you are seropositive. The doctor explained you that you had caught virus HIV and that you were likely, in a few months or a few years, to develop AIDS…

“You returned home, terrorized, passing from despair to rage, revolted against life and God. You had the impression of having fallen into a black hole. You called me for help…

“…We are in the Middle Ages of the medical art. If chemical, surgical and radiotherapy technologies have made extraordinary great strides, the great principles of traditional medicine were forgotten by modern orthodox medicine.

“The human being is not composed of a physical body only but also of an emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body…Modern technological medicine deals only with the physical body, it believes that the diseases come from outside, that ‘they are caught.’

“That is false! As Hippocrates said more than two thousand years ago, ‘all the diseases are only the consequence of our practices of life.’… AIDS is only the result of an immuno-destructive way of life.”

“…The proof that this is indeed the virus which destroys the immune system was never produced…It is a toxic way of life (drugs being one of the more striking examples) which leads to AIDS and not the presence of virus HIV.”

“It is necessary that you read some writings of Duesberg and the Group for the Reappraisal of the Hiv-Aids Hypothesis. You will be amazed by the scientific rigour, the clarity and the good direction of these scientists… whereas the remarks of the doctor who frightened you are only the dogmas of a medical church which shows an obscurantism comparable to that of the priests of the Middle Ages.”

“[Do not allow] medical tests to poison your life by distilling the venom of fear. There is nothing more immuno-destructive than fear.” (translated from French)

“Letter to a seropositive friend”

— Dr. Christian Tal Schaller, MD, Director, Institut de Santé Globale (Institute of Total Health), Taulignan, France; Author,SIDA Espoir (AIDS Hope)

“Thirteen years ago, the UN agencies were saying much the same about Uganda being ‘the hardest hit’ in Africa and how Uganda’s ‘heavily infected’ population would be wiped out in a matter of years. That dire prediction never came to pass. Now in AIDS circles, the talk is about the ‘Ugandan miracle.’ So what happened to Uganda’s ‘heavily infected’ population?”

“In their haste to do Africa’s image the most harm, the UN agencies do not apparently cross-check with one another, or even co-ordinate their figures before rushing to announce. In Tokyo, while UNAIDS bamboozled the 51 African countries present at the TICAD II conference with the ‘fact’ that: ‘Of the 31 million adults and children living with HIV/AIDS worldwide, 21 million of them live in Africa’, the UN population survey barely two weeks later was telling the world: ‘Of the 30 million persons in the world currently infected with HIV, 26 million or 86% reside in 34 [African] countries. In addition, 91% of all AIDS deaths in the world have occurred in these 34 countries.’ So who do we believe? UNAIDS or the UN Population Division?”

“‘It’s a lie, the figures are all lies, the biggest lie of the century,’ said an African doctor attending the TICAD II conference in Tokyo. He did not want to be named out of fear that his career prospects could be harmed by the AIDS Establishment. The attempt by the Establishment to destroy the reputations and careers of dissenters challenging the HIV=AIDS=Death hypothesis, is a very troubling one.”

“Africans can safely go to sleep with the knowledge that the alleged 26 million of their countrymen, women and children living with HIV/AIDS are mere ‘calculations’ made by a ‘microcomputer programme’ using a ‘spreadsheet model’ prepared by the discredited and now defunct WHO Global Programme on AIDS. The figures, therefore, do not reflect the true situation on the ground.

“In the past, these extremely alarming figures are known to have been used to cajole governments and institutions into giving more money to the UN agencies and others dealing with AIDS.

“To Africans, the most troubling aspect is that people around the world do take these figures at face value, and thus believe that almost every African is riddled with the HIV virus from head to toe and only waiting to die of AIDS in 10 years time or so, if not dying now.”

New African Dec. 1998

— Baffour Ankomah, Journalist, New African Magazine

“I chose to summarize a clinical history. The one of a person who, in spite of undergoing symptoms associated to AIDS, did not present/display antibodies to HIV…I added the importance of the feeling of ‘resignation’ in immunodepressed patients.”

“…Already an endless series of contradictions between different publications…was demonstrated… I led myself…step by step to differentiate all the probable intervening processes in the acquired immunodeficiency. And…to indicate the disagreement of so many investigators. Concluding…with the obvious question if it really was clear what was the ‘cause’ of AIDS.”

“[Aids scientists] usually say that there are many variants of HIV. If HIV has never been isolated, perhaps the day will arrive when it is admitted that, due to the many mutations, the so many variants of same family HIV, like there are not two identical snowflakes, indeed, all have been particles, instead of an ‘entity’ (retrovirus) isolated… confirming that, rather than due to ‘mistakes of HIV,’ the mistakes or mutations were those of a few ‘scientists.’” [Translated from Spanish]

AIDS. Psychologic and immunologic perspectives

— Laura Elena Billiet, Psychologist, Buenos Aires, Argentina; author, HIV-Sida. La época de Inmunodeficiencia (HIV-AIDS. The era of immunodeficiency)

“Thanks for your attention and, more important, thanks for your efforts on the AIDS issue (in this sense it is irrelevant if you are right or not; it is important that alternatives are presented and explored).”

Letter to Dr. Peter Duesberg

— Valter Sergo, Professor, Materials Engineering and Applied Chemistry Dept., University of Trieste, Italy

“…Some other scientists have been swept along by the hype and simply failed to maintain scientific standards in their work. This is once again reminiscent of the HIV=AIDS scandal where job security and funding come first and foremost — above real science.”

Global Warming or Urban Heating? Borderland web site

— Michael Theroux, Director, Borderland Scientific Research Foundation

“I wrote a book with Peter Duesberg — ‘AIDS: The Good News is that HIV Doesn’t Cause It; The Bad News is that Recreational Drugs and Medical Treatments Like AZT Do.’ The way they determine that a person is HIV-positive is — they don’t look for HIV virus, they look for HIV antibodies. If they find HIV antibodies, they say, ‘This person is going to get AIDS or has AIDS.’ Just based on the antibodies. Now they want to develop a vaccine for AIDS, so they can give it to the entire population, so everybody will be antibody positive, so everybody will ‘have’ AIDS. It is so absolutely absurd.

“What’s fueling this whole thing is the profits that the drug companies — they can sell their horrible drugs, like AZT which is a deadly, deadly substance that basically will kill any cell that’s growing.”

Natural Healthline Sep 15, 1999

— Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, PhD, Biochemist. Biochemical editor for Chemical Abstracts Service, Science Director of the National Health Federation. Co-editor of the scientific journal, Fluoride. Co-author of AIDS: The Good News is that HIV Doesn’t Cause It; The Bad News is that Recreational Drugs and Medical Treatments Like AZT Do

“I want to assure you that Continuum Magazine has become part of KAIP’s archives on AIDS education, prevention and training. Through this publication we have managed to read much of Prof. Peter Duesberg’s research work. We need much information on truth about AIDS…”

Letter to Continuum, Winter, 1997/8

— Dr. Hillary S. Maloba, Kenya AIDS Intervention Project, Mumias, Kenya

“…There is one dim corner of science in particular, where there is every sign that the public interest is being mugged daily by the arrogance and bias of scientists, and even science editors. I refer to the science of AIDS. What has happened over the past decade in AIDS is a tutorial in how supposedly ideal science as practiced under modern conditions may be massively subverted by careerist politics and possibly unconscious self-interest.”

“Year after year, the position that HIV is the cause of AIDS is maintained by the scientific establishment in the teeth of a gale of findings that cast doubt on the idea.”

“…This sole exhibit of the prosecution is vitiated by a circularity; according to the CDC, if HIV is present, the disease symptom (for example tuberculosis) must be AIDS, and if it isn’t, then it’s not. To add to the illogic, critics count more than 4000 references in the scientific literature to patients whose symptoms were classified AIDS although HIV was absent, and the CDC acknowledges that a positive test for HIV has not been documented in over 43,000 of the 253,000 cases registered in the US by 1992.”

“…The chief exponent of review was a senior, prizewinning retrovirologist [Duesberg], who first urged reassessment in Cancer Research, a leading journal, and then [in] the most reputable scientific journal in the world, The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, eight years ago. (Both articles are so far without reply in the same journals, though at the time of the Proceedings article Robert Gallo, the NIH scientist who invented the HIV-AIDS theory, promised the editors a refutation).”

Limits of Science, Cultural Studies Times, Fall 1995

“…The difficulty in AIDS, however, is that an unproven scientific claim…has been universally adopted as valid, even though conventional scientific review has called it into very serious doubt…”

“…Determined to get to the bottom of this conflict, I conveyed point and counter point between the two camps until the issues involved seemed exhausted. In doing so I noticed that Duesberg would act responsibly. He would take every point raised against him into account, and answer it fully from the evidence. His opponents would typically answer his points with disparagement and dismissal. Politics, rather than science, was being brought to bear to repress rather than answer his arguments.”

“This politics of incuriosity soon extended into my own profession. There was an initial honeymoon period, in which my report that Duesberg had a most convincing case provoked surprised interest from editors. But eventually it became difficult to sell them on covering the dispute, despite the enormous stakes involved in terms of dollars and lives. An editor at Science asked me if I could find something else to write about. An editor at Omni, a popular science magazine, ordered me not to mention Duesberg’s name ever again…”

“There is no point in going through all the many stark problems in the AIDS-HIV paradigm that Duesberg and others have pointed to. They begin with the fact that tests for HIV were positive in only 88% of the [AIDS] patients sampled by Robert Gallo in the papers on which the unconventional hypothesis was founded, and HIV was claimed isolated in only 41% (26 of 63). They end with the fact that no better proof has been produced in the years since.”

