Leid Stories—Students Walk Out on Ineffective Leadership; Trump’s Mental Meltdowns Sold As ‘Genius’—03.14.18

Today, as high school students stage a nationwide school walkout against gun violence, we salute them for their courage, compassion and leadership. They are standing up for 17 students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School savagely murdered in an assault-rifle attack on Valentine’s Day, and they are demanding that the nation’s political leadership enact legislation to ban the sale of military-grade weapons and strengthen gun-ownership laws.

President Donald Trump’s latest round of Cabinet musical chairs is yet another warning about his mental acuity and fitness for the nation’s most important job. But he and his administration instead are selling his psychotic spasms as a genius mind at work that cannot, and should not, be contained. The Mastermind has announced his new obsession: militarizing space in preparation war space wars.


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