Leid Stories—Justice Is Blind to Its Own Entrenched Racism—04.23.18

Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner, is still holding on to the hope that the U.S. Justice Department will bring to account Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD officer who put her 43-year-old son Eric in an illegal chokehold on July 7, 2014 that killed him. The New York Times reported last week that some federal prosecutors within the Justice Department had recommended prosecution of Pantaleo on federal civil-rights charges, but that others were uncertain whether such charges would yield a conviction.

The Garner case, which has been a frequent topic on Leid Stories, deserves a much closer look—this time discussing the intricacies of how justice is actually railroaded by systems that publicly proclaim their rugged pursuit of it.


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