“Instead, there have been years of accumulating outrages to common sense. Among them: the blood of AIDS patients contains too little HIV, it infects too few T4 cells, it replicates in vitro harmlessly in the same cells…The chief difficulty for dissenters now is that virtually all of the data of the field rests on the assumption that HIV is the cause. The presence of the virus defines AIDS. Even its name is self-serving: Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This circularity is one of the paradoxical complications that wall off the ruling paradigm from examination and protect it from public review.”

“A short list of the inconsistencies inherent in the paradigm: the different symptoms in different global regions, and the strange inability of the phenomenon to behave like an infectious disease in North America…with the number of Americans who are positive for HIV remaining steady at one million or less throughout the…epidemic. Instead, the sensationally heralded US heterosexual outbreak has never occurred, while African and Asian AIDS is reported as entirely heterosexual, actively infectious and spreading alarmingly, though confirming testing is severely limited, and the totals of all deaths in the countries concerned do not rise significantly.”

“Those versed in traditional biology can, however, judge a priori how far fetched the HIV hypothesis’s rationale is, and how unlikely its logical pillars, set against conventional understanding of retroviruses and disease. After seventeen years, incredibly, there is still no paper in science which anyone can reference which rises to the level of proof that Duesberg is wrong, and that HIV causes AIDS or indeed any illness of any kind…the hypothesis that HIV causes AIDS…remains mere speculation.”

“Unfortunately, the assumption that it has been proven is so universal, and so universally used as the premise of any research, that there is virtually no data free of it. Thus, what was a supposition to be tested has become accepted as a fact, proven by a circularity. Data gathered using the assumption that HIV causes AIDS are offered as ‘overwhelming’ evidence of the assumption.”

“But the most significant tip off to outsiders is the endless list of challenges to common sense inherent in the seventeen year old hypothesis…to believe in AIDS, we have to believe in a viral disease where the virus’s rate of infection (1 in 1000 sexual contacts) is outdone by human reproduction (1 in 10); a cell killing retrovirus, when retroviruses never kill cells; a virus provided to labs in immortal cultures of the same T cells it is said to kill off; a fatal virus that cannot be found in most patients, even dying ones, only antibodies to it; a disease where patients with merely antibodies can nevertheless die of the disease; a disease whose nature varies from place to place, almost exclusively a homosexual and drug user ailment in North America and Europe, but heterosexual elsewhere; a disease that correlates with drug use in North America and Europe, yet is alleviated or prevented by a bowl full of other damaging and lethal drugs, never proved to be helpful; a disease whose mechanism, including an up-to-twenty-year delay in onset, is as yet quite unexplained; a cell killing disease that causes cell multiplying cancer, with no trace of the virus in the cancer; and a disease said to be a killer epidemic in Haiti and South Africa, with no very significant change in overall mortality, and long endemic in sub-Saharan Africa, where a population explosion has nonetheless added 250 million people in two decades.”

“Let’s pause for a breath, before we complete the list. For that’s hardly all.

“We also have to believe in an epidemic mapped in Africa by the WHO without the benefit of AIDS tests; a viral epidemic uniquely without initial exponential growth and bell-shaped rise and fall; a viral epidemic which has not found immunity anywhere; a killer disease where no doctor, nurse or researcher working with it has caught the disease; a disease with risk group, lifestyle and malnutrition specific symptoms; a disease whose every symptom is shared with other diseases—in fact, a disease which would in every case be counted as those other diseases except for the supposed presence of antibodies to the ‘virus that causes AIDS;’ a viral epidemic without a sign of a promising vaccine despite the best funded army of researchers in history; a viral disease which soon achieves the antibodies of vaccination of its own accord; and a virus transmitted 25-50% by birth which has produced no epidemic among children.”

“That list is long enough, I think you will agree, that a New Yorker such as myself might be forgiven for saying ‘If you can believe all that, I have a bridge I would like to sell you.’”

“…Even more political and irrational was the one page advertisement in the New York Times published to counter dissent in AIDS, signed by a list of mainstream scientists and health officials. This declaration of faith in the ruling hypothesis was graced with the headline: ‘HIV Causes AIDS: To Argue Otherwise Costs Lives.’ The claim was another blatant paralogism, of course. If the dissenters are right, ‘arguing otherwise’ will save lives.”

“In the AIDS debate, the leaders of the field, the major media and other supporters of the status quo have generally preferred not to answer the arguments raised, but to ignore them or detract from and vilify the dissenter. Duesberg is routinely painted as a tiresome maverick in media reports that prejudice the public against him and demean his status as a respected, qualified reviewer.”

“The now almost automatic support of overseas governments is possibly related to the prospect of expanded aid from the US and the UN if they adopt the HIV-AIDS model. In July 2000, for example, the US announced a plan to offer $1 billion annually to sub-Saharan nations to buy American AIDS drugs and medical services.”

“The outcome is a situation where the unproven claim of one individual scientist, Robert Gallo, certified by the federal government before publication, confirmation or review, has been adopted by colleagues in the field without final proof and despite contradicting review, and certified by national and international institutions around the world…Thus the conformity reinforces itself. Set against this universal institutional endorsement, any challenge to orthodoxy appears ridiculous to the general public.”

“There is no need to accuse the members of the establishment of conscious corruption. But most people in the field and their laboratories, not to mention their houses, wives, children, dogs and vacations, are funded by the reigning paradigm, and it would be an economic earthquake for them if there was a sudden turnaround in the world’s belief in HIV as the cause of AIDS.”

“At present, conventional AIDS scientists are highly respected and well endowed. To expect them to welcome review and demolition of their reigning hypothesis is unrealistic. They have no practical alternative to resistance if they are to keep their perks.”

“Large scientific meetings are a big factor in inducing conformity, I am sure. A richly funded paradigm will engender many conferences and seminars that bond participants in mutual ideology in the same way as political rallies. The assemblies in huge auditoria that have characterized AIDS conferences over the last decade have boasted trappings that remind one of the hysterical rabble rousing of Nazi Germany—vast stages, spotlit speakers, loud microphones, giant screens with graphs and slides projected too rapidly for critical inspection. In smaller AIDS seminars, the hypnotic effect may be weaker, but there is the same paralyzing effect on independent thought, since the paradigm is ever present as an unexamined premise.”

“Whistleblowing is generally punished by group rejection in America…Even whistleblowers who are completely vindicated as their allegations are confirmed tend to be fired and ostracized. In science, dissent from a profitable paradigm evokes the same tyranny.”

Conference for Science and Democracy, Institute for Philosophical Studies, Naples, Italy, April 20, 2001

— Anthony F. Liversidge, Science Writer and contributing editor at Omni Magazine

“That AIDS is caused by a sexually transmitted virus named HIV is anchored in the minds of most people, including scientists, as firmly as the fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. No wonder, given that the phrase ‘HIV, the virus that causes AIDS’ is repeated like a mantra by the media and the medical establishment. And yet, there are many reasonable, even compelling scientific arguments against this theory and the treatments and policies derived from it. These arguments have been published in lay publications as well as in peer-reviewed scientific journals since 1987, but the AIDS mainstream remains in complete denial.

“Mainstream AIDS researchers, bureaucrats and so-called educators generally act like this challenge does not exist, and when they are forced to comment on it, they usually dismiss it using ridicule, ad-hominem attacks, appeals to scientific majoritarianism and empty claims that these kinds of ideas have been disproved long ago. They often justify their actions with the political argument that debate would confuse the public and the political decision makers.

“Gallo’s original Science papers, a relevant section of which is reproduced here, claimed ‘isolation’ of HIV only in 30.2% of adult AIDS cases with Kaposi’s sarcoma, and 47.6% of adult AIDS cases with opportunistic infection. This is the evidence based on which Gallo, with the blessings of Reagan’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, Margaret Heckler, told the world press on April 23th, 1984 (two weeks before publication of the Science papers), that he had found the ‘probable cause of AIDS’!

“The word ‘probable’ was forgotten within days, ‘HIV positivity’, as measured by Gallo’s own test, was incorporated into the AIDS definition and research into all other possible causes of AIDS ceased. Everyone was happy — gay activists had their politically correct equal opportunity killer that would surely strike heterosexuals any time now, scientists like Gallo had billions of research funding coming their way and people with AIDS or at risk for AIDS had new hope that this new nightmare would soon be over. No one cared that Gallo had made an end run around the scientific method. Results were already accepted as true when they had not been discussed, critiqued or independently replicated. No such process was possible anymore in the ‘foregone conclusion’ atmosphere created by Gallo’s succesful PR stunt and the official imprimatur given to his alleged discovery by the US government.

“20 years after Gallo’s claim to have discovered a new virus that causes AIDS, and despite $100 billion in research thrown in that direction, conventional AIDS thinking still cannot explain how HIV supposedly kills CD4 helper cells, meaning that the foundational assumption of the HIV theory of AIDS is still unproven. An article titled ‘HIV-1 Pathogenesis’ by Mario Stevenson, a professor of molecular medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (Nature Medicine, July 2003, ‘20 Years of HIV Science’) makes the following admissions:

“‘There is a general misconception that more is known about HIV-1 than about any other virus and that all of the important issues regarding HIV-1 biology and pathogenesis have been resolved’.

‘ is debatable whether lymphocyte damage is due to the direct killing of infected cells…’

‘Despite considerable advances in HIV science in the past 20 years, the reason why HIV-1 infection is pathogenic is still debated.’

