Leid Stories—Is Obama’s Foundation Taking A Page From the Clinton Foundation’s Tax-Dodging Book?—09.19.17

Life is great for ex-President Barack Obama. Fresh from an extended vacation, he’s adjusting well to his new life as a recently minted, self-branded multimillionaire entrepreneur, and wife Michelle is racking up multimillion-dollar contracts and high-paying engagements of her own.

A top priority now, Obama says, is getting the Barack Obama Presidential Center built on Chicago’s South Side, and raising the money to capitalize the $500-million project. Also, millions more will be needed to fund a range of programs the center will pioneer, he says.

Naturally, Charles Ortel’s ears perked up. Having exposed the Clinton Foundation as “the largest unprosecuted fraud in U.S. history,” the Wall Street banker turned financial investigator began looking into the Obama project. Today Ortel reports his findings exclusively on Leid Stories.

Ortel’s self-initiated investigation proved that several Wall Street-traded companies had been overvaluing their stocks by billions of dollars during the time of the 2008-2009 stock market crash.

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