Leid Stories—Disaster in the Caribbean: A Reflection of Colonial Times; Two Protests, One Seeks A Buy-In; the Other Uncovers A Sellout–09.25.17

The response by the United States and Britain, principally, to current or former territories in the Caribbean that have been devastated by the recent spate of hurricanes tells a story that goes far beyond the matter of humanitarian aid.

A tale of two protests. Free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s one-man protest against white supremacy and injustice got a huge boost this weekend as several professionals in the sport and other high-profile people stood with him and bought in. Meanwhile, students at Howard University were in vigorous protest Friday against HU’s decision to have fired FBI director James Comey deliver the keynote address at its opening convocation. Last month, HU announced that Comey will be its King Endowed Chair in Public Policy.

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