‘Since the recognition of this syndrome in 1981, considerable efforts have gone into identifying the mechanism by which HIV-1 causes disease and two major hypotheses have been forwarded.’

“A translation of these statements into plain English would read like the following. ‘The media did a really good job creating the impression that we know what we’re doing. We still can’t prove that HIV destroys the immune system. We have some guesses, but despite a herculean, 20-year research effort, we haven’t been able to substantiate them. We still have no proof that HIV infection causes any pathology whatsoever.”

“There is evidence that so-called HIV tests are unspecific and therefore have some value in predicting disease and for screening blood supplies; however, they do not prove infection with a deadly sexually transmitted virus.

“‘HIV’ tests are said to be extremely accurate not because they have been calibrated against a ‘gold standard’ test (which does not exist), but simply because they have been designed by purely empirical means to react positive to the blood of most people who have been diagnosed with AIDS (who are all presumed to have HIV), and negative to the blood of most people who do not have AIDS (and are therefore presumed not to have HIV). The result [was] unspecific tests that react to a wide variety of medical conditions which were present in the early AIDS victims (but still manage to contradict each other). Put differently, so-called HIV tests are more likely to be empirical ‘at-risk for AIDS’ tests, making the epidemiological correlation between testing ‘HIV positive’ and subsequent risk of developing AIDS a tautology. To say that this correlation proves that HIV causes AIDS is circular reasoning. Test that were designed based on the assumption that people with AIDS have ‘HIV’ cannot then be said to prove this assumption. Test makers admit in their own literature that ‘there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of HIV-1 antibody in human blood’.

“Nowadays, the practice of treating healthy people who tested ‘HIV positive’ with chemotherapy that causes AIDS-defining diseases has made the relationship between a positive test and development of AIDS a self-fulfilling prophecy for those who elect to undergo drug treatment.

“The AIDS industry dismisses these criticisms by claiming that various HIV tests ‘confirm’ each other. But this is just more circular reasoning. ELISA is said to be confirmed by Western Blot, but Western Blot is just a different way of testing for antibodies to the same proteins that ELISA tests for but have never been shown to represent a sexually transmitted virus that causes the diseases categorized as ‘AIDS’. There are different standards in different countries for interpreting WB; a positive WB in the United States may be a negative WB in Australia.”

“After twenty years, it is fair to ask how much predictive power the HIV theory has shown. The ultimate justification of a scientific theory lies in its predictive value. The HIV theory of AIDS theory has been a complete failure in this department.

“The epidemiology of AIDS is not, and has never been the epidemiology of an infectious disease. Despite the constantly expanding definition of AIDS, the heterosexual AIDS epidemic in the developed world, universally predicted by experts in the 1980s based on the HIV theory, has never happened, even though the heterosexual population does not use condoms consistently. In the developed world, AIDS remains confined to the original risk groups — gay or bisexual men who engage in receptive anal sex with many different partners and drug users. Of the vanishingly small number of cases of allegedly heterosexual transmission of ‘HIV’ in the developed world, most do not hold up to closer investigation and are subsequently reclassified into one of the established high- risk categories — if such investigation takes place, that is. Female to male sexual ‘transmission’ of ‘HIV’ has not been shown to exist at all, and male to female ‘transmission’ is tied to anal sex.”

“The sharp decline in absolute numbers of AIDS deaths in the mid-1990s that is usually attributed to protease inhibitors was already in full swing when protease inhibitors were introduced in 1996/1997 and was therefore not caused by protease inhibitors. A study published in JAMA in 1994 showed that median survival time of people with AIDS‘93 [Aids according to the 1993 definition] in the 1987-1991 period was 60 months, while the median survival time in the age of combination therapy is only 48 months, according to mainstream researchers. This suggests that protease inhibitors decrease, rather than increase, the life expectancy of people with AIDS‘93. The AIDS industry and its media mouthpieces routinely claim the exact opposite, by contrasting median survival times of people with AIDS‘93 in the 1990s to median survival times of people with AIDS’87 [Aids according to the 1987 definition] in the late 1980s. For example, this Reuters story simply states,

‘A study of the 394,705 Americans found to have AIDS from 1984 to 1997, and reported to the surveillance system of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, showed that median survival times rose to 46 months from 11 months during the period.’

“The educated CDC scientists who came to this conclusion could not possibly have been unaware that they were comparing apples and oranges. It is reasonable to surmise that their priority was the political correctness rather than the scientific integrity of their results.

“The unwavering belief of mainstream AIDS doctors in the life-prolonging effects of drugs that destroy the bone marrow, the liver and the digestive tract is all the more astounding given that protease inhibitors were approved by FDA solely based on David Ho’s now completely discredited ‘hit hard, hit early’ theory. It was universally acknowledged even by mainstream researchers in the mid-1990s that these drugs are way too toxic for long-term use. People were meant to undergo high-intensity chemotherapy for a limited time period to eradicate HIV infection completely, then go off the drugs. This rationale collapsed years ago, but instead of discontinuing use of this failed therapy, the AIDS industry is putting HIV positive people on HAART indefinitely.

“When these people predictably develop severe disease, they are said to suffer from ‘HIV-related’ health problems. Anemia caused by drugs is called ‘HIV-related anemia’. Lipodystrophy, an abnormal, disfiguring redistribution of body fat caused by protease inhibitors is called ‘HIV-related Lipodystrophy’. Serostim, a synthetic growth hormone that is prescribed to counter weight loss can cause ‘HIV-related’ diabetes.

“A recent news story reports on a study that shows that ‘people infected with HIV’ (but actually people treated with combination therapy) face a significantly higher risk of developing heart disease. It ends with a mind boggling quote from the lead researcher that the research ‘did not prove that the cocktail itself was to blame’ and that ‘the AIDS virus itself could be a cause’, even though every last subject in that study had been treated with combination therapy including protease inhibitors, and ‘HIV’ had never been known to cause heart disease in the decade before protease inhibitors were introduced. Is there anything this miracle virus can’t do?

“There is considerable anecdotal evidence that HIV positive people, especially those who have come in contact with alternative views of HIV and AIDS and do not believe that their HIV+ diagnosis is a death sentence, can live healthy, normal lives without taking pharmaceutical drugs. Unfortunately, the AIDS establishment has no interest whatsoever in studying this group of people. It is correct that so-called long-term non-progressors are being studied, but only as statistical oddities, or as beneficiaries of genetic mutation that renders ‘HIV’ harmless, or the non-progressor impervious to its effects. No attempts are ever made to explore the connection between survival and refusal to listen to conventional AIDS doctors and their treatment advice.

“There is considerable evidence that therapy with high doses of nutrients such as Glutathione, Selenium and Vitamin C improves the prognosis of people with ‘AIDS’ tremendously. There is also evidence that due to the hostility of mainstream medicine towards alternatives, many patients do not share with their mainstream doctors that they are using alternative therapies concurrently. A 1998 study published in the The Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that more than 60% of patients who use conventional and alternative medicine concurrently do not tell their conventional doctors about it. There is no reason to assume that figure would be lower among HIV+ people. In addition, there is an unknown amount of people who hold prescriptions for antivirals, but instead of taking them, flush them down the toilet, rely solely on alternative care and then lie to their conventional doctor. Either way, false clinical data points are created that ‘treatment compliance’ causes improvement.”

“But the AIDS industry and its allies are not interested in entertaining alternative theories of AIDS, or exploring alternative treatment strategies.

“The pharmaceutical industry generates billions of dollars of profit every year from the sale of AIDS test kits, grotesquely overpriced AIDS drugs and secondary drugs to reduce the side effects of the primary drugs. Those billions of profits would turn into trillions of legal liability if it were proved that those AIDS drugs were worthless, or worse, that these drugs, not HIV, killed most people who died from AIDS in the developed world after 1987.

“Government bureaucracies, full-time AIDS ‘educators’ and lobbying groups survive on the continued flow of public funds that depends on the continued hysterical, unsubstantiated belief that we are living in the middle of a growing epidemic of a lethal, sexually transmitted virus. Those funds would dry up if it became general knowledge that in absolute numbers, AIDS is a completely insignificant health problem, and that AIDS in the developed world remains confined to the original risk groups.

“Medical journals and non-scientific publications alike (especially gay magazines) receive enormous amounts of money for AIDS drug advertisements, and have therefore no interest in publishing information that is critical of the AIDS-HIV hypothesis.

“Mainstream doctors who prescribe expensive AIDS drugs (and get kickbacks from the pharma industry for it) derive their ethical justification from the belief that these drugs extend lives, not destroy them. They are not interested in theories that imply that they have been killing their patients. This entire industry, including AIDS charities and AIDS activists who are clamoring for cheaper drugs have committed themselves firmly and irreversibly to the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. Their credibility, their source of income and the very morality of their actions are tied to it. There could not be a more perfect example of a fundamental conflict of interest.”

“No one in the AIDS industry is therefore interested in a critical reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. Scientists who dare to publicly question the HIV-AIDS hypothesis will find their career in shambles, themselves publicly branded as ‘AIDS denialists’, compared to holocaust deniers and banned from communicating their research. One of these scientists is Peter Duesberg, a Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley and one of the world’s leading experts on retroviruses. Duesberg published a seminal paper in 1987 showing that HIV could not possibly be the cause of AIDS, and that recreational drugs are the most likely cause of AIDS. But instead of testing Duesberg’s theory, the AIDS industry simply destroyed his career, cut off his funding and tried to move on as if nothing had happened.

