Leid Stories—It’s All Good News! Reports on The Big Hug; Keep Phoning In, PRN Is No. 1; Retreat and Advance Your Health—03.13.18

Get ready for some good news!

Leid Stories reports on our “Big Hug” gathering yesterday at The Community Church of New York in Manhattan. Host Utrice Leid was invited give a talk at the historic church, and it turned into a major lovefest, with folks excited about  “seeing” other folks’ voices for the first time. A magical moment!

The Progressive Radio Network is No. 1 in the world for podcast-by-phone downloads, according to Zeno Radio, a leading industry service that tracks how people are relating to internet-based radio. PRN is among the top 15 stations in the world listened to over the phone, ZR found, and among the top three stations listened to over the phone. PRN is blazing new trails in radio.

Two weeklong health retreats in April in Mineola, Texas, could be either where you start or continue on your path to good health. Many have attested that Dr. Gary Null’s comprehensive health program has helped them overcome serious health challenges and/or helped them maintain optimum health. Leid Stories host Utrice Leid tells her own story.


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