Leid Stories—The Clinton-Comey-Massive-Fraud-Coverup Road Leads Straight to Obama

For several years now, The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has been the principal target of a self-initiated forensic investigation by Charles Ortel, a retired Wall Street banker, who early into his probe found evidence that the foundation was a sham, an extremely lucrative money-making operation for the family. The foundation, he found, not only was operating outside of its original purpose (to build and maintain a presidential library in Little Rock, Ark.), but had illegally launched a number of “affiliated” entities that appeared to be nonprofits but were in fact additional sources of revenue for the Clintons.

How were they able to accomplish these things without detection or sanction? How were they able to get away with such massive fraud (Ortel alleged it is “the largest unprosecuted fraud in history.”)?

The answer: Coverups by governmental officials at the highest levels.

Ortel has been reporting his findings on the Clinton foundation for more than two years. His reports have kickstarted probes by several governments who had contributed billions of dollars to the foundation’s purported “good works.” But here in the United States, coverups provided unprecedented protection.

On Leid Stories today, Ortel asserts that the evidence shows the Clinton-coverup road leads directly to former President Barack H. Obama.

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