“Seventeen years later, the dissident challenge to the HIV theory of AIDS still stands, and is stronger than ever. Cornerstones of the HIV-AIDS hypothesis, such as the validity of HIV testing, have been torn to shreds years ago. When confronted with the dissident body of thought and its proponents, mainstream AIDS researchers, doctors and activists usually react with anger, name-calling (‘denialists’) and empty claims that the dissident challenge has been ‘debunked’ when it fact it has never been investigated in good faith.

“By refusing open debate on the grounds that doing so would cost lives, the AIDS mainstream is of course begging the question. If the dissident position is correct, then it is the mainstream belief system about AIDS that is costing lives. But this kind of thinking is typical for mainstream responses to dissident arguments. The dissident challenge is never discussed in good faith, and its complete invalidity is assumed as a premise, not derived as a result of an open-ended scientific process. It would thus be appropriate to speak of ‘AIDS theology’ rather than of ‘AIDS science’ when referring to mainstream opinion on AIDS, since thinking is only acceptable and welcome within the boundaries of a fixed doctrine.”

— Rochus Börner, PhD, Mathematics, Arizona State University. Science writer

“No scientific literature exists that proves HIV is the cause of AIDS or any other illness. Its validity is based on officious pronouncements by a one-time authority at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and based on a narrow range of behavior in lab-controlled environments.

It is the same supposed authority, Dr. Robert Gallo, head of key NIH cancer labs, beginning in 1974, who would become the driving force behind the expenditure of more than $1 billion in cancer research. This is the same research that has produced much faulty research while accompanied by the growth of an AIDS epidemic out of control…”

‘Articles of Health’ blog posting. 2007 May 6.

— Robert O. Young, DSc, PhD. Researcher into the impact of foods and liquids on the delicate pH balance of blood plasma and cells. Author of The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health, and Sick and Tired? Reclaim Your Inner Terrain.

“An NCI grantee scientist, Dr. Peter Duesberg of California / Berkeley, has published a paper in a scientific journal which concludes that the HTLV-III / HIV virus identified by Dr. Gallo and Dr. Montagnier is not the cause of AIDS and that the disease is caused by ‘a still unidentified agent’ which may not even be a virus…The article apparently went through the normal pre-publication process and should have been flagged at NIH…This obviously has the potential to raise a lot of controversy (if this isn’t the virus, how do we know the blood supply is safe? How do we know anything about transmission? How could you all be so stupid and why should we ever believe you again?) and we need to be prepared to respond. I have already asked NIH public affairs to start digging into this.”

— Chuck Kline, MEDIA ALERT, April 28, 1987, US Dept of Health and Human Services, addressed to officials from the Health Department, the Surgeon General, the White House and a government PR operative.

“Having devoted a great deal of time to researching the subjects of HIV and AIDS, I am absolutely convinced that HIV does not cause AIDS, and that virtually everything that the public has been told about HIV and AIDS is a deliberate lie.”

“These two conclusions would become obvious to anyone with a little common sense who takes the time to read up on the counter arguments to the HIV myth. Everyone should come to the forum on April 22, and find out what the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical companies don’t want them to know about HIV/AIDS.”

“First of all we can not trust the HIV tests. They have been proven suspect in many cases and there are many ways to get false positives, including pregnancy or even if you just had a flu shot. We have to question the whole process.”

The Black World Today, 04-21-2000

— Curtis Cost, Black activist and author of What Is Safe Sex In The Age of AIDS?

“The greatest threat to life in the United States and the rest of the world is not the thirty diseases called “AIDS,” it is the $25 billion ‘AIDS’ industry composed of government, academic, medical, and industrial interests in the United States.”

“The odds of a healthy non-drug using heterosexual getting ‘AIDS’ are the same as for getting hit by lightning.”

“I have concluded that ‘AIDS’ is a scientifically dishonest construct, and, as exemplified in the death of my friend Arthur Ashe, the lies that we have been told make it all the more deadly.”

Black Lies, White Lies

— Tony Brown, MSW, Journalist, Founding Dean of the School of Communications at Howard University; Coordinator of the historic ‘Walk To Freedom’ March with Martin Luther King, Jr.; Producer and host of Tony Brown’s Journal on PBS; Advisor to the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations; Author, Black Lies, White Lies

“Medical Science has historically stumbled over itself to hide its mistakes and misjudgments…not to mention its malfeasance. The construct, ‘AIDS’, and its purported (yet undemonstrated) cause, ‘HIV’, are merely two of the many blunders.”

January 19, 2005

— M. Dennis Paul, PhD, Thought Addiction Specialist, Counselor/Therapist, Windsor, New Hampshire

“[Gordon] Moran documents the scandal involving AIDS research, where vested interests in what he calls the ‘scientific-government-pharmaceutical complex’ have combined to convince the world that AIDS is caused by a virus. At the same time the complex has deliberately sought to silence Professor Peter Duesberg, once the world’s most renowned virologist and now a sidelined and suppressed voice who has to scrabble around for publishers willing to let him prove to the world that AIDS is not virus-induced, as evidenced by the existence both of HIV-free AIDS sufferers and of HIV-positive people who have been in the best of health for years.

“Vested interests, such as the millions of pounds channeled into AIDS research—the AIDS gravy train— [should not be] allowed.”

Review of “Silencing Scientists,” The Spectator (UK) Feb 20, 1999

— Dr. David S. Oderberg, D.Phil. (Oxford), Professor of Philosophy, University of Reading, UK

“Today I am totally convinced that HIV does not exist and that AIDS is an invention of things already well known.”

“Multitudes of top rank scientists, among them two Nobel prize winners, question the official version, demanding to know who has demonstrated evidence for the Hiv affirmations?”

“The viral load tests claims to find millions of HIV per milliliter, but they have no photograph of these viruses in the blood. AIDS is an inadmissible artificial diagnosis.”

“All the scientific information about Aids except the official version has been silenced.”

“AIDS maintains an industry that moves astronomical amounts of money in patents, tests, drugs, whose multinational corporations finance the Aids research… even the Aids charities, which then become collaborators.”

“Based on data offered by the WHO and the drug companies, there are in the world 34 million patients and carriers of HIV and each person that receives drugs contributes to these industries an average annual gain of $24,000 which supposes a possible global average annual gain of $816,000,000,000.”

“Whose economic interests really hide the truth about Aids? To date the drugs designed to combat the supposed HIV have not cured a single person. Those who have used them have died or are dying.”

“I have seen some people approach death until embracing it, because they were already very intoxicated by the medicines, but I have friends, given an irreversible prognosis of Aids, that stopped the medicines, started using medicinal plants, practiced healthy living with vitamins and minerals, increasing their natural defenses, who are living a normal life, happy, having overcome the worst of Aids.”

“If a person is notified he has AIDS and has left X months of life, the impact is so strong that all the metabolism reacts with fear, distress and terror. And this is one of the factors that contribute to destruction of the defenses of the individual and to the consequent proliferation of the diseases.”

“The antiviral treatments (AZT, ddl, ddc, d4t, 3tc, Abacavir, Adofovir, Nevirapine, Delavirdine, Efavirenz, Saquinavir, Ritonavir, Indinavir, Nelfinavir, Ampreanavir, etc.) can produce indirect effects like headaches, nausea, fever, suppression of immune cells, wasting of muscular mass, hepatitis, acidosis, disorientation, confusion, liver failure, heart attacks, pancreatitis, neuropathy, arthritis, insomnia, anxiety, dry mouth, nervousness, diminution of red blood cells, diarrhea, anemia, pains, fatigue, allergies, anorexia, gases, depression, lipodystrophy, increase of cholesterol, changes in the appearance of the face…They are annihilating medicines of the alive being.”

“Recently I finished an investigative work that I have titled HIV/AIDS, a Great Lie…to make a call to the conscience of society in general, mainly to those called HIV positive or ill with Aids, to doctors and scientists, all those people of good faith and altruistic sense, in this invented problem that has cost so many lives, to try to offer an incentive, and clarity in the reality of this event…to get rid of the sentence ‘HIV positive.’” (translated from Spanish)

— Dr. Gerardo Sanchez, PhD, Nutritionist, Miami, Florida; Author, VIH/SIDA, Una Gran Mentira (HIV/AIDS, a Great Lie); President, USAS, Union por Soluciones Alternativas para el SIDA (Organization for Alternative Solutions for AIDS) and Director of

“From 1990 to 1992, the proportion of heterosexuals (aged 18-49) in high risk American cities who reported multiple sexual partners increased from 15% to 19%, while condom sales decreased by 1%, and 65% of respondents admitted they used condoms either sporadically or not all. Americans are not practicing safe sex and for this reason teen pregnancies and venereal diseases are on the rise. Yet ‘AIDS’ cases continue to decrease sharply and even the fraction of Americans that is assumed to be HIV-antibody positive has declined from an estimated 1 million in 1985 to 700,000 in 1996.”

American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 85, #11 (Nov 1995), pp. 1492-99

— Catania Joseph A., et. al, Aids Researchers

“It’s been a year where there’s been a painful reassessment of all the assumptions that have been the foundation of AIDS science during the past decade. People have been forced to admit uncertainties they were unwilling to admit before. That’s what’s so momentous about 1994. One, we are reversing the entire clinical trials program. Two, we are reversing the point of view that we know the cause of immunodeficiency. Three, we’re reversing the entire vaccine strategy. Four, we are reversing the notion that you need to focus on HIV. Now people are arguing strongly that you need to focus on the immune system, not the virus.”

