Leid Stories—Can Trump Survive the Demons That Hound Him?—04.26.18

A presidency continually rocked by scandal, turmoil and a distorted view of his own power. A Congress that dislikes the open contempt he shows it. A Republican Party that holds him personally responsible for decimating its political gains. A record exodus of Republicans from the House and the Senate. A Cabinet of novices who aren’t quite sure what they’re supposed to be doing. A Democratic opposition that threatens often to impeach. World leaders who think he’s an intellectual light and clown. Media outlets that give him no slack, sensing he’s vulnerable. A wife who swats away his hand. His “Make America Great Again” political base aren’t themselves feeling great about the promises he made. And now, a personal lawyer he thinks might “flip” on him under the intense pressure of concurrent federal investigations.

It’s not easy being Donald J. Trump right now. And yet, he’s got to pull a whole lot of rabbits out of a hat right quick, with midterm elections right around the corner. Can Trump survive the demons that hound him?

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