Leid Stories—So, Is It Still Too Early to Judge the Trump Administration?–05.21.18

We were warned, even before his election, about unfairly judging President Donald J. Trump. Give the guy a break, they said. He’s new to the job, and it won’t be easy to “drain the swamp” with an entrenched system of bureaucrats and the “deep state” against him. Besides, he’s not a career politician, and to make good on his promises he’ll have to schmooze leaders in both parties, and he hasn’t exactly endeared himself to them.

But candidate Trump and new president Trump vowed to “make America great again.” His endless tweets avow how well he’s doing. Incredible success with everything, he says. Yuuge! And there’ll be more success, if only his critics and other impediments to progress would get out of his way.

Today, Leid Stories asks listeners: Is it still too early to judge President Trump and his administration?

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