Spin, Dec 1994

— Dr. Richard Horton, MD, North American editor of the medical journal, The Lancet

“With AIDS, an attempt is being made to reduce varieties of suffering and political conflict and starvation and chemical abuse to a single entity. Since that viral entity HIV is sensational and frightening, it satisfies the desire not to think, not to learn, not to find out what is happening in a world of troubles.”

“People just don’t realize how crazy the HIV theory of AIDS really is. I’ve spent 15 years documenting the craziness from many points of view, and I sometimes think I’ve exhausted the craziness, but I’m always wrong. There is more. There is always more…”

“Since the publication of my book, AIDS Inc, in 1988, I have spoken in front of many groups about the AIDS fraud(s). Gay men have never objected to what I have to say, because I get to the point: do gay men want to pin AIDS on a ‘neutral virus’ that causes nothing, in order to avoid social and political blame, or do they want to find out what AIDS really is and live instead of dying?”

“To accept the false HIV model of AIDS is to condone widespread death, because whatever is actually making people sick is not addressed, and because the drugs used to treat HIV are so toxic they cause illness and death.”

“A couple of weeks ago, I published another piece from the NY Post about horrendous and lethal conditions at an AIDS treatment facility in New York, where children have been made into drug guinea pigs. Perhaps the Post is catching on to the fact that the whole AIDS story is a lie from top to bottom.”

— Jon Rappoport, Investigative reporter, author, AIDS, Inc. The Scandal of the Century

“In 1998-1999, 11 (50%) of 22 deaths were due to end-stage liver disease [a common side effect of Aids drugs]… End-stage liver disease is now the leading cause of death in our hospitalized HIV-seropositive population.”

Clin Infect Dis. 2001 Feb 1;32:492-497

— McGovern, B, et al, Aids Researchers

“Of recent HIV-related deaths occurring in the…University Hospitals of Cleveland…although OIs [Opportunistic Infections] constituted less than 25% of deaths in 1999, end-organ failures [which could well be caused by medication] constituted nearly half. Importantly, the median CD4 cell count among the patients who died in our clinic has risen…and about 20% of recent deaths have occurred among patients with plasma HIV RNA levels below the limit of detection.” [i.e., the drugs were a success but the patient died]

JAMA. 2000 Jul 12;284(2):223-8

— Lederman MM, Valdez H., Aids Researchers

“71% of the protease inhibitor-treated patients had hyperlipidemia compared with only 24% of the protease inhibitor-naive patients [those who didn’t take protease inhibitors]. Among the protease inhibitor-treated patients, 44% had isolated hypertriglyceridemia, 7% had type V hyperlipidemia, 37% had type IV hyperlipidemia, 36% had type IIb hyperlipidemia, and 18% had isolated hypercholesterolemia.”

AIDS. 1999;13:F63-70

— Behrens, G, et al, Aids Researchers

“The drugs are imperfect…. Some people live longer, others shorter, on the drugs. About 10 percent of AIDS deaths now are due to protease inhibitor-induced heart disease…”

— R. Eisner, ABC News, June 4, 2001

“…There were 13 heart attacks among those taking protease inhibitors, compared with only two among the patients not taking the drugs—a more than fivefold increase in risk.”

— Thomas Maugh, Los Angeles Times, March 11, 2002

“Our study reports an independent association between PI [protease inhibitor] use and…hyperglycemia…Although these metabolic changes were occasionally observed in patients not exposed to PIs, they were much more frequent after initiation of PI therapy.”

Arch Intern Med. 2000 Jul 10;160(13):2050-6

— Tsiodras S, et al, Aids Researchers

“FDA and Bristol Myers Squibb are warning…that pregnant women may be at increased risk of fatal lactic acidosis when prescribed the combination of the HIV drugs stavudine (Zerit) and didanosine (Videx or Videx EC) with other antiretroviral agents. Lactic acidosis occurs when cells of the body are unable to convert food into usable energy. As a result, excess acid accumulates in the body and vital organs such as the liver…may be damaged…This new warning follows three reported cases of fatal lactic acidosis, with or without pancreatitis, that occurred in pregnant women taking Zerit and Videx in combination with other drugs used to treat HIV.”

— FDA Talk Paper, Jan 5, 2001

“Indinavir is a protease inhibitor used for treating HIV-1. The drug is lithogenic and was thought to cause a 3% incidence of kidney stones. We evaluated a cohort of patients…At 78 weeks 43.2% of patients had stones…The clinical prevalence of [kidney stones] is much greater than initially reported.”

J Urol 2000 Dec;164(6):1895-7

— Saltel E, Angel JB, Futter NG, Walsh WG, O’Rourke K, Mahoney JE, Aids Researchers

“Our results support those of others who have suggested that [metabolic and fat distribution abnormalities] is a [Aids] drug effect that reverses with drug withdrawal.”

AIDS. 2000;14:1935-42.

— Hatano H, et al, Aids Researchers

“In approximately 60% of patients who were treated with [AIDS drugs], complications such as lipodystrophy, insulin resistance, and high cholesterol and triglyceride levels developed.”

NEJM. 1998;339(16):1153-5.

— Lipshultz SE, Aids Researcher

“HIV-1 infection, or its treatment with protease inhibitors, may be associated with abnormal fat deposition…including the dorsal-cervical fat pad (‘buffalo hump’), abdominal region (‘protease paunch’, ‘crixbelly’), breasts or as a generalized lipomatosis…The present study describes an HIV-1-infected man who developed a very large buffalo hump after treatment with indinavir who was successfully treated using tumescent suction-assisted lipectomy.”

Can J Plast Surg. 1999;7(3):129-31.

— Peters W, Phillips A., Aids Researchers

“Dr. Egger estimates that the more severe forms of lipodystrophy that develop as a result of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) can increase the risk of coronary artery disease by three to four times.”

— D. Mitchell, Reuters Health, Sep 21, 2000

“Hepatotoxicity [liver damage] is frequently seen in patients under HAART, and can force the withdrawal of antiviral treatment in a significant proportion of patients, occasionally resulting in fatal outcome.”

AIDS. 1998 Jul 9;12(10):1256.

— Rodriguez-Rosado R, et al, Aids Researchers

“Severe hepatotoxicity was observed in 31 (10.4%) of 298 patients…Risk of severe hepatoxicity was 5-fold higher for patients taking [the protease inhibitor] ritonavir, which accounted for half of all cases…”

JAMA. 2000 Jan 5;283(1):74-80.

— Sulkowski MS, et al, Aids Researchers

“…Federal health officials advised doctors yesterday not to prescribe a standard HIV prevention drug to healthy health care workers stuck by needles…The agency said it and the [FDA] had identified 22 cases of severe liver, skin and muscle damage related to nevirapine…”

— Lawrence K. Altman, The New York Times, Jan. 5, 2001

“Liver disease has become the leading cause of death among HIV patients at a Massachusetts hospital, [says] a report issued…[by] Dr. Barbara McGovern, a professor at Tufts University School of Medicine…McGovern said HIV patients who take…AIDS drugs called highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) were at particular risk because of the drug’s potential toxicity to the liver. One-third of HIV patients…have had to stop taking HAART.”

— Reuters, Nov 19, 1999

“The most common cause of death among HIV positive people (being treated with AIDS meds) is liver failure.”

— Amy Justice, Aids Researcher, 14th International AIDS Conference in Barcelona, 2002

“According to the [Amy] Justice and European EuroSIDA cohort, liver function tests are more accurate predictors of illness and death in HIV positives than viral load tests or T cell counts. Liver toxicity is a well known side effects of AIDS drug treatment. Liver damage is not blamed on HIV.”

— Medscape, Coverage of 14th International AIDS Conference, 2002

“Acute hepatitis with lactic acidosis is a life-threatening… toxic effect…of HIV-1 nucleoside-analogue treatment [later this letter notes that 80% of patients with lactate greater than 10 mmol/L die]. We report fatal portal hypertension, liver failure, and persistent mitochondrial dysfunction in a man aged 65 years with HIV-1 infection who had recovered from nucleoside-analogue [class of AIDS drug]-induced acute hepatitis and lactic acidaemia more than 18 months previously…symptom-free patients who receive nucleoside-analogue therapy should have [liver] function constantly monitored…”

Lancet. 2001 May 5;357:1412.

— Carr A, et al, Aids Researchers

“A comprehensive retrospective review of more than 10,000 adult AIDS patients participating in 21 different AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) studies [confirms]… that antiretroviral therapy is associated with a high rate of severe hepatotoxicity [liver damage], regardless of drug class or combination… NNRTI [non-nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitors]-containing regimens, especially those including nevirapine and efavirenz, were particularly hard on the liver, with high rates of discontinuation.”

— Reuters Health, May 23, 2001

“Transfusion was required in 14 [of 21 AZT-treated children] …because of low levels of hemoglobin. Dose-limiting neutropenia occurred in most patients who received doses of 1.4 mg per kilogram per hour or more…The major limitation of the therapy was hematologic toxicity—a decrease in both the hemoglobin concentration and the white-cell count…nearly all patients had a transient drop in their neutrophil [white blood cell] counts within 10 days of the initiation of AZT therapy…In three of the five children who died, evidence of a response to AZT, particularly neurodevelopmental improvement, was present at the time of death [i.e., the children were getting better, but they died first]”

N Engl J Med. 1988 Oct 6;319(14):889-96

— Pizzo PA, et al, Aids Researchers

“There was…a striking increase in [oral] warts: three-fold for patients on antiretroviral therapy and six-fold for those on HAART…”

Lancet. 2001 May 5;357:1411-2.

— Greenspan D, et al, Aids Researchers

“…The subjects receiving protease inhibitors had a relative risk of 2.19 for osteopenia and osteoporosis…compared with the other 2 groups. Osteopenia and osteoporosis are unique metabolic complications associated with protease inhibitor[s]…”

AIDS. 2000 Mar 10;14(4):F63-7.

— Tebas P, et al, Aids Researchers

“Prior to the introduction of long-term highly active antiretroviral therapy, healthy HIV-infected adults generally had normal bone mineral density that was stable over time…The present study has confirmed previous studies that found osteopenia [loss of bone mass] to be common in HIV-infected adult males receiving antiretroviral therapy even after adjustment for age. This osteopenia may result from mitochondrial toxicity of nucleoside analogues.”

AIDS. 2001 Apr 13;15(6):703-709.

— Carr A, et al, Aids Researchers

“We describe 5 patients whose symptoms of osteonecrosis [bone disintegration] developed with viral suppression and improvement in CD4 lymphocyte counts as a result of antiretroviral therapy…We conclude that osteonecrosis… may be…a complication caused by the drugs themselves.”

Clin Inf Dis. 2000 Dec;31:1488-92.

— Monier P, McKown K, Bronze MS, Aids Researchers

“…HAART-treated children showed lower spine BMD [Bone mineral density] values than untreated …and healthy…children and lower total body BMD values than untreated… and healthy…children.”

AIDS. 2001 Sep 28;15(14):1823-9

— Mora S, Sala N, Bricalli D, Aids Researchers

“I just had a dental checkup yesterday. Damn depressing…. The dentist told me all my teeth’s enamel had been eaten up by the drugs; that I had so many cavities he was wondering how I could manage to eat and sleep; and that it was beyond his capacity to do anything. When I got out I was crying like a baby. We looked at the x-rays. I got cavities directly in the bones. He’s flabbergasted by the unexpected side effects. Has anyone heard of this shit with crix [Crixivan, a protease inhibitor], 3TC [a nucleoside analog] and d4T [a second nucleoside analog] combo?”

— C.M., hivthrivers support group, Apr 7, 2000

“Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., the No. 1 maker of cancer drugs, has strengthened the warning on its HIV drug Videx after four patients, who were taking Videx and another top-selling AIDS drug, died of pancreatitis.”

— Bloomberg News, Nov 19, 1999

“Pancreatitis occurs with a frequency of 1 to 7% with the currently recommended doses of didanosine… Our analysis demonstrated that the use of hydroxyurea was associated with an adjusted four-fold increase in the risk of pancreatitis compared with patients on didanosine alone… There was one fatal case in a patient on didanosine + stavudine + hydroxyurea.”

AIDS. 2001 Mar 30;15(5):617-20.

— Moore RD, et al, Aids Researchers

“In January 1998, a 26 year old man who was HIV positive started taking stavudine…didanosine…and nevirapine…In June 1999 the viral load increased…so treatment was intensified with hydroxyurea…The viral load decreased to 237 copies/ml. The patient began to experience malaise and pain in the upper abdomen. This was attributed to the hydroxyurea, which was stopped after 42 days. The symptoms worsened, and three weeks later he was admitted to hospital with severe pain, vomiting, fever, tenderness of the upper abdomen, and guarding…Computed tomography showed changes consistent with pancreatitis. All drugs were stopped. The patient made an uneventful recovery with conservative treatment. He is no longer taking antiretroviral drugs.”

BMJ. 2001 Jan 13;322:81

— Longhurst HJ, Pinching AJ, Aids Researchers

“Pancreatitis is also a well-described complication of Videx and Zerit.”

— FDA Talk Paper, Jan 5, 2001

“The most serious adverse effects of didanosine, as well as lamivudine (3TC or Epivir), stavudine (d4T or Zerit), and zalcitabine (ddC or Hivid), which are all in the same class of drugs as AZT…are dose dependent peripheral neuropathy and pancreatitis. In Phase 1 trials of didanosine pancreatitis occurred in 9% of people given doses in the range curently used, and it occurred in 27% of people given higher doses.”

— Physician’s Desk Reference, 1999

“Two popular HIV drugs may cause birth defects and should be avoided by pregnant women until more is known about their effects, German researchers said…The two drugs, both…protease inhibitors, caused abnormal eye development in baby rats. Kai Riecke and colleagues at Freie Universitat Berlin gave the two drugs, Merck’s indinavir, known as Crixivan, and Abbott Laboratories’ Norvir, or ritonavir, to pregnant rats. They had to stop the ritonavir after a week because it made the rats sick…Seven of the 236 baby rats exposed to indinavir in the womb were born missing one eye, and two of the 113 baby rats exposed to ritonavir had a missing eye…Fur and teeth also developed later than normal in some of them…”

— Reuters, Sep 28, 1999

“The study cohort included 92 HIV-1-infected and 439 uninfected children…FTT [Failure To Thrive among children of HIV-positive women] was associated with a history of pneumonia, maternal use of cocaine, crack or heroin during pregnancy, infant CD4+ T-cell count and any antiretroviral therapy by 3 months of age…Antiretroviral therapy (nonprotease inhibitor) was independently associated with FTT in our cohort…ZDV [AZT], in particular, alters mitochondrial metabolism and may have direct nutritional effects.”

Pediatrics. 2001 Dec;108(6):1287-96

— Miller TL, et al, Aids Researchers

“Next month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will release a revised set of HIV treatment guidelines that represents the culmination of a four-year-long retreat from Dr. Ho’s initial ideas about AIDS [hit-it-early, hit-it-hard doctrine]…In essence, the guidelines acknowledge that the precipitous use of protease-inhibitor-laced anti-viral cocktails may actually do more harm than good…Some AIDS treatment experts are now acknowledging that a part of the focus on early treatment may have been driven more by hype than solid science…”

— Matt Smith, SF Weekly Jan 3, 2001

“47% (545 of 1160) of patients presented with clinical and 27% (194 of 712) with laboratory adverse events probably or definitely attributed to antiretroviral treatment. Among these, 9% (47 of 545) and 16% (30 of 194), respectively, were graded as serious or severe…”

Lancet. 2001 Oct 20;358:1322-7

— Fellay J, et al, Aids Researchers

“…We’ve got to learn from what has happened here in the last 18 years and try not to repeat it, as we move into…Africa and Asia and India. I can’t overstate…how severe the problems are with the current therapies…People are dying from the effects of the therapies themselves in some cases…People are suffering from severe life-threatening complications of drugs. And a lot of them get to the point where they simply can’t use them anymore. So as we talk about bringing therapy to Africa, even if we can solve the problem and cost and infrastructure and delivery…are we doing the right thing with these drugs? Or are we unleashing another kind of epidemic over there of drug side effects as well?”

ABC Nightline with Ted Koppel. 2001 Jun 8

— Martin Delaney, Director of Project Inform, a mainstream California-based AIDS organization

“[In this study on 55 healthy, uninfected, volunteers taking various combinations of the Protease Inhibitors Amprenavir (AVP) and Ritonavir (RTV) for 2 weeks]…the most common drug-related adverse events…were diarrhea, nausea, and oral paresthesia [prickling or tingling sensations in the mouth] in [treatment group 1]; nausea/vomiting, headache and dizziness in [treatment group 2] and diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, headache, and oral paresthesia in [treatment group 3, with double the dose of AVP]. In [treatment group 1] 1 individual withdrew from the study with rash…in [treatment group 2] 2 participants withdrew from the study, 1 due to rash…and 1 due to rash and pruritis…”

AIDS. 2001 May 25;15(8):1009-18

— Sadler BM, et al, Aids Researchers

“Thirty-five of 37 [children] experienced serious clinical adverse events [from AIDS drug Stavudine (d4T)]… Clinical adverse events of lesser severity that were reported by more than 20% of subjects included rhinitis (76%), cough (70%), diarrhea (68%), rash (62%), nausea and vomiting (51%), abdominal pain (43%), anorexia (41%), respiratory disorder (38%), headache (35%), pharyngitis (32%), pruritis (30%), pain (22%), peripheral neurologic symptoms (22%), and nervousness (22%).”

Pediatrics. 1995;96:247-52

— Kline MW, et al, Aids Researchers

“A total of 397 adverse events, 180 biological…and 217 clinical in nature, were reported among 238 of the 452 children in the lamivudine[3TC]- zidovudine [AZT] cohort. Altogether, 151 hematologic adverse events, defined as moderate to severe…occurred during exposure to study drugs… mostly…neutropenia (81 cases) or anemia (68 cases), leading to blood transfusion because of clinical symptoms in 9 infants (5 had mild symptoms (pallor or tachycardia) and 4 had severe symptoms (cardiac insufficiency or dyspnea) and to premature treatment discontinuation for 19 children. Of the children with hematologic [events]…Liver abnormalities…were recorded in 6 children…16 children (4%) had major birth defects, including 4 cardiac malformation cases, 4 cases of polydactyly, 3 talipes cases, and 1 case each of congenital diaphragmatic hernia, hydronephrosis, imperforate anus, genu recurvatum with a suburethral cyst, and hypospadia. 1 child each had Down syndrome, Ito nevus, and sickle cell anemia…Neurologic signs/symptoms were reported in 12 children who did not have HIV infection and had no other known infectious or genetic disease.”

JAMA. 2001 Apr 25;285(16):2083-93

— Madelbrot L, et al, Aids Researchers

“We describe four instances of reversible hepatocellular [liver] damage associated with the use of nevirapine in patients with HIV infection…Evidence of malaise, skin rash, and icteric hepatitis [jaundice] with pruritis [skin rash] occurred 4-6 weeks after the beginning of nevirapine therapy…In all cases, liver test results declined to normal or near normal levels, and pruritis disappeared 4-6 weeks after discontinuation of the medication. No patient was rechallenged with the drug.”

Am J Gastroenterol. 2001;96(5):1571-4

— Bonacini, et al, Aids Researchers

“We report a case of a health care worker who experienced serious morbidity from PEP [post-exposure prophylaxis]… She received PEP with zidovudine [AZT], lamivudine, and nevirapine…The patient required an orthotopic liver transplant 35 days following initiation of PEP. Pathology of the native liver showed confluent hepatic necrosis…We think that this patient had a severe hypersensitivity reaction to nevirapine that resulted in hepatic failure…”

JAMA. 2000 Dec 6

— Sha BE, Proia LA, Kessler HA, Aids Researchers

“In contrast with anecdotal clinical observations and other studies indicating that zidovudine [AZT] favorably influences weight-growth rates, our analysis suggests the opposite…the result indicating no effect or a negative effect of zidovudine on growth should be interpreted with caution…However, our findings suggest that the widely held view that antiretroviral treatment improves growth in children with HIV disease needs further study.”

Journal of Pediatrics 1996; 128: 58-67

— Moye J, Rich KC, Kalish LA, Sheon AR, Diaz C, Cooper ER, Pitt J, Handelsman E, Aids Researchers

“…HIV dementia among those reporting any antiretroviral use (AZT, ddI, ddC, or d4T) was 97% higher than among those not using this antiretroviral therapy…the findings… seem to confirm…a neurotoxic effect of antiretroviral agents. Numerous studies have linked the use of ddI, ddC, and d4T to the development of toxic sensory neuropathies, usually in a dose-response fashion.”

Neurology 1994; 44: 1892-1900

— Bacellar H, Munoz A, Miller EN, Cohen BA, Besley D, Selnes OA, Becker JT, McArthur JC, Aids Researchers

“The use of efavirenz, a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor [NNRTI], may be limited by psychiatric symptoms that require treatment discontinuation…We report here three informative cases of patients who presented with sudden and severe neuropsychiatric symptoms during therapy with efavirenz.”

AIDS, 2001 Jun 15;15(9):1323-4

— Peyriere H, et al, Aids Researchers

“The most serious adverse effects of didanosine, as well as lamivudine (3TC or Epivir), stavudine (d4T or Zerit), and zalcitabine (ddC or Hivid), which are all in the same class of drugs as AZT, however, are dose dependent peripheral neuropathy and pancreatitis. Peripheral neuropathy was even more common, occurring in 51% of people on the higher dose and 34% of people in the dose range commonly used today.”

— Physician’s Desk Reference, 1999

“The risk to develop diarrhea was increased among… patients taking antiretroviral therapy…Diarrhea was an independent negative predictor of survival.”

Arch Intern Med. 1999 Jul 12;159:1473-80

— Weber R, et al, Aids Researchers

“It is often difficult to distinguish adverse events possibly associated with Zidovudine [AZT] administration from underlying signs of HIV disease or intercurrent illness.”

— Physician’s Desk Reference, 1992

“…Up to one-third of patients taking the drug [AZT] for more than a year, at a dose of around 1g daily, develop myopathy. It is manifest clinically as symmetrical proximal weakness, usually preceded by and associated with myalgia, together with muscle wasting. This leads to difficulty in walking and patients may become wheelchair or bed bound.”

Neuropath. App. Neurobiol. 19:406-413. 1993

— Lane, RJM., McLean, KA, Moss, J & Woodrow, DF, Aids Researchers

“We report on the occurrence of autoimmune hyperthyroidism in three patients with AIDS after 16-22 months of taking highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART). A woman…presented with progressive weight loss, asthenia, tachycardia, tremor and swollen eyelids. She had been taking indinavir, stavudine and lamivudine for 19 months…A male aged 42 years with AIDS presented with progressive weight loss, tremor, and tachycardia…The patient had been on indinavir, stavudine, and lamivudine for 16 months…A man aged 36 years with AIDS was started on ritonavir, stavudine and lamivudine in April, 1996. In February, 1998, he presented with progressive weight loss, tremor, and hypertension…”

Lancet. 1998 Dec 12;352:1907-8.

— Gilquin J, et al, Aids Researchers

“Half the people who try the [AIDS] medications do not respond to them…”

— R. Eisner, ABC News, Jun 4, 2001

“We have three reasons to question the administration of combination therapy [HAART]. The drugs do not eliminate virus-infected cells and thus cannot ‘cure.’ Long-term use of antiviral therapy, which can be toxic, may also lead to the emergence of resistant viruses. There is no evidence that early treatment has made a difference in overall disease progression.”

San Francisco Chronicle

— Levy JA, et al, Aids Researchers

“We report here seven cases of HIV patients with renal colic [kidney stones causing extreme colic-like pain], cholangitis [infection of the bile ducts, often caused by kidney stones] or parotitis [inflammation of the parotid glands] while receiving LR [Kaletra=Lopinavir+Ritonavir] in association with other antiretroviral therapies…”

AIDS. 2004 Mar 5;18(4):705-6

— Doco-Lecompte T, et al, Aids Researchers

“The nucleoside analogue abacavir can cause a hypersensitivity reaction (HSR) in approximately 5% of patients…A more severe reaction has also been reported within minutes to hours of rechallenge, in patients with or without a definite history of previous HSR. We report here a case of an HIV-infected man who developed an immediate, life-threatening reaction compatible with abacavir HSR upon his first documented exposure to abacavir.”

AIDS. 2004 Feb 20;18(3):578-9

— De la Rosa R, et al, Aids Researchers

“Use of protease inhibitors was strongly associated with the likelihood of having a myocardial infarction [heart attack] and correlated with diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidaemia.”

Lancet. 2002 Nov 30;360(9347)

— Holmberg SD, et al, Aids Researchers

“…The A/S/D [Abacavir/Stavudine/Didanosine] arm had a particularly poor outcome in patients with higher viral load and AIDS at baseline: 63% had to discontinue A/S/D (any drug). Side effects were more frequent in the A/S/D arm and included neuropathy 27%, suspicion of hypersensitivity 12%, and increase in lactate accompanied by systemic symptoms…The A/S/D regimen had a low efficacy and a high frequency of adverse events and cannot be recommended.”

AIDS. 2003 Sep 26;17(14):2045-2052

— Gerstoft J, Kirk O, Obel N, et al, Aids Researchers

“A total of 1064 [enfuvirtide] treatment-emergent events were reported…Just under 50% of patients experienced diarrhea and 44% reported experiencing nausea. Hyperlipidemia and neuropathy were reported in 25% and 10% of patients, respectively. Approximately 19% of patients developed rash and approximately 7% reported a general allergic reaction…The most common treatment-related adverse events were associated with the injection of enfuvirtide, with 52 patients (74.3%) experiencing at least one injection site-related adverse event…”

AIDS. 2003 Mar 28;17(5):691-698

— Lalezari JP, et al, Aids Researchers

“Our study shows that significant mitochondrial damage [mitochondria are the energy regulating units in every living cell] is present in HIV-infected patients with severe adverse effects after long-term antiretroviral treatment…”

J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2002 Nov 1;31(3):299-308

— Vittecoq D, et al, Aids Researchers

“The HIV protease inhibitor ritonavir at concentrations near clinical plasma levels is able to directly cause endothelial [blood vessel lining] mitochondrial DNA damage and cell death…This study suggests that HIV protease inhibitor-mediated endothelial injury may contribute to its cardiovascular complications.”

Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2002 Oct 1;22(10):1560-1566

— Zhong DS, et al, Aids Researchers

“In a short period of time we have observed three patients taking indinavir/ritonavir combined therapy who developed striking alopecia [hair loss]…In two of these patients the alopecia was severe, affecting the scalp, eyelids, eyebrows, beard, axilar [armpit] and pubic areas, and body hair. In all the patients alopecia was rapidly reversible after withdrawing drugs.”

AIDS. 2002 Aug 16;16(12):1695-6

— Ginarte M, et al, Aids Researchers

“Bacillary splenitis occurred…induced by highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART)…We report a case of B. henselae infection contracted in a young HIV-positive woman…The excised spleen weighed 339 g and bore multiple nodules and abscesses.”

AIDS. 2002 Jul 5;16(10):1429-30

— Abino JF, et al, Aids Researchers

“…Patients should be warned of stavudine (Zerit, d4T) -associated LAS and the possibility of potentially lethal neuromuscular failure. If severe hyperlactatemia or motor weakness develops, the drug should be stopped immediately and appropriate supportive care (e.g., ventilation) introduced as needed. Physicians should consider monitoring the lactate levels of patients taking stavudine… particularly if symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or dyspnea develop.”

CMAJ. 2002;166(8):1067

— Wooltorton E, Aids Researcher

“[Chapters in this guide to HIV drugs are entitled Introduction, Appetite loss, Body distortions (lipodystrophy), Bone death and destruction, Cardiac concerns, Diarrhea, Fatigue, Gas and bloating, Hair loss, Headaches, Insulin resistance and diabetes, Kidney stones, Liver toxicity, Muscle aches and pains, Nausea and vomiting, Nightmares, daymares and sleeping difficulties, Pancreatitis, Peripheral neuropathy, Skin problems, Sexual difficulties, The end]”

— CATIE (Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange), A Practical Guide to HIV Drug Side Effects, 2002

“HIV…is unlikely to be eradicated even with decades of therapy. HIV therapy itself has produced an entirely new set of serious complications for HIV-infected patients including body deformities, insulin resistance, lactic acidosis, osteoporosis, neuropathy, osteonecrosis, lipid abnormalities, and cardiovascular disease. Most disconcerting is the fact that both the mechanisms of these toxicities as well as the long term consequences are unknown…Interventions may harm the host more than the virus before progression to AIDS…Are we outsmarting the virus, or once again, will the follies of our thinking be exposed?”

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002 Jan 8;99(1):4-6

— Havlir DV, Aids Researcher

“…HAART was associated with [greater than two times] increased risk of developing bacterial pneumonia and [a 15-fold increase in the likelihood of developing] NHL [Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma]…Perhaps the development of lymphoma is somehow triggered by the therapy itself.”

Chest. 2001 Dec;120(6):1888-93

— Wolff AJ, O’Donnell AE, Aids Researchers

“…We identified an increasing number of cases of the symptomatic lactic acidosis syndrome [elevated lactic acid levels, first presenting as nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain, and sometimes leading to liver or pancreas failure] in patients infected with HIV who had been treated with antiretrovirals…We found concurrent chemical pancreatitis [pancreas inflammation] in 6 patients and identified a clinical syndrome similar to lipoatrophy [fat wasting] that occurred as an early component of symptomatic hyperlactatemia…Early recognition and discontinuation of antiretroviral therapies are probably essential to recovery.”

Clin Infect Dis. 2001 Dec 1;33(11):1914-21

— Coghlan ME, et al, Aids Researchers

“Because of the increasingly reported serious adverse effects of…HAART, studies were conducted to attempt to determine the time at which initiation of ART [anti-retroviral therapy] was most efficacious…rather than immediately beginning therapy with drugs that have potential significant adverse effects… (e.g. lipodystrophy [fat redistribution], mitochondrial toxicity [damage to the energy regulating mechanisms within every living cell], lipid abnormalities [potentially fatal metabolic abnormalities], osteopenia [loss of bone mass] and lactic acidosis [buildup of lactic acid]). ”

JAMA. 2001 Nov 28;286(20):2597-9

— Pomerantz RJ, Aids Researcher

“Around 40% of the patients in our analysis experienced some change in their antiretroviral therapy during the first 40 weeks… It previously has been shown that most early changes are due to toxicity.”

JAMA. 2001 Nov 28;286(20):2560-7

— Phillips AN, et al, Aids Researchers

“Side effects [of Kaletra, a combination of the protease inhibitors Lopinavir and Ritonavir] include diarrhea, abnormal stools, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and asthenia [loss of strength]. A number of patients experienced grade 3-4 laboratory abnormalities in liver function tests, cholesterol, and triglycerides while receiving this drug combination.”

Pharmacotherapy. 2001 Nov;21(11):1352-63

— Mangum EM, Graham KK, Aids Researchers

“47% (545 of 1160) of patients presented with clinical and 27% (194 of 712) with laboratory adverse events probably or definitely attributed to antiretroviral treatment… Compared with single-PI treatment [drug combination including one type of protease inhibitor] use of dual-PI-antiretroviral treatment and three-class-antiretroviral treatment was associated with higher prevalence of adverse events…associations were identified for zidovudine [AZT], lamivudine, stavudine, didanosine, abacavir, ritonavir, saquinavir, indinavir, nelfinavir, efavirenz, and nevirapine.”

Lancet. 2001 Oct 20;358:1322-7

— Fellay J, et al, Aids Researchers

“7 HIV patients presenting LD [Lipodystrophy, all taking antiretroviral therapy] and 5 HIV non-LD controls participated in the study…Structural muscle abnormalities, mitochondrial respiratory chain dysfunction or mtDNA deletions were detected in all HIV lipodystrophic patients. The mitochondrial abnormalities found suggest that mitochondrial dysfunction could play a role in the development of antiretroviral therapy-related lipodystrophy. ”

AIDS. 2001 Sep 7;15(13):1643-51

— Zaera MG, et al, Aids Researchers

“Combination drug therapy, or the triple-drug ‘cocktail’…often provokes severe side effects… ‘These drugs are as dangerous as chemotherapy,’ warned Dr. James Kahn, UCSF associate professor of medicine…”

— Science Daily, Sep 4, 2001

“One of the major barriers to effectively treating HIV is that most people do not feel sick at the time they are offered anti-HIV medications. In fact, it is only after starting the medications that they begin to feel sick.”

Toronto Star, September 24, 1999

— Dr. Lori Swick, Pharm.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, State University of New York at Buffalo

“[Treatment] failures are occurring right and left…They aren’t dying of traditionally defined AIDS illnesses. I don’t know what they’re dying of…but they’re just wasting and dying. While we are making good guesses, they are just guesses. We don’t know what we are doing.”

Esquire magazine, April 1999

— Dr. Michael Saag, AIDS researcher, University of Alabama at Birmingham

“The antiretroviral drugs currently licensed in the United Kingdom [June 1996] are zidovudine (azidothymidine [AZT]), zalcitabine (ddC) and didanosine (ddI). All three are nucleoside analogues…All are very toxic. Suppression of bone marrow elements can occur with any of the three, as can peripheral neuropathy [nerve damage].”

Adverse Drug Reaction Bulletin. 1996 Jun;178:675-8.

— Ellis CJ, Leung D., Aids researchers

“A decrease in mtDNA [DNA of the mitochondria; the energy regulating entities within every cell] content was found in HAART-treated HIV-infected patients with peripheral fat wasting in comparison with subjects in the control cohorts…Lipodystrophy with peripheral fat wasting following treatment with NRTI [Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor]-containing HAART is associated with a decrease in subcutaneous adipose [under the skin fat] tissue.”

AIDS. 2001;15:1801-9

— Shikuma CM, Hu N, Milne C, et al, Aids Researchers

“Between May 1997 and November 1999, a diagnosis of SJS [Stevens-Johnson syndrome] or TEN [toxic epidermal necrolysis] was established in 246 patients [both are severe skin disorders characterized by acute skin blisters and mucous membrane erosions]…The reaction began 10-240 days after the introduction of nevirapine (median, 12 days)…In 10 patients the reaction occurred with the initial dosage. All but one patient received simultaneously a variety of other antiretroviral agents but…nevirapine was the only drug significantly associated with…SJS or TEN in HIV-infected persons… Because of the severity of these reactions and the long elimination half-life of nevirapine, we suggest discontinuation of the drug as soon as any skin eruption occurs.”

AIDS. 2001;15:1849-56

— Fagot P, et al, Aids Researchers

“The cases of 2 patients with nevirapine-associated hepatotoxicity [liver damage] in conjunction with rash and eosinophilia [increase in eosinophil blood cells, common in allergic reactions] are reported here. Both patients’ conditions improved following withdrawal of nevirapine.”

The AIDS Reader. 2001;11(11):577-80

— Bundow D, et al, Aids Researchers

“We report two patients with a history of remote sarcoidosis who later in life contracted HIV infection and developed recurrent, progressive pulmonary sarcoidosis while receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART).”

Chest. 2001 Mar;119(3):978-981

— Lenner R, et al, Aids Researchers

“…In the abacavir-lamivudine-zidovudine [AZT] group, one death was attributed to hypersensitivity reaction that occurred following rechallenge with abacavir approximately three weeks after initiating study treatment, and two were attributed to cardiac arryhthmia and myocardial infarction [heart attack] occurring 30 to 35 weeks after initial study treatment.”

JAMA. 2001 Mar 7;285(9):1155-63

— Staszewski S, et al, Aids Researchers

“…More recently, concern has grown over nerve damage, weakened bones, unusual accumulations of fat in the neck and abdomen, diabetes and a number of other serious side effects of [AIDS drug] therapy. Many people have developed dangerously high levels of cholesterol and other lipids in the blood, raising concern that HIV-infected people might face another epidemic—of heart disease…”

— L. Altman, New York Times, Feb 4, 2001

“In two of 15 patients coinfected with HIV and hepatitis C virus who received interferon- plus ribavirin in addition to HAART, we observed multiorgan dysfunction and lactic acidaemia…”

Lancet. 2001 Jan 27;357(9252):280-1

— Lafeuillade A, et al, Aids Researchers

“…Of the 70 patients studied, 84% were still alive after the 3-month study period…17 surviving patients (24%) had HAART regimens discontinued due to drug intolerance and 11 (16%) expired [died] during the study period…”

J Pain Symptom Manage. 2001 Jan;21(1):41-51

— Brechtl, et al, Aids Researchers

“FDA received reports of 22 cases of serious adverse events related to NVP [Nevirapine/Viramune] taken for PEP [post-exposure prophylaxis] from March 1997 through September 2000. These 22 events included hepatotoxicity (12), skin reaction (14), and rhabdomyolysis (one); four cases involved both hepatotoxicity and skin reaction, and one case involved both rhabdomyolysis and skin reaction.”

MMWR. 2001 Jan 5;49(51):1153-6

— CDC, Serious adverse events attributed to Nevirapine regimens for postexposure prophylaxis after HIV exposures worldwide 1997-2000

“1 patient [out of 10 in this 72 week clinical trial of combination therapy with nucleoside analogs (zidovudine-AZT, lamivudine-3TC and didanosine-ddI), Protease Inhibitors (saquinavir and ritonavir) as well as interleukin-2] suffered from severe anemia resulting from ZDV [AZT] therapy and was switched to d4T [another nucleoside analog] at week 20…8 patients had minor gastrointestinal side effects on initiation of HAART.”

J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2001 Jan 1;26(1):44-55

— Lafeuillade A, et al, Aids Researchers